Thursday, August 29, 2013

September's Serenade!

Okay, okay...I know the message is loud, but, I just realized that it's really a holiday to be celebrated, no hooky legally!!!  And, I wanted to make it look good!

Actually, I'm coming to you LIVE, (just had to say that!) from KardKorner headquarters-you know the place.  Forward and backward in no particular order...color me cluttered?  Yeah, that's the one!  I've been busy, yes, with my little Scootie, and also with a few September projects.  I do hold down a full-time job for the time being with the same firm at 22 years and counting now.  And, I print my own greeting cards, business cards, calendars, and the like, just for fun...actually, I haven't bought a greeting card since 2002.  For September I do have a couple of Birthdays, and...oh, my!  Looks like SOMEONE is having a wedding anniversary in September!  Now, who could that be?  You're's yours truly, and, that guy Karo.  We'll be celebrating 13 years of a fun and joyful marriage!

And, here he is!
OOPS!!!  Wrong guy...cute though, eh?

Here's Karo...sneaking around behind the neighbor's oleander...hmmm!
Happy Anniversary to my dearest Karo-13 years

 Maybe some of you, my dear readers, have visited 'my stuff' page.  I don't post over there as often as I'd like to, but the page does feature some of my printing projects.  I love to create printed items, like brochures, business cards, invitations and other greeting card items.  I do odd jobs for my mother-church bazaar flyers, the annual itinerary for her Herb Club, membership applications, and, thank you cards!  I even helped 'you-know-who', over at MyTexasGardens, put together a little slide show about Container Gardening for mom's Herb Club last year.  And, it was quite a job! This little hobby is what inspired me to start a blog.  I wanted to display some of 'my stuff'...but, as you see, I also love to write about 'off-the-wall' stuff, that just might interest some folks out there!

So, stop me NOW!!!

 Here is my Kalendar for September.  I make one of these every month just for the heck of it.  It gets posted on our frig with floral magnets, and I put one up at my office in the file room, where we do our document scanning, copying, and post our daily mail.  Sometimes, I will make a special Birthday kalendar for a friend or family member.

September is my favorite month of the year, because I always inhale a  refreshing new perspective on life, and, the upcoming events bringing us to our year's end.  And, you ask (rather loudly, too)...'Isn't it getting kind of late to be worrying about year's end, when it's practically on TOP OF US?"  Yeah, okay, but, as I am not a New Year's resolutionist, I use September to regroup, just as we had to when we were children, anticipating the new school year.  I've written about this before...somewhere during my early blog days! But, anyway, even though you know most of the kids who will be in your class, you haven't seen most of them for several months.  And, oh, how we could change in just 3 months!  The boy who kissed me goodbye at the end of my 7th grade year, didn't even know who I was in my 8th grade year!  Oh well, so on to a new year with new clothes, new teachers, and, some new friends! 

 And, now, in my adult life, I do look back...and, I do smile and laugh!  I'm glad the Septembers of my youth have served as stepping stones, still guiding me through life, refreshing my outlook, and sending me those bright colors of Autumn!  

Thank you so much for coming by.  Do stop and say hello, and, do have a safe and fun Labor Day holiday...yes, it is a holiday---a 'no guilt', 'no workday' holiday!  YAY!
  I appreciate you thru the school zones carefully!

And, take heed from Maxine!  She means business!

  Scootie is not old enough to attend school this year...
...however, he will be a student of KardKornerKrib!

~laundry duty! LOL!

p.s.  beware of Friday the 13th this September!  Who me?  Nah...I'm not superstitious!

au revoir!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Color Me Cluttered!

What's all this clutter, you ask?  Why, it kinda looks like KardKorner headquarters!!!  But, really, I need all this stuff!  Believe it or not, I know what's what here...truly I do!!!  

Do you ever find yourself in the same boat?  No, no...we're not off to Snake Island again-I mean in a state of clutter!  Well, confessions will set us free (for those of us who will actually admit it)!

I was nosing around on the internet the other day, looking for other signs of clutter, and visited a site called, where I gained a bit of insight on the subject.

Below are listed the 4 main categories of clutter as written by 
Karen Kingston, author of  'Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui'.

1.  things you do not use or love
2.  things that are untidy or disorganized
3.  too many things in too small a place
4.  anything unfinished

A show of hands...guilty as charged above?  Me too!

Further digging on the subject brought me to a definition of 'clutter' as wikipedia sees it.  One view is, 'A confusing or disorderly state or collection.'  Someone else said, 'Clutter can be a result of a mental road block, designed to keep you from having an organized life.'

But, Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics, thinks that clutter is okay.  He said,
"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?"

Albert Einstein's desk at Princeton

Cool, huh?

Is there an upside to untidiness?

Recently, at the University of Minnesota, a study was done, regarding clutter.  Much to the surprise of the researchers, it was found that a little clutter MIGHT bring out the freshest and most creative side of you.
Well, that's refreshing to know, isn't it?

Another finding was:  "A less than perfect work environment can make a person more likely to think 'out of the box', or at least above the horizon of those neat people in the office."

And another:  "Orderly environments would encourage adherence to social convention and overall conservatism, whereas disorderly environments would encourage people to seek novelty and unconventional routes."

So, after the research team, headed up by psychologist Kathleen Vohs, lead author, challenged themselves, it was deduced that, in actuality, 'the environment doesn't create something that isn't already there.  However, to the extent that you are creative, it pulls it out of you."

But, it is a fact that Einstein was right, too!  We know he was no neat freak!
But he did make PI...didn't he?

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
that we used when we created them."
~Albert Einstein

~NO...Don't tell me!!!  This isn't KardKorner Headquarters is it?  If I de-clutter, will I lose something in the process?  Probably!  Actually, I'll probably throw away old notes, and things that I'll never use again.
  And, then, I'll be sorry!

OH, What the heck...tell me to GO FOR IT!!!

Thanks so much for coming by...I am delighted to see you!  Don't forget to sign in!  LOL!
I'm looking forward to the hot summer winding has been a bit cooler in the Lone Star State...only in the upper 90's instead of low 100's.   School will be starting within a week or two-I'll have to slow down and watch for the school buses, maybe even leave home a few minutes earlier to BEAT the bus to its stop!  We had a fund raiser in my office and donated cash for back packs and bought school supplies for needy children.  What a good feeling that was.  Everyone was so generous, and, I'm sure those students will be excited to see their new school stuff!

And, really-I just threw all of that stuff on my desk just for this post....really???

I'm leaving you with safe, love and laugh! ♥