Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Left, Right...? Right? Left, Left, Left, Left!

~photos acquired from Yahoo images
 * collage created by Suzanne at KardKorner headquarters we are in the middle of August,  just about two weeks away from the first day of school!  Hope I'm finding you all in good health, and, in good spirits!

What is my subject for the day?  RIGHT YOU ARE!
TODAY IS 'LEFT-HANDERS' DAY, and, I'm here to see that it is properly executed!

And, that means:

1) NO right-handers in the salad bar line!

2)  Hinge the cabinet doors, and, refrigerator doors from the left side of the unit, to be opened from
the left, thus allowing us to reach in from the right or center of the door!

3)  Place the pouring spout on the right side of  ladles and measuring cups to be used with a left hand!  Otherwise we have to pour from the straight side, making a mess! 

5)  Lefties don't have to peel potatoes today!

6)  And, Righties...when using a lefthander's mouse, PLEASE return it to the left of the computer!

These are just a few items that befall us lefties.  And, here are a few former US Presidents who were lefthanded.  I believe there were only 7 or 8.

~our 31st President, Herbert Hoover

~our 38th President, Gerald Ford

~our 33rd President, Harry S Truman

~ our 42nd President, Bill Clinton

~our 43rd President, George H.W. Bush

*** Now, wasn't that fun and interesting?  It seems as though some of the lefthanded claims of Presidents have been disputed.  It's possible that Harry S. Truman and Herbert Hoover were originally lefthanded, and, at some point in time, they converted to being righthanded, or ambidextrous Presidents.  I know that in the earlier years during the 1920's and on into the early to mid 1960's, being a lefthander was not always acceptable.  Lefthandedness (is that a word?) was discouraged and, converting over to the righthand was encouraged!

Often times us lefties were placed at the end of a table so not to bump arms with the other diners!  Hey, I loved sitting at the head of our table-more elbow room! LOL!  And, I got to sit next to my Grandpa when we had dinner at their house...he was lefthanded too!  So, actually, there are some perks to being lefthanded.
AND...if you pick up a box cutter with your left hand, people just back up and stay out of your way, while you attempt to open a taped up box!  What fun it is for a lefthand parent to teach a righthanded child how to tie shoes!  I had my son so confused about the direction of the loops that he had to wear shoes with velcro   for a few years, until he learned how to tie them RIGHT!

I guess we've all heard the old worn out lefties have said often enough!
"I'm a lefthander, living in a righthanded world!"
"The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, 
so only left-handed people are in their right minds!"

 I don't use those colloquialisms to justify my being in the minority of only about 17% of the population being left-handed!  I just grin and bear it! 


Thanks so much for coming by!  I truly enjoy your visits, right-handed or left-handed, I don't care!  Just say hello if you get the chance...don't be shy-that's my job!  And, come by any time you want!

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* Please note:  The Presidents I chose for this post do not reflect my political affiliations. These were former Presidents listed as Presidents who are/were left-handed. *

***Until next time, be safe...give love and laughter! ♥