Sunday, September 10, 2017

An Artsy Gathering!

* Roses art by Shawn, 2nd Grade * May 2017 * 

Sometimes, in the midst of our busy lives we just have to take a break.  We clear our heads, and, envision ourselves wandering through a more passive and serene environment.

Every year, my community hosts an art show featuring various artists from around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  This year's "Art In The City", Gallery Night took place on Saturday, and, was located at what was formerly our city Library.  It's okay...our library moved to another area of the city several years ago, in a more central location.

I was pretty "up" for this event, since I have a huge appreciation for any form of art!  If you're ready, I can show you a little of the art that was offered!💁

Art by Brenda Stolwyk

I apologize for cutting off the name of this lovely piece with my camera, and, of course, I can't remember what it is called!  This artist has a passion for the outdoors and 'Aurora Borealis' type settings.  She is a 2-time, 1st place winner of the American Airlines On My Own Time Art Show.  Brenda does her work with acrylic paints and prismacolor. pencils.

Below is Brenda's display at the show:

Here we have a piece by Doris Mobley

   Ms Mobley came across this abandoned van one day, took a photograph of it, then painted it.  She added bits and pieces of fun signs and trash which gave this old van a story of its own!
  I really liked this one.  Doris teaches an art class every Monday, and I may just start going!  

 Some of her works of art are characteristic of  popular folk art!  Ms. Mobley says, "As an artist we never stop learning.  There is always something new to try."  I really enjoyed visiting with this artist and browsing through her collection.


As a special exhibit, a collection of the local Senior Citizens art was also on display.  How impressive their pieces are!  They attend art classes at the Senior Center, and just enjoy expressing themselves!  Below are some of their gallery works.  

Isn't this amazing!  Great job, Seniors!  They should be proud!


Well that wraps it up for the "Art In The City" show.  There was artwork from 14 different artists, and, I enjoyed browsing through the different exhibits.  I met a few of the artists, who were more than happy to visit and share some of their experiences. There was a wood work display of hand carved bowls and other items, and, also a photography exhibit.  They did serve refreshments later in the afternoon, but, I was off on another adventure by that time.

Thank you to the city of Haltom City, Texas, its Mayor, and City Officials
Thank you to all supporters, the citizens of Haltom City
The Haltom City Public Library
Thank you to all of the participating artists, 
who gave me permission to take photographs of their work.
including the Senior Citizens Center
And, thank you to the volunteers for the event.
* All of the above photographs were taken by Suzanne at the event *
September 9, 2017

Last week, the elementary school that my grandson, "Scootie" attends, reached out to the parents to donate supplies and dry goods for distribution to the various churches and shelters for the families that have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.  My heart still cries to think of the horrendous situation that brought so much devastation to these people.  And, we are now in another tragic situation with Hurricane Irma, and the  terrifying wildfires that are ripping across other parts of the nation.

I am proud of our kind citizens who have rendered so much assistance during this difficult time for so many in need!  We all know that the damage from these disasters will be extensive!  I believe we can be ready to help in any way we can.  ANY kind gesture is going to be appreciated!  

* photo by Suzanne * September 4, 2017

* We're sending prayers and best wishes out to our friends, and, to the families who are affected by the disastrous events that we are experiencing!

*** One of my blogmates, who is also a good friend, evacuated from his home with his family in Florida, and, hopefully they have remained safe during this time.

Prayers and best wishes for a safe journey home, Shady Del Knight and family!

*** I want to thank you all for coming by.  Please stop in and say hello if you get the chance.  I welcome any comments, or you can let me know if you enjoyed your visit by checking a reaction at the bottom of my post.  Come by any time!

Have a great week, and be safe.  I will see you next time! ♥

*** Let's all take a moment of silence in prayer tomorrow in remembrance of 9/11 *** 🗽

Thank you Shawn for your wonderful Rose painting ♥

"Art is anything you can get away with."
~Andy Warhol

  * photo taken by Suzanne at the
Museum of Modern Art * Fort Worth, Texas


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    I am returning to blogging today and your site is the first I am visiting because you are my oldest, dearest and most loyal blog friend.

    Our lives are beginning to return to normal after we were forced to endure a frightening assault by Hurricane Irma. It amazes me to think that a single raindrop somewhere in Africa decided to organize his (her) friends and form a storm that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean with its GPS set to my house in Central Florida! :) With the track of Irma shifting wildly from the east coast of Florida to the west coast and ending up in the geographic center of the peninsula, I am reminded of the the Battle of Gettysburg and a specific scene in the film depicting that pivotal battle of the Civil War. Col. Chamberlain and his men were exhausted after defending Little Round Top and were told they deserved a good rest, a chance to sit out the battle for a while. They were ordered to occupy a position right smack dab in the middle of the Union Army line which was believed to be the safest spot on the battlefield. Little did they know that the Confederate Army was planning Pickett's Charge, an attack directed at the center of the Union line, exactly where Chamberlain and his men had taken cover. :)

    Mrs. Shady and I enjoy art as much as you do. We are fortunate to live close to the Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota. We go there often. We also like to visit art exhibits like this one and view the work of local and regional artists. Here on Florida's West Coast common themes for drawings and paintings are the beach and the native wildlife that inhabit the area. We recently saw a stunning collection of paintings featuring fish, turtles and wading birds. Mrs. Shady is an artist who works in oil, chalk and pencil media. Victorian Age portraiture is her specialty and we have several of her paintings depicting lavishly costumed young women of the period on the walls of our home. A few years back she displayed her work at a local art show similar to the one in your post.

    Right off the bat I need to ask about that first piece of art, the roses, by Shawn in second grade. That's Scootie's work, correct? I am totally astounded by the beauty of his composition, the marvelous color combination and the arrangement of flowers within the frame. He is a talented artist and anyone would be proud to hang that painting on their wall! I also admire the horses presented by Brenda. She captured their frisky playfulness. You get the sense that one horse was chasing the other and the first horse suddenly halted to wait for the second to catch up before bolting away again.

    I like that quote by Andy Warhol. Over the years I have come to appreciate art to a greater extent than ever before and to recognize that art comes in myriad forms. Life itself is an art form.

    Thank you very much for showing us this wonderful "Art In The City" show and also for your kind messages of encouragement, support, caring and concern during the recent Irma crisis. We got hit hard but many other people in Florida and Texas had it much worse and we must continue to help stricken communities recover and rebuild.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Suzanne!

    1. Well, good morning Shady. I am totally relieved to welcome you back from what must have been a harrowing experience for you and your family! And, I've heard from many Florida residents as yourself, that there has been substantial damage to homes and trees, but, all whose homes withstood the wrath, are so grateful to have been able to return to them. So many citizens are chipping in to help where they can.

      How exciting to have your artwork displayed at a local art showing! Mrs. Shady must really enjoy creating beautiful pictures. I especially like chalk art, as my sister worked a lot with chalk in her younger years.

      I enjoy browsing through art at museums and local shows when I can. As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, you wander through the show, your head clears, and the artists take over with their depictions of calm, beauty, and excitement! I love being a part of this art world, even though I can't draw at all, lol!

      And, yes, little Scootie did the rose art during the latter part of the school year. I found beauty in this piece, and passion. He wasn't aware that I kept it, and he was surprised to see it on my post! He is pretty shy, but will be pleased to read your compliment on his picture! Thank you so much for that!

      I just love Andy Warhol. One of the pictures of that large portrait from the Modern Art Museum has me standing next to it, but I didn't like it! I have a Perrier bottle with his design label on it, that I acquired in 2013. It was Perrier's 150th anniversary. Who knew?

      Thank you so much for taking the time to come by, Shady! I know you have a lot on your plate right now, and, I am glad that you and Mrs. Shady are well and coping with the situation at hand.

      Take care, and have a nice, but non-eventful week, dear friend! ♫

  2. Hi Suzanne, I really love your Grandson's artwork... he's put a lot of thought into the beautiful roses, each individual petal is captured in his unique way. I love rosebuds too and loved seeing them included :D) Thanks for sharing. I hope he continues to create all throughout his life. I can see how precious it is for you to have too.

    What a lot of fun you had going to the art show and I hope you are able to follow up with Ms Mobley - taking part in an art group is a wonderful experience.

    Cheers now xx

    1. Hi Sue. I was so excited to see my grandson's rose painting! I don't know where the idea came from. At school, they do clip pictures from magazines to tell stories, and maybe there was such a picture in a magazine. I was proud to have it, and will always keep it for him.

      I'm trying to get myself out there more often. And, any art show, music show, or auto show in the area will get me there! Ms. Mobley says she can teach me to draw. I'm really considering it-her classes are on Mondays and not too far away.

      Thank you so much for coming by, Sue! I have missed you, and am very glad to see you. Hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful week! ♥

  3. Hello Suzanne, I love the art work by Scootie. He is talented. The art show looks nice, a great exhibit. I appreciate art work and all the talented artists. It is great the school took up a collection for the hurricane victims. I can not imagine, all these people have been going thru with all the latest disasters. I hope all is well! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

    1. Hi Eileen, and thank you for coming by. I was proud to be a part of Scootie's school collection for the hurricane victims. I was feeling helpless, and was glad to help. Art shows are always fun to browse through, and, I was proud of Scootie's rose painting! Thank you again, and have a great "new Autumn" week ahead!


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