Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WHOA! Snow...

Hello everyone!  Wow...what a week this has been for the midwest!  My hometown, Kansas City, Kansas and the surrounding cities, along with Kansas City, Missouri, and it's surrounding cities, have really been pummeled with a lot of white stuff!  Amarillo, Texas and the Texas Panhandle were also visited by this white wonder.  There have been reports of up to 18 and 19 inches, and possibly more in some areas.  And, everyone has had to dig their way out of their homes and driveways.  My mother couldn't get her back door open for a while the other day.  They finally dug their way out of the driveway in hopes to get to the grocery store...don't you know the grocery stores are busy...hopefully, they're not running out of items because the trucks can't get foods to them!

Here is what I-35 in Kansas City, Missouri looked like yesterday~

And, here we are somewhere around the Texas Panhandle~

A Plum tree in Olathe, Kansas~
Borrowed from a Facebook friend,
 hope you don't mind, June, and, thanks!

My great niece, Chloe!
Kearney, Missouri
Borrowed this one too!  Thanks Erica!

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to you folks who are snowed in and under.  Be safe, and stay warm!  

Thank you so much for stopping by...I just drifted in (lol!) to say hello.  It is cold here in the Lone Star state, and very windy (like who?)  Hope all is well with you.  We've still got sick folks here in Texas, my husband, Karo has been suffering with a cold for a couple of weeks now.  I sure hope he gets better soon!

Thanks going out to:

What's this?
~photo by Karo * December 25, 2012 * Fort Worth, Texas

I've just been informed that 'Scootie' has made his way to the Midwest, and, is assisting stranded motorists by pulling them out of ditches and towing them to safety!  
A stand-up guy!!!  Hurry back, Scootie!

So, with that, I'll bid you, my dear readers, a good evening!  
Be safe, see you soon!


  1. Hello, dear Suzanne! Gosh, I'm really sorry to learn that Karo's still under the weather. Get well soon, Karo! Do you realize that the weather has been especially nasty ever since the groundhog predicted an early spring? (LOL) Looks like plenty of motorists in Kansas, Missouri and the Texas panhandle will be using Scootie's towing service. The pictures of deep snow remind me of my childhood back home in Pennsylvania. I hope all your loved ones come through this late winter storm okay. We had a squall line move through today accompanied by a tornado watch but nothing came of it in my vicinity. We got some welcome rain and are expecting a nice cool down in the days ahead. Bundle up and stay well, dear friend Suzanne!

  2. Hi Shady! You're right...ever since you announced the ground hog results, the weather has really been over the top! Growing up, we got plenty of snow in Kansas, I remember it well. And, we did have to walk to school in it. That was when girls and women could NOT wear slacks to school and work! We froze plenty!

    Well, I'm working on Karo to get him better...homemade soup and juices. It's been a winter alright, and Scootie has had his share of it too. But you can't get that child down, lol! He's busy!

    Thank you for coming by Shady! We, also got some nice rain, and things are already starting to get green around here. Have a pleasant week, will see you soon!♫

  3. Hi dear friend Suzanne. Wow! That's quite an amount of snow you're getting in your area. Is that usual, or is it a rare occurrence? Love the idea of little Scootie going off in his little car to the rescue! Hee Hee!! Hope you manage to stay warm. Still bitterly cold over here, I'm afraid. Spring, spring, wherefore art thou, Spring! x

    1. Hi Thisisme. Well, the heavy snowfall was in Kansas and Missouri where I grew up. Fortunately, the blizzard missed us, except up at the border of Texas going into Oklahoma and Kansas. But, we got the raging bitter cold winds from it. It's almost March, and still cold...but, I hope the cold has killed off the multitudes of mosquitoes that come with warmer weather!

      Thank you so much for coming by Thisisme...love your roses on facebook. Have a great evening, hugs to you!♥

  4. Hi, Suzanne! That snow was quite a surprise for Amarillo. My Teax relatives were all abuzz about it!

    We are having warm temps today. Enjoy your day!

  5. Hi Nancy, I've rather enjoyed the cool weather, and hope it will aid in depleting some of the mosquito population this year. It's funny how Texans are amazed at 'big' snow! We just don't get to see it frequently.

    I am so sorry about your father, and, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for coming by. Hugs!♥

  6. Hi there Suzanne, wow - those photos really show what it's like over there. It must be dreadful to cope with if it stays for too long.
    Here am I still whinging about the prolonged heat over here!

    Sorry to hear about Karo, trust that by now he will be feeling a bit better.

    Love your photo of Chloe - what a little cutie snow bunny!
    Also, brave Scootie - I bet he'll love to read what you've said about his adventures :D)

    Cheers now and keep well xx

  7. Hi there Susan, I'm glad we didn't get all of that snow in our state, but it sure looked beautiful! I can't believe it's so hot in your town! I hope you get some relief soon. We're in the 40's today, but they're predicting 70-80° for most of this week.

    Karo is starting to feel better, still has a low lingering cough. I couldn't get him to go to the doctor...he wanted to tough it out!

    Thank you so much for coming by. My great niece Chloe is a cutie alright. Scootie is growing, and, he does like to look at his pictures. Hope you are doing well Susan...hugs to you and MD!♥

    P.S. I'm nursing on a steaming cup of Columbian coffee as I write, lol!


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