Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stockings For Mary * Chapter 1 'The Rude Awakening'

The cold, December night sent chills through Mary's body as she moved closer to the fire to get warm.  She always tried to keep her distance from the others so as not to bring too much attention to herself.  No need to become close to these never knew how much he or she could trust them in desperate times.  Yeah, they all seemed nice enough, but Mary refrained from answering questions, and giving too much of herself away.  It was bad enough, now that someone had made off with her meager shelter...a cardboard box cast out, that had previously housed a new refrigerator.  So, here she stood with the others, trying to stay warm and contemplating her next step for survival.  With Christmas around the corner, there should be plenty more boxes available, waiting to be picked up by the sanitation department, unless Mary got there first!  Why, there should be a lot to choose from, and Mary should hit pay dirt!  But, oh, on this night, her legs and feet were suffering tremendously from the frosty air and the cold concrete beneath them, as were the others around her.  

She caught herself humming 'Silent Night' quietly, hoping no one would hear, and, then her mind wandered back to the last time she sang the carol out loud with her mother and father.  It was three years ago, when Mary was just fourteen, the three of them sat in front of the fireplace in their modest home singing Christmas Carols together, marveling at their brightly lit Christmas tree, and the stockings that adorned their fireplace.  It was a joyous occasion, that would be the last of Mary's fond Christmas memories.  After the accident that took both of her parents' lives, Mary was left alone in her sadness.  Her parents' home and furnishings were auctioned off by the state to pay off debts, and, with no apparent family members to be found, Mary was placed in foster care.  Being a vivacious teen, she became unhappy and restless...thus, it became evident that her time within the present confines had come to an end.  So, with her meager belongings, the following year, Mary slipped out on a summer night, and did not look back.  A series of small-time jobs delivering flyers, washing dishes and mopping front stoops, barely kept Mary going, and there was little chance for further education at this time.

Sometimes Mary became angry at her predicament...after all, whose fault was it that her parents perished after that horrible truck hit them?  They were on route to her school Christmas pageant, when they were hit head on while crossing a bridge, and forced off the bridge into the icy waters of the river.  Later, there would be the devastating double funeral with Mary there, accompanied by her school teachers and a few friends.  Sadly, no one could avoid what inevitably came next.  Mary lost everything else along with her precious parents.  And, in her mind, she was destined to roam through the streets of life alone.  At the city foster care center, Christmas was celebrated as well as it could be with a wonderful tree, caroling, good food, and, even a jolly old Santa Claus bearing gifts for all.  But, Mary still felt the emptiness, that engulfed her, and the loneliness brought on by the absence of her loving parents.

After a tumultuous night's sleep within the alcove of a long ago abandoned dress shop, Mary awoke just before dawn, feeling vigorous and ready to go hunting for her next abode.  Quietly she moved through the sleeping street tenants, making her way to the back alley that would lead her to a more prosperous part of the city.  And, she whined to herself, "Oh, will my feet ever be warm again?"  It was hard to find socks on the street.  Mary was able to acquire a pair of tennis shoes from one of the churches the previous month, but no one seemed to have any socks.  "Maybe today I'll find some", Mary mused optimistically.

 By 9:00 AM, having combed the better neighborhoods, Mary still hadn't found a proper box for her dwelling.  Even though the air was crisp and cool, the day was embraced with a beautiful, bright, and heartwarming sun.  And...Mary just knew she would score in a big way on this day!

Greetings, my dearest readers, and, Happy Holidays to you all.  I hope you've enjoyed the first chapter of my Christmas story for the year 2012.  I'm afraid the story escalated somewhat, as I wrote, and wrote, and, wrote!  I will have to post Chapter 2, let's say in 2 or 3 days if that works for you.  

In the meantime, I would like to congratulate the 'Rolling Stones' on their 50th anniversary!  This group was formerly the 'Bad Boys' of rock and roll in the 1960's, having come to the USA on the 'coattails' of the Beatles, so it is said.  Actually, their fishing boat ran aground, (or amuck), somewhere on the New Jersey shore as they tried to head off  'The Beatles' arrival!  Well, needless-to-say, they lost a few months to 'The Beatles'!  But, they're still here!

Really, I'm kidding!  I have always adored the Rolling Stones, and, watch their concerts when they become televised.  I got to see them in concert in Dallas, Texas in 1988, and it was fabulous!  They have endured the 'rock' of time, and, I applaud these guys!

Mick, Keith and Charlie
NY * December 8, 2012

*** And, now, I must make my way back to reality...where temps in Fort Worth are expected to take a major nose dive tonite and tomorrow! I'm getting my woolies ready, and, dusting off that wool coat!  I think Christmas is REALLY in the air this time-no 80° holiday for us, eh?

Take care...thank you so much for coming by.  If you get a chance, say hello.  I will post Chapter 2 in a couple of days.

 I would like to thank Thisisme at Southhamsdarling (her blog link is on my sidebar) for inspiring me to write this little Christmas story! I don't think she meant for me to write a book tho!  I'm trying to keep it short!

Love to you all! xxoo

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  1. Hello, dear Suzanne! If your captivating story is a work of fiction then it certainly is based in fact because there are many Marys on the streets of our cities and towns looking for a place to call home. You can count on me to return and read Chapter 2 whenever you post it. It was uncomfortably warm in Central Florida today with a feels like temperature above 90. We're told that a cool front is on the way from the west and as far as I'm concerned it can't get here soon enough. We were blessed with rain last evening which helped to ease the worsening drought. Hooray for the Rolling Stones, one of the few bands that still delivers the goods 50 years into their career. Thank you for another great post, dear Suzanne. Stay warm and have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Good Evening Shady! Well, you know I had to use some fact to get to fiction! And, you're right...there are many Marys even where I live, I can't help but worry about them. I hope you get a cool down soon, we are usually still running the air conditioner this time of year. We should get a break in the electric bill next month, lol! And, hey, thanks for the Barbara Mandrell compliment-she is lovely and I like her work, and, she's just a few days younger than I! Ah, wishful thinking again! And, yes, hooray for the Stones!

      Thank you for stopping by...stay 'COOL', and have a great week Shady!

  2. I liked your blog, how did you come up with that story? After you finish it you should send it in to some of the magazines as a short story.

  3. Your story has similarities to the Mary we think of in this season...wandering, looking for shelter, likely cold and possibly hungry, no friends on her journey...

    It is a great beginning of your piece, and you evoked a good picture. Am looking forward to more!

    Thanks for your blogging friendship, Suzanne.

    1. Hi Nancy, gosh I've had some computer problems the last few days. I've often wondered what Mary felt on her journey. I'm sure she didn't complain about the cold, but must have worried about their destiny. And, it worked out the way it was supposed to. They found shelter, warmth and friends. I love the Nativity scene, and there are so many displayed about town right now. I plan to get a few pictures of them this year.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop and comment. I'm glad you like my story so far. And, thank you for your friendship. Be well, and, have a wonderful holiday!♥

  4. Hi Suzanne,
    Your story was lovely to read, very emotive and full of compassion. I'm looking forward to the next part.
    Over here, we also have lots of people who are on the street for some reason or other - life's terrible circumstances.
    I'm also a fan of the Rolling Stones... oh my goodness, their cragginess is amazing - it just adds to their character doesn't it! Their music - wow!
    Enjoyed your post, sending many good wishes to you and yours, and look forward to catching up with you agsin real soon :D)

    1. Hello Susan! I'm sorry to be back so late. My computer wouldn't let me come back to respond to comments last nite.

      We too, have many people on the street, and I know some of them really do prefer their life that way. But, some are just victims of circumstance and really do need help. When I was a child, we saw children in need of shoes, socks and coats. And, my mother would help with our hand-me-downs as she could.

      Can't help but love the Stones...they are quirky, but, still entertain with the best of them! What fun it is to still see them. Thank you so much for coming by. I'm glad you enjoyed my first chapter. I did get to see your pretty cows, and the one with the heart on her face, but your blog wouldn't let me make a comment...hmmm! Something funny going on here! Well, take care, and paint more lovely pictures. See you soon!♥

    2. Just a quick reply before I read your next chapter. Yes, I too have had an awful lot of computer problems. Coincidentally, I've had a lot of spammers - ?connected who knows, my tech knowledge is limited. Anyway, I've put comment moderation on permanently now.
      Sending lots of cheer over to you. I love how your Mom comments on your blog - good on her, she's a sweetie. I still look at the little frog cartoon you sent to me from your Mom :D)

    3. I've gotten a lot of spam to, and, have been called 'dude' twice! They don't even know who they're talking to!!! I gave some feedback to blogger about it, and they finally came back to me and said it was hard to control. At least they put it in your spam. It comes to my email and I just delete it. One day, I may post one of them, especially when they call me 'dude' and embarrass them on my blog, lol!

      Yeah, my mom is really great...she really encourages me to write! I like to write, but don't always have the confidence in how it will be received. So, I just have to JUMP out there! Thanks for coming by...your floating shack still rings ideas in my head. That would be such fun! See you soon Susan!♥

  5. susan...i have to apologize for not stopping by sooner! it seems like i have no time for myself lately! so i noticed your latest post...part 2...and realized i was later than i imagined! so here i am, back tracking!
    your story is good...i can feel what mary is going through. it's a sad story...and i'm enjoying reading your words.
    now i head over to part 2.

    OH, and the Stones!! i LOVED them...back then...even more than the Beatles!

    1. Hi Laura...I'm sure you're pretty busy. It's a crazy, busy time of year. I've never been homeless, but, I see so many homeless where we live, and, some women too. When I was younger we would see children without socks and coats in the blistering cold snow, and, we always felt so bad for them.

      Thank you for liking my story. And, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

      YAY Stones!!! Me too! I liked them more than the Beatles!☺ Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!♥

  6. Well Suzanne, I'm here at last. This one definitely did not come up on my blog roll. I would have whizzed over here right away otherwise. I don't know about me inspiring you, but what a lovely Christmas story you are writing here. You have a lovely way with words my friend. When I read chapter 2, I hadn't realized that poor Mary was so young. I know now, of course, that Mary was 'rescued' from her plight by her Aunt, and thank the Lord for that I say. I shall look forward to reading more of your writing in the future. (It gets a bit like that, doesn't it - once you start, you tend to just get carried away!!). x

    1. Hi Diane. Sometimes new posts don't show up on my reading list, usually it's Shady's that don't show up, lol! And, I've had trouble this past week with my computer being so slow...not too bad right now.

      Well, you inspired me alright. When I wrote the 'Kreepy Karma' story at Halloween, you mentioned I should write something for Christmas. It stuck in my mind, and, so I did-thank you! Yes, once you get started, it's hard to stop. Fortunately, I didn't have to do much research except for the pictures I've used. I like to be able to paint a picture in the minds of the readers-oh, if only I could draw! Thank you for reading, and, hopefully I'll get it all done before Christmas! Almost there! Have a great week Thisisme!♥


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