Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stockings For Mary * Chapter 2 'Hotdogs and Cocoa'

What we know so far is that Mary has lost her dwelling and has gone hunting for a new one in a better part of the city.  Her spirits are high on this day...let us continue.

Another hour ticked by, and, yet another...still no sign of anything that would provide shelter for Mary.  As the noon hour approached, she started making her way back toward the city.  Mary had managed to scrape up $1.79 from the streets and alleyways as she walked, and was looking forward to visiting her favorite hot dog vendor, Eddie.  She could get a nice plump hot dog with all the trimmings, and a hot cup of cocoa for $1.45 from Eddie's wagon.  And, Eddie always had some juicy news of happenings within the city...maybe he could help her find shelter for the night!

Just then, Mary heard a soft voice behind her, calling her name.  "Mary? Mary Tidwell?  Is that you, Mary?" She turned her head back just slightly and saw a lovely woman-a familiar face, though she couldn't place it just right off.  Once again, the lady who looked to be in her 40's, called out.
  "Mary, it's me, your Aunt Sophie.  Don't you remember me?  I know it's been a long time, but surely you remember me, your mother's sister.  Please stop, I've been looking for you these past few months."

Mary slowed her pace and finally stopped walking.  She turned around to get a better look, and, yes she did recognize her Aunt Sophie.  Sophie reached out to hug Mary, but, Mary pulled away, showing no emotion.  "Please Mary, can you forgive me?  What you must have been going through!  I am so sorry.  When your parents were killed I was out of the country, unable to acquire passage back in order to attend the funeral.  I, then, was so ashamed, I just couldn't show my face, having left you alone to fend for yourself.  My shame has gotten the best of me, and I knew I must find you and try to make amends.  Mary, we need each other.  Please-say something."  Mary's eyes welled up with tears, and she reached for her aunt with open arms.  It was the first hug Mary had felt in the years since her parents' passing, and, darned if it didn't feel good!  Sophie and Mary hugged more, and they cried and they laughed as they walked along.  Sophie offered to take Mary for a nice dinner in a lovely restaurant, but Mary insisted on taking Aunt Sophie to meet Eddie, the hot dog vendor.  "He makes the best hot dogs in town, and the warmest, creamiest hot cocoa ever", Mary bragged. 

They talked as they ate, and shared their life experiences from the last few years.  Then Mary tried to excuse herself...she had confided to Aunt Sophie that she lives on the streets, and, having lost her shelter, was alley-shopping around for another one.

"That is entirely out of the question!" Sophie exclaimed.  "Mary, I have taken a nice little apartment just a few miles from here with a beautiful view of the city.  I have an extra bedroom, and...I plan to stay.  You MUST come live with me and start a new life.  You can resume your education, and do the things you've only dreamed of.  Please say yes!"  Mary was so filled with joy, yet, tried to remain cool before she answered.  And, answer, she did!  "Are you certain you want a roommate Aunt Sophie?  I'll try not to be too much trouble.  I can cook only a little, but, I can sweep floors and wash dishes with the best of them.  Of course, I'd love to live with you! I've been so lonely and my feet are always cold out here.  Thank you so much for finding me, Aunt Sophie!  When I awoke this morning, I knew this day would be a good one!  And, look...the sun is shining even brighter now that you're here!"

With that settled, Aunt Sophie and Mary hooked arms, and headed toward the city, singing happily,
'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.'

Hello, dear ones.  Now I know you think this is the last of it...but, beware!  I've become long-winded in my old (scratch that)  age, and, there are a few things I just can't leave unattended.  Can you handle one more chapter in a few days?  I've almost got it finished.

We've got a couple of birthdays-two of my favorite entertainers.  I just have to make mention of them, and wish them well!


Who is this handsome devil?
Keith Richards * December 18, 1943
One of the best guitarists and songwriters of all time!
This guy still rocks!

And, this lovely lady?
Miss Barbara Mandrell * December 25, 1948
A multi-talented, singer/entertainer and musician
The first, and only female to win the Country Music Assocation
'Entertainer of the Year Award' twice...
until Taylor Swift equaled her.

And, while I've got you here, that is, if you get the chance-stop by Karo's new blog.  He decided to give it a go with his 'Rockabilly' interests.  You can find him on my sidebar as:
Rock A Billy Rock.

Thank you:
Keith Richards
Barbara Mandrell

And, thank you dear readers for coming by.  I love to see you! The final chapter of 'Stockings for Mary' will be posted soon.  Have a safe and joyous holiday!

And beware of the Grinch!  hehe!


  1. Hi, Suzanne! Yessum, I am eager to read another chapter of your heartwarming story. I hope it doesn't take a sad turn next time! I hope you don't mind me correcting you, dear friend, but I found two errors in this post. The picture you labelled "Keith Richards" is actually Shady Del Knight, and the one below it captioned "Barbara Mandrell" is your profile picture! :) I just finished signing on the dotted line to follow Karo's fine blog. I'm glad I found both of you. You're my kind of people!

  2. Hi Shady, it's good to see you. Haha! Thanks for your corrections, but you're much better looking that Keith, and, Barbara Mandrell is so pretty-that's a great compliment. Well, I can't divulge info on the finale of my story, we'll just have to see what happens.

    Thank you for stopping by Karo's blog and signing on. He's wanted to start one for a while now, I think it's a good thing to get out there and relate to others with the same interests.

    And, thank you so much for your friendship! Hope you are well...see you soon.♫

  3. Lol, I'm having a chuckle at the commenting between yourself and Shady :D)
    Your story is so sweet and heartwarming and, oh, what a gift you have to instil those emotions in others. Yes, please, keep writing Suzanne :D)
    Now I'm popping over to Karo's blog ... cheers for now dear blogfriend xx

  4. Hi there Susan! I'm so glad you're enjoying my story. Some stories are easy to write, and, others make my brow scrunch! Hopefully, I'll get the last part on in a couple of days.

    Karo has wanted to start a blog for some time now. I'm trying to get him warmed up...he hopes to put his own songs on it. As my mom always says, "Start small, and go with what you know!"

    Thank you so much for coming by...have a great weekend!xx

  5. what a nice turn for mary...
    i myself at age 15...had left home, although my parents were still just was not a 'home'. i used to pan handle...until i finally got my first job in an art store and a place to live for $21. a week. i didn't have an aunt who came to my rescue...and so my heart is filled with joy for mary...after my eyes were filled with tears for what she was going through! i'll be looking forward to more!!

    keith richards...may be one of the best guitarists...but 'handsome'?? hahahahaaa.....

    have a GREAT day!! =)

    1. 15 is a very young age to leave home. But, in the 1960's and 1970's it was easier to get work at that age. NOT that you're're still some years behind me. My first apartment was $17.50 a week in 1969, at the back of a little old lady's house. I took one dinner plate and one set of silverware from our house (sorry Mom, it was me!). Ok, ok...then late one nite I came upon a laundromat that someone had left towels in the dryer, and I went in and took one of their towels out (just one). Later, I would buy the laundry soap that had towels in it! Haha-that was the life, no fear!

      I'm glad you like my story, and can relate to it. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading Laura!

      Keith Richards...not so cute, but I'm glad he's still around! See you soon!♥

  6. Hi Suzanne. Forgive me, I'm all behind with my blog reading again! It's running away from me I'm afraid. Wow! I'm very impressed with your writing, and have really enjoyed episode 2 of this story. Somehow I seem to have missed episode 1, so I shall pop right over there now! I honestly don't remember the other one showing up on my blog roll. Forgive me, as You are always so loyal to me!! I like what your mum says, "start small, and go with what you know" Sounds like good advice to me. Take care my friend.

    1. Hi Thisisme, never too late my friend! In fact, I've missed at least one of your posts, and will backtrack myself. We've all been so busy with Christmas, and, blog writing. I'm so glad to hear that you like my story.

      And, I want to thank you for your compassion and prayers for the families of the children and teachers who were so brutally murdered in Connecticut. What a terrible thing. What happens to people along their way in life? I wish I had the answers.

      Thank you so much for coming by and for your gracious comments. I will see you soon. I can't help but chuckle everytime I see your Christmas photo! It's so cute!♥

  7. Hi Susan/Suzanne - No, you haven't missed me, I'm still here! Hee Hee! Will be getting up early and setting off then. The little ones are already on their way. Thank you for your kind comments on my latest post. I hope you will be seeing your gorgeous little grandson over Christmas. Take care and see you again soon x

  8. Hi Thisisme! We'll be picking little Shawn up this evening for a couple of we're ready for him. Grandpa will be baking a chocolate cake for him tomorrow-he loves Karo's cakes! Thank you so much for stopping by. And, thanks again for the wonderful photo on my Birthday! Have a safe trip...we'll be here when you return! Merry Christmas Diane to you and your family!♥


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