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Happy New Year, 2018

* The New Year rolled in to Fort Worth, Texas with temperatures in the high teens and low 20's.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and I extend blessings for a great New Year!  Below I have the January 2018 calendar designed by  the "KardKorner", featuring my Grandson's class after their Christmas program at school in December!
* posted January 2, 2018

September 24, 2017

* I'm glad to be back after a long absence, and, have added a few new items to "My Stuff"
Here's wishing you all a beautiful Autumn!
* I designed a new Business Card in March 2017 *

Kind of looks like me, doesn't she!


* I made this wreath to commemorate what would have been my 17th Wedding Anniversary.  My husband's favorite flower was carnations, and I used hyacinth and glittery blue pipe cleaner to accent.   I placed it at the cemetery, and it is just beautiful!

Next, I'm sharing my latest bookmark designs from this month!  My goal is to make them personal.  I pick out the colors, pictures, and use quotes that I make up myself, or that I enjoy from others' quotes.  I print the bookmarks, and laminate them, then add "bling" and tassels.

Bookmark designs by Suzanne * September 2017

November 1, 2014

* Autumn has spread it's beautiful blanket over our lives, and there is so much to see!  Here is my kalendar for November 2014!
Hope to add a few more items this fall.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

March 2, 2014

* Gosh, I haven't been here in a while, have I?  So much happening these past two years I suppose, but, I still put out greeting cards, business cards and fun stuff!

Here is my calendar for March 2014 * Hot off the press!

December 15, 2012

KardKorner Headquarters!

Well, I've been blogging for two and a half years now, and I thought maybe I could post some of my work from time to time.  As you know, I love to design greeting cards and other printed items.  At this point, I haven't really tried to market any of my stuff, but I do get requests from friends and relatives for printed items.  I have found that the most challenging projects turn out to be the most fun, and yield the best results.  Above is my business card, just a fun card I concocted to see if I could...and it transpired from a card, advertising baked goods with bright yellow and red colors, into what you see above.  I re-arranged the print, and applied my own choices of colors.  The KardKornerKrib banner wasn't even there.  I added it, using red for contrast with the red background for my picture.  AND, I did find, in my clipart, a picture that best describes me at work!

The downside to my love of design is that I can't DRAW!!!  If I could, what a time I would have designing cards and stuff, because my 'mind's eye' is working overtime with all sorts of ideas.  I have branched out, however, and have done a tad bit of freehand on some of my stuff.  With some practice, I may get there yet!

Please stop by anytime to see what I've added to my collection...I welcome all visitors!


December 15, 2012

Well, Christmas is fast approaching, and, I, as a private card designer, haha, have been at the drawing board making cards and a few other items.  The two items below are bookmarks I made yesterday.  I used my own Holy cards that I have had since the 1950's...really?  Yes! I've kept them all these many years, having earned them for learning prayers at our Church.  Since I'm not ready to pass them on, but I would like to share them, I made a few for Christmas gifts. I scanned the cards into my computer, then placed them on a bookmark template.  Decided on background colors, and then found some clipart to place at the top for ornamentation.  I found the prayer on the internet, and, just used a phrase from the prayer.  My husband then cut the cards and laminated them for me.  I just know the recipients of these two cards will enjoy them for years to come.

November 14, 2012

My mother's herb club will be having their annual Christmas lunch on December 12, 2012.  She asked me to prepare a 'memo-like' menu for her to email to the club members.  I thought this would be nice.

Added October 25, 2012
Here is a new item...Mom's Church is hosting a Bazaar in November and she asked me to work up some flyers that she could hang up and distribute in the city.  This is what I came up with:

This is a fun project for use at the office.  Sometimes packages arrive at the office that are too large for employees mailboxes.  You don't always see each employee pick up their mail, so, put a 'pickup tag' in their box.  They will need to present the tag in order to pickup their package.  Of course, some of them want to keep the tag!  As you can probably tell, I made the tag using a template for a 'do not disturb' door hanger, which is good too!  I just didn't cut out the circle for use on a door knob. My text and artwork was printed on yellow card stock, then, my husband Karo helped me laminate the made three tags to a sheet. 

This ugly tree is in the 'back forty' of my back yard...
...see how it served well for a Halloween impression.     

* The 'SPOOKY' results! *

Cover page for Cookbook
designed by the KardKorner * November 2011
downtown ft. worth photo taken by suzanne in 2004

Every November at my office, the staff of about 22, women and men, plan a Thanksgiving luncheon for the Managers and Financial Advisors.  There are probably 20 Financial Advisors and 3 managers, giving our office a total of at least 45 people.  Each one of the staff is asked to bring 2 dishes...a side dish, and a dessert.  Man!  That's a lot of food!  We order the turkey and a ham, and, we do the rest.

This past Thanksgiving, one of the ladies, Grace, asked if, in addition to our luncheon, we would like to do a cookbook to give to the brokers and managers as gifts, compiled of some of our own favorite recipes.  We said  "YES!"  And, Grace asked me if I could come up with a cover page for the cookbook- again, "YES!"  Above is the cover page I designed for our cookbook.   The picture is our office building in downtown Fort Worth.  I had actually taken this photo in 2004, and had it saved, 'just in case'.  I wanted a modern/abstract look, so I converted the photo to a coloring page.  The UBS logo is our company logo...and it is red.  So, I left the converted photo black and white, added our logo in red, and put the black and the red borders around the page.   We submitted our recipes, and Grace got them printed and binded-everyone was pleased with the finished product, and complimented me on my work.  They were impressed that I had actually created the cover page with my own photo.  I will use my own photos in my work anytime I can-in fact, I actually plan specific photo settings for specific projects.  This one worked out very well.

Thanks for coming...have a wonderful week!

January 12, 2012

Hi...I'm back with a new item.  Today, I'm showing my Thank You cards for the gifts received at Christmas this year...OOOPS!  Gotta get used to the date changes.  I mean, for Christmas 2011.  I always make my Thank You cards, and this time I opted for a postcard type. 

These cards are the size of a postcard, and you can actually mail them as such, by writing the address and message on the back, just like a regular postcard.  And, I have envelopes that these cards will slide right into for mailing privately.  As you can see, I put a Christmas quote that I found online on the side next to the picture, and, also put the description of the photo there.  Then, below the picture, I wrote my Thank You greeting.  This card was fun to make.  I printed the cards on regular card stock, the program prints 2 cards per sheet.  I know, I making postcards, I saved on paper and ink! 

I wrote nice notes of thanks on the backs of the cards and put them into the mailboxes of those I work with  who gave me Christmas gifts.  And, I mailed them to those who sent gifts at Christmas to our home.  When asked where I got the picture for the cards, I explained that I actually took the photo downtown and created the card myself.  Here is the original photo I took.

photo by suzanne * december 18, 2011
downtown fort worth, texas

Until next time...I remain grateful for your visits!

January 16, 2012
Ok...I'm hoping we all got through Friday the 13th unscathed!  I had the day off and laid low, other than we drove across town to pick up our Grandson Shawn for the weekend.  And, today, our office was closed in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.   So, I've had a bit of an extra holiday!

And, now...the two photos featured below...

My White Oleander
photo taken by Suzanne * June 30, 2009

From our Front Porch * photo by Suzanne
December 24, 2009

...inspired the following Thank You notes.

All I did was place a red and black border around the photo,
and added the red bow to the neighboring tree.

The inside of the card-
...And the back of the card.  It's hard to scan the inside of the cards,
you can't see where the edges are...oh, well, you get the idea,

This is the note card using my Oleander photo.  I took the photo onto the card, and framed it in a light green color.  Then, using the 'draw-a-line' feature, I drew the stripes in various sizes and shades of green, and re-arranged them to go behind the picture.  I also made a Birthday card using this photo, but in a different design mode, with wider and fewer stripes.

Below is the Birthday Card
The color didn't scan good on this one.  I used a pastel shade of sage green for the background stripes.  This card was for my mother, and on the inside I used a quote that I found online about mothers.
"Our Thoughts are Free to Go Anywhere,
But, it's surprising how often
They head in your direction."

A very nice quote, I think.  And, one that would make us think of our moms!

Ok, we're done here for glad you stopped by to see 'my stuff'!

Looking for a 'STUFF' quote?

"Everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature.
 Everything is made of one hidden stuff."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  3. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for looking at my stuff! Did you notice my misspelling of 'toady'? I should have placed a little toad next to it, haha! I do go to the quote's got lots of good quotes! And thanks for your kind comments! Will add a few more things soon. I did stop by your sign! You've gotten quite a few more. I keep looking, but haven't seen any good ones yet. Have a good week...stay strong and cool!

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  5. * Hi Susan, I'm glad you like my stuff. I've been out of pocket this week and am trying to catch up. I have more 'stuff' to post as soon as I get the chance. It's really fun for me to discover new items to incorporate into my cards and other items. Hope to see you soon! Thank you for coming by!


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