Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mushroom Garden Instantaneously!

This morning when my husband Karo went out to feed our huskey, Whitey, he discovered a surprise garden resting atop a bale of hay that we negleted to put up out of the rain.  Mysteriously, there had appeared some tiny mushrooms just sprouting from that hay.  Of course, I had to fall all over myself to get the camera and shoot out the door!  So I did get some shots of the "tiny garden", and then wanted to find out what they are.  I have always taken an interest in mushrooms, and eat them almost every day.  Of course, I won't try to eat these, and I'm sure they'll disappear by tomorrow, but I've never been up close and personal with this type of 'shroom before.  So I did my best to find them and I think I may have hit paydirt!

According to "" these are "Inky Cap" mushrooms.  They are conical shaped with gray/black gills that release black spores when the cap disintegrates and turns into ink.  The mushrooms decompose and grow on lawns, pastures and manured habitats.  Hmmm, I wonder, can the ink be used for anything in particular, if you could be there "johnny-on-the-spot" to capture it?
Oh, well, maybe another post...this is actually just a TEST post!!!

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"Their mass rotted off them flake by flake
Til the thick stalk stuck like a murderer's stake,
Where rags of loose flesh yet tremble on high
Infecting the winds that wander by."


  1. What a wonderful surprise!! Great pictures! Serendipity for the weekend... :o)

  2. Fancy that little crop of mushrooms growing on the hay. Must have been quite a surprise when your husband saw them! I love mushrooms I must admit. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  3. i LOVE mushrooms! it's amazing how they just POP up and grow overnight!
    that little mass looks like a smurf village!

    your TEST post is a perfect one susan!!

    (ps - someone left a comment on my test post saying MAYBE the prob is 'publishing' at the busiest time of day??! next time i publish...i will try in the middle of the day...or whatever...but NOT around evening-time!)
    take care! have a terrific week! :)

  4. * Nancy, yes the miniature garden was fun to inspect. Of course, I had to look them up to see what they were. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful Easter!

    * Hi Thisisme, Mushrooms are great. I like them in salads, and almost anything else cooked. When I smother any kind of steak, or pork chops, I use them in the gravy with large chunks of onion. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Hey Laura, most of the time we just get the white spaceship mushrooms-Karo says that everywhere a dog or cat goes to the bathroom, that's where you'll get those. But on top of a bale of hay!!! Twas pretty cool.

    And it could be the time of day-I posted the "Taxman" story at about 9:00pm. But, I was beginning to think it was the "computer operator" that messed up. I've even changed the date and the labels on that post-your cyberspace post is still showing on my sidebar. So, it's back to the drawing board. Have an exciting week-it's 92 degrees here today!

  6. Hi Susan! ~ Love the picture! I like mushrooms as well and find them quite fascinating when I see them growing in my yard. I always think of the Smurfs, too!! :)

  7. Hi Becky-I think we were writing to each other at the same time! Thanks for the compliment. Yes, mushrooms are great. I even made a clock from a wooden mushroom, stained it and got a clock kit to put the hands and numbers on it and a battery. I kept it for the longest time-a good clock. From now on, I'll have to keep check on the small things in my yard! Good to hear from you!

  8. Hi Susan, what a strange thing to happen! It intrigues me how they grow like that.
    We enjoy eating mushrooms too. Even slice them very thinly and have them raw in a mixed salad!

  9. Well, Susan, my mushroom garden has disappeared now. But it's funny, I have been searching for more. That was one group of mushrooms I have never seen. I haven't gotten to go back for more research on them, but I'm sure they're probably not edible. And, yes, mushrooms are wonderful sliced in salads. I even like them in pasta salads. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.


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