Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Topping Off The Forest!

* rain forest waterfall * courtesy of *

Isn't that a pretty scene above with the plants fluttering ever so slightly, touched by a light rain?  And can't you just hear the ambient sounds of the plunging waterfall? 

How are you all handling Spring in your part of the country?  It blew in, then out, and, some folks just couldn't do without having another bout of Winter!  Methinks our seasons became a bit befuddled this year, agreed?  And, me...well, I am happy to still have a mild, cool, and sometimes rainy season!

* Madison Square Park * photo by Kris Koeller *
***  New York City Snow 2013 * Brrrr.....pretty, isn't it!
And, now...for today's program!

Being a "hands-on" Grandma also grants me "The Organizer" rights.  And, with this title, I own the opportunity to hand down to my son and grandson the creative skills given to me from my dear mother.  Thus, when this project came along from my Grandson's school in late March, I went into high gear!  The 3rd grade students are currently studying the Rainforest Biome, and each table in the class was given one of the 3 or 4 layers to artistically create and construct his or her layer at home with parents.   Before beginning the project, the students were asked to bring as many shoe boxes as they could from home in order that each child would have a shoe box.  Scootie was able to take two boxes for the class project, and then he brought one box home to begin his phase of the rainforest.  Scootie's table of 4 kiddos was assigned to the Emergent Layer of the rainforest

I have to admit, I had NO IDEA what the Emergent, or any other layer of the Rainforest is!  The teacher gave the students permission to bring ipads, etc. to school twice a week in order to take some time for research on the internet.  Scootie and I did research at home, and I found the Rainforest to be a very interesting subject!  

* Below is a diagram showing the layers of the Rainforest *

In our study, Scootie and I learned that the Emergent layer is the tallest layer of the rainforest, with trees towering up to heights of 200+ feet.  This top layer, of course gets more sun, wind and rain than the layers below.  Consequently, the surviving leaves of the hot weather are sparse, small and waxy,  

*  We had to have a plan of action...sheesh!  Where to start!  We needed to cover the shoe box first to give it a forest appearance.  And, even though the main focus was to be the top layer, or Emergent layer, we had to create a proper illusion leading upward to our main focus!

*We covered the shoebox with green construction paper, then glued  some rafia to the floor to give a woody appearance.  I found the backdrop of a rainforest on the interenet, printed it and glued to the inside back of the shoebox showing the trunks of the forest trees.

 And our first draft was starting to come together!  We wanted to get a feel for how the treetops should look, and where would we find suitable animals?  You know...the animals that are adapted to this environment, such as Monkeys, Butterflies, Hawks and Bats?  Believe me, it was no easy task hunting for these creatures, and, we found only a few.
In the meantime, Scootie's teacher asked for volunteers to color a picture of an animal that would be provided by the teacher.   With only three days to complete the picture, Scootie was sent home with a  hand drawn /rough sketch of a  Howler Monkey!  Duh!  So, I began my task of coloring this creature.  I found this vicious looking guy on the internet and got an idea of what he should look like.  I outlined and highlighted his features, to give more of a true appearance, and, added the tree branch on my own to give a complete picture of what he is about.  The pictures of various Rainforest animals colored by parents are now hanging throughout the 3rd grade pod along with other rainforest decorations that are on display.  Alas, I didn't get the chance to photograph this area!

  I'm not much of an artist!
* He is pretty believable, isn't he!
* done by "The Grandmother", Suzanne *

* Many of the world's "tropical moist forests", aka "Jewels of the Earth", are located in the equatorial zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.  This region of tropical Rainforests would include Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Amazon, South and Central Americas, Australia, and even the Pacific Islands.
The Rainforests are also known as the world's largest pharmacies!  Who knew!!!  They are responsible for 28% of the world's oxygen turnover from photosynthesis and carbon dioxide.  The annual rainfall in a tropical Rainforest is between 98 and 177 inches.

* map courtesy of Pinterest *

* And Voila! *
* Rainforest, featuring the Emergent Layer *
* Constructed by 'Scootie' and Grandma * April 2018

*** is a bit over the top, isn't it!  ***

As you can see, we completed the project and Scootie was able to deliver it to his classroom safely a few days before the due date.  YAY!  I had most of the materials at home, which made the project easy to work on.  Although we didn't have all of the animals, we were able to feature quite a few, and some snakes!  I hope to visit his class soon to view the other students' Rainforests and their various layers.
All in all, this was a pretty good collaboration between the two of us.  
Once we became motivated, the sky was the limit!

* Rainforest project with Scootie *  

"We have yet to discover possibly millions of plants and other living species in the Rainforests."

Thanking our resources:
Yahoo images

A Big Thank You goes out to:
My Scootie
Scootie's 3rd grade teacher and class
The Rainforest

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*** Watch out for each other, and be kind to all ***

"Making PUNS about me?  Toucan play that game!" 

See you next time! ๐Ÿ’“

Monday, January 8, 2018

Going Forward Into the New Year!

* courtesy of Yahoo images

I believe that a lot of us look at a New Year and try to imagine in our "minds' eye" what the year will really bring!  Did we all make New Year resolutions?  Not me!  Why, you ask?  Well, although there are things that I can surely improve on, some things don't always go as planned, I must allow for the hiccups that come along, do the best I can, and, be happy for the accomplishments I make.  Along the way, I will strive to touch the people I meet, and, with fondness, I will recognize the people who have touched my life!  

~ photo by Suzanne * December 9, 2017

The holiday season in 2017 was a busy one for me!  I was such a worry-wort...didn't think I could get everything done in time for Santa Claus, who, by the way kept a loving eye on me!  
Thank You, Santa!

"You're okay, kid!"
~photo by Suzanne * December 16, 2017


Among the busy, albeit fun activities, was the wonderful Christmas program at Scootie's school!  The performances and songs were the best!  

~ photos by Suzanne and teacher * collage by Suzanne * December 2017


And, I had the cutest ELF ASSISTANT EVER!!!

~ photos and collage by Suzanne * December 2017
New Year's Eve came and went in a flash, didn't it!  I got my Black-eyed Peas ready in plenty of time for the festivities on our local TV stations, but, I didn't have time to take many photos.
I followed one of Paula Deen's recipes for Black-eyed Peas and they rocked!

~photo by Suzanne * December 31, 2017


Now, it is time to march on, and experience a New Year of "business to take care of", "unpredictable weather", and, yes..let's have some "FUN IN 2018"!!!


*** Thank you very much for coming by...please stop in and say HELLO if you get the chance!  I appreciate ALL visitors and I hope to see you again soon!

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Paul Deen
My Little Scootie
Elvis Presley
Santa Claus

Fond memories of Elvis...Happy Birthday!
January 8, 1935 ~ August 16, 1977

"Values are like fingerprints.  Nobody's are the same,
but you leave 'em all over everything you do."
~Elvis Presley

*** Be safe, love and laugh!  See you next time! ***

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rock Your Memory

Throwback Trivia!

Didn't expect to see me here on a Thursday, did you?  Well, it could be Friday already in some other parts of the world, but, we'll take that too, won't we?

I hope you all are not too sick from eating all of that Halloween candy!  As usual, I bought too much for too little of a crowd.  Now, I am faced with the "SELF CONTROL" issue!  
Let's see if I can keep it under control, haha!

*** point, you ask?  I'm just passing through today to share a little trivia game that I came across in the "Renew" magazine that I receive periodically.  I thought this to be very interesting and kind of fun.
I invite you all, my dear readers to challenge your memories and match the hit song to the decade during which it topped the charts.
The decades are 1950s-2010s

* Collage by Suzanne
Artist photos are courtesy of Yahoo images

The Songs and Artists

1.  The Police  * "Every Breath You Take"           

2.  Elvis Presley * "All Shook UP"                     

3.  Whitney Houston * "I Will Always Love You"   

4.  The Beatles * "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

5.  Adele * "Rolling in the Deep"

6.  Josh Groban * "You Raise Me Up"

7.  Carole King * "It's Too Late"
The Decades are as follows:


There it is friends...see what you can come up with and let me know!  Oh, don't worry, I do have the answers tucked away in a safe place!

I'll be off for now.  Thank you so much for your visit...please give the Trivia quiz a try!  If you have the time, I will be happy to see a "HELLO" from you!  And you can come back anytime!

*  Cool Autumn breezes had us all fooled here in the Lone Star State this past week., we're back to temperatures in the 80's and 90's for this early November, and I'm a bit disappointed!  Just as I had the hooded jackets out, I have to put them back in the closet for a few more days, ugh!  Oh well, at least I got the summer dust off of them, lol!

Have a safe weekend!  See you next time!

* Autumn colors at Branson, Missouri, November 14, 2016 *  photo by Suzanne

* Illustration courtesy of Yahoo images and, re constructed at the KardKorner *

"Remember:  Y'all is singular.  All y'all is plural.
  All y'all's is plural possessive."
~Kinky Friedman

Friday, October 20, 2017

A Small Nightmare...or did it really happen!

* Ghoul Kreated for Halloween at the KardKorner by Suzanne, Karo and Rusty
 * photo by Suzanne * October 2003

I really must warn you, my dearies, that you have entered the den of dreams...or not!  It is said that all of us dream, every night.  Some dreams last 15 minutes, but I have read that most dreams may last only seconds.  We can have as little as 2-3 dreams, or as many as 7 dreams per night.  Wow, that's exhausting, isn't it!  As the night drags on, some of our dreams can last 20 or 30 minutes.  YIKES!

And, do we dream in color?  Sometimes, if I remember a particular dream, I can recall that it may have been in color.  Research shows that 70-80% of our dreams do contain color.  However, if you were dreaming back in the earlier 1900's, and through the 1950's, it is very likely that your dreams were in black and white.  That is due to images and media being presented primarily in black and white in those days. about those dreams that may NOT really be dreams?  Do we try to comprehend the meanings of our dreams, and attempt to decipher the messages they send?  Are the late night events that we think are real, simply moved to the back of our minds, and we accept them as dreams?

In past years, I tried to make sense of dreams that I remembered, but, with not much luck,  Now, I don't bother so much with trying to analyze any remembered dreams, because I just don't remember many of them, and I don't have "sleeping" nightmares anymore!

There is, however, one incident that has stayed with me all of my life since the late 1950's.  I refer to it as an "incident", because in my mind it really happened.  Here we go!

Summers in the 1950's didn't seem to get as hot as the summers of today do.  We didn't have an air conditioned home, and would sleep with opened windows at night.  As darkness would make its way across the city, it would bring along a cool breeze that would sift through the windows, making the room comfy.  My father would also place a box fan in one of our windows to help cool the rooms down at bedtime.

    One night as I lay sleeping, I was awakened by a slight sensation on my ear.  It felt like a soft hand  rubbing my ear lobe just lightly.  I was frozen with fear, wondering what it might be, and, I was beginning to feel a bit chilled.  I wanted to reach for my blanket that was at my feet to pull it up, but first, I wanted to take a chance at seeing just what was touching my ear.  Sooo, I turned my head around with my eyes looking backward just barely, without moving my body...
...and, there HE WAS!

~Illustration by Suzanne * October 2017

A tall stick-like figure was sitting in the open window where our box fan was supposed to be.  He was looking over at me with his arm outstretched in the direction of my bed.  His head reached all the way to the ceiling!  He looked just as my illustration above arrogant creature, who somehow removed the box fan from the window, and made himself at home!  What was I to do?  My sister's bed was nearby, but not near enough for him to reach, and, I couldn't nudge her to wake her.  I couldn't even scream!  I was still trying to figure out a way to get a hold of my blanket and cover up before he touched my ear again.  I grabbed the blanket with my toes, and gently started easing it upward.  The 'stick man' would lean over, and, touch my ear from time to time as I worked the blanket up to where my fingers could finally grab it!  Inch by inch I was able to get it up to my waist, then, slightly ease it up over one shoulder!  I had to conjure up more courage to get the blanket over my left shoulder, as this is the side that monster was focusing on!  AAAGEEEGH!  What a nightmare!
I'm sure you are wondering, and, I am here to tell you that no words were spoken throughout this entire ordeal.  There was complete silence, and no other stirrings within the house.  I shut my eyes as tightly as I could, and slowly moved my shoulder up and down in order to get the blanket up to my neck!  What a job!!!

Friends...I never looked back, and somehow I fell off into the bliss known as sleep! Once I was snuggled into my blanket, all fears were gone, and a newer, fresher breeze was flowing through my window.  When I awoke in the morning, I looked back at that window, and it looked as though nothing had been disturbed the night before.  My sister was sound asleep in her bed, none the wiser.  Who knows how long this bizarre creature tormented me that night?  Not I!  I just know it happened, but my mind has agreed to banish the terror back into the nightmare den!

* The Baker Hotel * Mineral Wells, Texas
* photo by Suzanne * October 15, 2011
presumed haunted

* The den of to nightmares only!

Thank you, thank you and thank you my gracious readers!  Sometimes we just have to get a little of that spook dust out of our systems, and what better time than Halloween!  I am so glad you chose to visit today, and I appreciate your comments more than you know!  If you're too shy, you can just say Hello, or check one of the reactions at the bottom of this post to let me know you came by.

* The ghoul in my first illustration was actually constructed from a mannequin out of a sporting goods store, and placed at our front room window.  Pretty impressive, I believe.  Some of the illustrations were acquired from Yahoo images, two of which I manipulated in one of my programs.  I did the illustration of the stick man myself.

Thank You:
Yahoo Images


~ my little Scootie * photo by Suzanne

Shawn was a bit leary of the spooks in this shop we visited last week!  But, he did like the hat!

*** If you plan to get out on Halloween, hang on to those kiddos, and keep them safe!  ***

~"It's hard to wake up from a nightmare if you aren't even asleep." * j.s.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

An Artsy Gathering!

* Roses art by Shawn, 2nd Grade * May 2017 * 

Sometimes, in the midst of our busy lives we just have to take a break.  We clear our heads, and, envision ourselves wandering through a more passive and serene environment.

Every year, my community hosts an art show featuring various artists from around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  This year's "Art In The City", Gallery Night took place on Saturday, and, was located at what was formerly our city Library.  It's okay...our library moved to another area of the city several years ago, in a more central location.

I was pretty "up" for this event, since I have a huge appreciation for any form of art!  If you're ready, I can show you a little of the art that was offered!๐Ÿ’

Art by Brenda Stolwyk

I apologize for cutting off the name of this lovely piece with my camera, and, of course, I can't remember what it is called!  This artist has a passion for the outdoors and 'Aurora Borealis' type settings.  She is a 2-time, 1st place winner of the American Airlines On My Own Time Art Show.  Brenda does her work with acrylic paints and prismacolor. pencils.

Below is Brenda's display at the show:

Here we have a piece by Doris Mobley

   Ms Mobley came across this abandoned van one day, took a photograph of it, then painted it.  She added bits and pieces of fun signs and trash which gave this old van a story of its own!
  I really liked this one.  Doris teaches an art class every Monday, and I may just start going!  

 Some of her works of art are characteristic of  popular folk art!  Ms. Mobley says, "As an artist we never stop learning.  There is always something new to try."  I really enjoyed visiting with this artist and browsing through her collection.


As a special exhibit, a collection of the local Senior Citizens art was also on display.  How impressive their pieces are!  They attend art classes at the Senior Center, and just enjoy expressing themselves!  Below are some of their gallery works.  

Isn't this amazing!  Great job, Seniors!  They should be proud!


Well that wraps it up for the "Art In The City" show.  There was artwork from 14 different artists, and, I enjoyed browsing through the different exhibits.  I met a few of the artists, who were more than happy to visit and share some of their experiences. There was a wood work display of hand carved bowls and other items, and, also a photography exhibit.  They did serve refreshments later in the afternoon, but, I was off on another adventure by that time.

Thank you to the city of Haltom City, Texas, its Mayor, and City Officials
Thank you to all supporters, the citizens of Haltom City
The Haltom City Public Library
Thank you to all of the participating artists, 
who gave me permission to take photographs of their work.
including the Senior Citizens Center
And, thank you to the volunteers for the event.
* All of the above photographs were taken by Suzanne at the event *
September 9, 2017

Last week, the elementary school that my grandson, "Scootie" attends, reached out to the parents to donate supplies and dry goods for distribution to the various churches and shelters for the families that have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.  My heart still cries to think of the horrendous situation that brought so much devastation to these people.  And, we are now in another tragic situation with Hurricane Irma, and the  terrifying wildfires that are ripping across other parts of the nation.

I am proud of our kind citizens who have rendered so much assistance during this difficult time for so many in need!  We all know that the damage from these disasters will be extensive!  I believe we can be ready to help in any way we can.  ANY kind gesture is going to be appreciated!  

* photo by Suzanne * September 4, 2017

* We're sending prayers and best wishes out to our friends, and, to the families who are affected by the disastrous events that we are experiencing!

*** One of my blogmates, who is also a good friend, evacuated from his home with his family in Florida, and, hopefully they have remained safe during this time.

Prayers and best wishes for a safe journey home, Shady Del Knight and family!

*** I want to thank you all for coming by.  Please stop in and say hello if you get the chance.  I welcome any comments, or you can let me know if you enjoyed your visit by checking a reaction at the bottom of my post.  Come by any time!

Have a great week, and be safe.  I will see you next time! ♥

*** Let's all take a moment of silence in prayer tomorrow in remembrance of 9/11 *** ๐Ÿ—ฝ

Thank you Shawn for your wonderful Rose painting ♥

"Art is anything you can get away with."
~Andy Warhol

  * photo taken by Suzanne at the
Museum of Modern Art * Fort Worth, Texas

Saturday, July 29, 2017

"Ordering Up a Little Mexican!"

* Illustration by Andy Ward * Story by Jeff Siegel
~from Texas Journey magazine

Here we are once again, at the KardKorner, where the order of things is not in any particular order!  We simply discuss and enjoy any subject that comes to mind.

Today, we're serving up a bit of news regarding the controversy between "Authentic Mexican" foods and "Tex-Mex" foods.  I receive the Texas Journey magazine every month or so, and it's always loaded with fun sites to see in your travels, and, good foods to eat.  The July/August issue even posted a fascinating article about the Norman Petty Recording Studios and museum in Clovis, New Mexico, honoring the late Buddy Holly.  Hopefully, one day, I can visit this cool city and browse through the museum while listening to his music and gazing at the memorabilia.

As I scanned through the various articles, my eye caught a bright, kind of slimy looking cartoon of what I perceive to be a burrito.  The illustration is shown above, and, the article is entitled "The Whole Enchilada", by Jeff Siegel.   I found this story to be a delightful defense mechanism for "Tex-Mex" foods, confirming my real confusions about the difference between "Authentic" and "Tex-Mex".  I eat Mexican food a lot from various restaurants, and I fix it at home, also.  Is my Mexican food considered authentic?  Probably not!
*  Yum...what's this?

* My Taco Salad * June 23, 2017 * photo by Suzanne

As you can see, I used items purchased from my local grocery store, even though I cooked the taco meat and prepared the salad myself.  OOPS!  I forgot to hide the flour tortillas from my photo, which can only mean I did not make them from scratch.  And, Pace Picante sauce?  Well, honestly, it's a staple in my house!  I'm guessing then, that my taco salad is of the "Tex-Mex" variety!

Having moved to Texas from Chicago years ago, where he exclaims, "The only taco I'd ever seen came from a box in the grocery store", Jeff shares this sentiment in his article:  "Not only did those first Tex-Mex meals give me great pleasure, but they introduced me to flavors and ingredients I didn't know existed.  I discovered cumin, coriander, chile powder-and salsa."
You go, Jeff!

Now, I moved to Texas from Kansas City years ago also, and, although I remember Mexican restaurants all through my life, I only discovered a few years ago that my mother is not a fan of Mexican foods, so, I guess that's why we did not eat out at Mexican restaurants while I was growing up.  After I left home to be on my own, somewhere in the late 1960's, Taco Bell came to Kansas City!  Taco Bell offered the most affordable Mexican food, and, I lived on it at $.19 per taco!  I was happy to see 'The Bell' in Texas when I arrived, where I saw my first burrito...who knew they were flour tortillas wrapped around mushy beans, with a little cheese? lol!  Well, all kidding aside, I must confess, I still whip through a Taco Bell line, and pick up some tacos and a taco salad from time to time!  But, NO burritos, please!

* photo by Suzanne * Haltom City, Texas

Jeff Siegel, in his article, states that many folks see Tex-Mex as "inauthentic"  Mexican food. He says one expert at Mexican cuisine views Tex-Mex as watered-down Mexican cooking!  One of Jeff's own Texan friends admits that he doesn't have any favorite Tex-Mex restaurants.  According to the friend, "It's nothing but grease smothered with rubber cheese!"

Hey!  I resemble that remark!

* King Ranch Chicken casserole, prepared by Suzanne
 * photo by Suzanne

King Ranch chicken is one of my favorite Mexican dishes.  I did fix it myself with fresh ingredients, cooking the chicken, cutting up onion, garlic and olives.  I even stir in cumin and drop fresh Cilantro leaves on top!  I  know, I know...I used Doritos to layer it, packaged shredded cheese and canned green chiles to put this scrumptious meal together.   And, oh-again, with the Pace Picante sauce!
 But...YUM!  I don't get complaints!

* LOL*
Cute, huh!

* Tex-Mex food, as defined in Wikipedia, is a fusion of United States cuisine and Mexican cuisines, deriving from the culinary creations of Tejanos.  It is most popular in Texas. *


Jeff admits he has been served a few greasy, plastic-cheese-topped enchiladas with orange Minute Rice and canned refried beans! I can attest to his experiences by saying that I have had some pretty sleazy guacamole, also, in my day!  You know...the pale green, without substance guacamole that doesn't appear to have real avacado in it!  Is there such a thing as fake avacados?


Well, to prove a point...anyone's point, regarding Tex-Mex vs Authentic Mexican cuisines, I conducted a short survey to collect opinions on the subject!  Yes, I did!

I asked 8 people to participate in my survey, and I got 7 really great responders!  My subjects live in several different states, and vary in ages from 13 to 70!  

*Thank you all very much...I love your answers, and appreciate your help!

1.  7 out of 7 people said they do like Tex-Mex food! ๐Ÿ˜‹

2.  Everyone agrees that there are Tex-Mex restaurants in their area. ๐ŸŒฎ

3.  I found that the most popular Tex-Mex food item is Enchiladas (4 out of 7), followed by, tacos (3 out of 7).  Other favorites include Nachos, Fajitas, Huevos Rancheros, and, on the healthier side,  one person only prefers (for Tex-Mex) a dish of black beans, pintos, and tomatoes, as long as the recipe doesn't contain fatty, unhealthy ingredients. ๐Ÿ…

4.  Most of my subjects will eat Tex-Mex at least once or twice a month, possibly even weekly.  However, one subject confesses to having Tex-Mex about once every 3 to 5 years! ๐Ÿ˜

5.  One of my subjects does not eat Tex-Mex prepared at home, whereas 3 subjects do.  Three of my subjects say that their Mexican dishes prepared at home are actually Authentic Mexican dishes!  In fact, I have eaten some of the authentic Mexican dishes from one of the homes, and, I have to say, it's unbeatable! ๐Ÿ‘

*  Other Mexican dishes prepared at home by Suzanne and Rusty

We have (upper left) Deb Wise's 'Mix Up Tamale Pie" from Southern Living Magazine (looks pretty wicked) * (upper right), Red Pozole from "Mexico in My Kitchen" *  bottom left, fresh Cilantro and Coriander seeds from my kitchen * Corn and Black Bean Salsa, which according to the  Nutrition Twins, boasts a bundle of nutrients with its combo of beans, corn, onion, cilantro, and tomato."

So, my dear readers, looks like it's "curtains" for this post!   In conclusion, I believe that if you raise the peppers, tomatoes and Mexican herbs yourself to use in your Mexican dishes-make your own salsa and tortillas...then, you are entitled to dub your dishes as "Authentic"!   I sincerely hope you enjoyed this information as much as I enjoyed putting it together!   I apologize for the know how us 'long-winded' folks can go on.  Thank you so much for coming by!
Please stop in and say hello!

 I really must thank:
Texas Journey (magazine for AAA members)
Jeff Siegel, for his wonderful article "The Whole Enchilada"
Andy Ward for the illustration on the article
Google and Yahoo images
photos by Suzanne
Foods shown were prepared by Suzanne and Rusty
A HUGE thank you to my subjects for your help!

OH NO!  What's this? 

* photo by Suzanne * July 23,2017 * Haltom City, TX
Chuy's Mexican Restaurant

* Years ago the building above was a steakhouse, but I can't remember the name of it, lol!  Now, it is a Mexican restaurant, and, they opted to leave the Hereford cow on the building for 'old time's sake'.  It's really cool, but, the restaurant leaves much to desire!  I will say no more!

We're rocking at 96° here in the Lone State, with a real feel of 111°-hope you all are staying cool, wherever you may be!  Wishing you good health, love and joy!

* See you next time!

*That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trails with Tales!

~ Chisholm Trail Mural * Sundance Square * Fort Worth, Texas
photo by Suzanne, April 22, 2017

Isn't this a fantastic wall mural!  I think it stands about 3 stories high, boasting a 3-dimensional effect on a flat surface.   Each time I visit downtown Fort Worth, I come to this spot and gaze fondly at it.   Oh, not because I'm a trailblazer or a real Cowgirl, but it is such an awesome scene, begging to be talked about!  And, here is 'yours truly', with a bit of a tale!

Paying homage to the legendary cattle drives of the late 19th century, this jaw-dropping mural was painted by Richard Haas in 1985.  It is located on the south faรงade of the Jett Building in the heart of Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas.

*** By the way, it is said that Sundance Square was originally dubbed as "Hell's Half Acre".  Well then, it seems as tho the Sundance Kid himself was known to frequent the establishments for spirits and entertainment, later deeming it to be renamed to "Sundance Square".

* Below is a picture of the Jett Building prior to the Chisholm Trail painting.
* Yahoo Images

The Jett Building, constructed in 1902, had housed the Northern Texas Traction Company years ago, as the Interurban Railway with service to Dallas and Cleburne.  Ticketing was on the first floor, with offices on the second floor.  If the conductors needed to spend the night, the building offered a bunk house on the top floor.  Coping with the competition of the up and coming busing service, the NTTC moved to the Sinclair building in 1930, running its last route on Christmas Eve of 1934.  After the move, the Jett building was host to a candy factory, and, is rumored to have had a brothel up on the top floor...hmmm!  It seems also around that time, and during the late 1940's, there was a title company and the U. S. Sandwich Shop in the building.  After that, the building was vacant for a long time during the late 1970's.

There were some partial restorations to the building in the late 1980's, and, eventually, in 2013, it was fully restored, becoming a welcome site to Sundance Square!  To the south of the building, the area was opened up in order to add a plaza and an office building to its west.  Consequently, the mural was also restored at this time, and the building was renamed The Mural Building.

But that all there is to this story?  Just a building that got old and decrepit looking?  Someone cleaned it up? And a wonderful artist just happened by and painted a beautiful mural on it?  NO WAY ARE WE GOING TO GET OFF THAT EASY!!!

Legend has it that the Jett building may be haunted!  (I had to brew myself a small pot of coffee at this point)!  ☕

Within a six year period, several restaurants had opened up and then left the building.  A former owner exclaimed, "It was the ghosts!"  There were drafts reported in areas where there were no open windows, phantom sounds of someone coming up the stairs, and flickering lights.

~ from Yahoo Images

Quite a few employees have quit after seeing apparitions or experiencing odd events such as 'a feeling of being watched', machines turning on by themselves, the sounds of high heels walking across unoccupied upstairs floors, and cries of someone possibly needing help.

* A bartender, closing up on a Halloween night, saw a phantom woman in the mirror.

~from Yahoo Images

There are strange chills in the basement, and, the spirit of a cowboy dressed in black has also been reported as a presence in the basement.

~from Yahoo Images

I would say that it is 'safe to say', that this is quite an historic site!  What do you think?  And, by the way, I must give a commendation for the incredible vision of the Chisholm Trail cattle drive in the late 1800's, transformed by Richard Haas onto the architecture of this once forlorn, and now renowned building!

* Richard Haas is from Spring Green, WI., and, his public work spans throughout the US for at least  35 years.  The only European mural by Mr. Haas has been in Munich and he is ranked among the world-best artists by the Artists Trade Union of Russia!  To Richard, buildings are not just a backdrop.  In his art he finds a way to bring an exterior faรงade to life by transforming an historical 'eyesore' into a captivating storytelling arena!

I do have one other example of Richard Haas' work to show you.  It is so remarkable!  Below is the Boston Architectural Center, 1977.  It is the first to be 'carved' into a wall with intentions of simulating an 18th century architectural painting.

Well, my dearest readers, it is time for me to sashay on out of here, and tend to the hamburger stew I've got brewing on the stove!  I hope you enjoyed our short study of one of the miracles of downtown Fort Worth!  When I first moved to Texas in 1971, this downtown was in a steady decline.  I love old decrepit buildings, but, I am proud to report that during my years in the area, Cowtown is doing a fantastic job of restoring the city, and keeping its history alive!

And, this little guy will vouch for it!
  Oh, he's okay, just basking in the 'ambience' of the city!

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~photo by Suzanne * May 1, 2017 * Downtown Fort Worth,Texas 

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