Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Dad's Day Tribute!

Is this a gray area? ...Or a Shy Guy?

photo by Suzanne maybe a couple of weeks ago
actually taken from my cell phone!

Karo doesn't always like his picture taken.  But I did get this one and thought it was pretty funny.  I have done more with my cell phone lately, especially having spent over a week downtown on jury duty.  That story, maybe later.  Karo is a great dad, stepdad to my son, and grandfather.  I was widowed in 1986, with a young son-it was ten years later that Karo came into my life.  By then, my son was 16 and a REAL handful.  He's been very good to us over the years, and is the best grandfather to Shawn.  I am the only living grandparent of this little boy, and Karo is truly the best grandfather, I believe specially chosen for Shawn.  By the way, both pairs of Shawn's Great Grandparents are living, and they share in the love and care for him.   
Happy Father's Day to my husband, Karo!

Karo and Grandson Shawn jamming a bit
photo by Suzanne * June 17, 2010

Karo's son Chad and Karo jamming
in our music room
Karo was, and still is, a very good father.  He was everpresent as a single dad in his son's life.  Chad, who is now 40, lives in Paris, Texas with his wife and family, and is a family Doctor.  He stays very busy, and we don't get to see them much.  Chad, too, is a caring and loving dad to three daughters.

Chad's daughters-our granddaughters
Madison, Mary and Katy

My Dad and us three kids in 1956
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
I'm the one with the smirk on my face (and the bad hair) sitting behind my brother!
Karo's Dad, brother Danny, and Karo (in front with his mouth open!)
1955 * Bridgeport, Texas

My brother Stan and his son James
July 8, 2006 * Kansas City, Missouri

My Stepdad Bob, a Great cook!
Weatherford, Texas * November 1989 (maybe)

Rusty and son Shawn sampling Easter candy
Fort Worth, Texas * April 16, 2011

Grandpa and Shawn laughing it up!
December 21, 2010

And, in the news...Fort Worth, Texas has won the "All-America City Award for 2011.  This is the third time  our city has won this award.  Once in 1964, and again in 1993.
 Congratulations Fort Worth!!!

Fort Worth mayor Mike Moncrief celebrates with staff!
photo courtesy of the Fort Worth Star Telegram


And now, my dear readers, I must retire for the evening.  I spent 6 grueling, emotional days on a jury and then came down with a nasty cold.  I'm trying to work my way back to normalcy-never fear...I'll catch up to you!  I have been browsing, you see.  And, I've been trying to rest and relax more-I'm one of those kids who just can't give it up and go to bed at a decent hour, but I'm trying!  And at 7:45 PM, it's a weltering (excuse me-that's 'sweltering') 100 degrees in Fort Worth-GAHH!

Don't forget the poll on my sidebar...we have 4 voters so far! 

And remember this...
"It is not flesh and blood, but the heart
which makes us Fathers and Sons."
~Johann Schiller


  1. Hi Susan. Lovely family photos you have shared with us today, and a great post for Fathers Day. I am so glad that Karo came into your life. It was very young for you to be a widow and for your son to lose his dad. Your stepdad, Bob, looks like a really nice man! Hope you will feel better after a little rest. Shawn looks really cute! I will now go and vote in your survey.

  2. Hi there Susan, and a Happy Father's Day to Karo, and the other Dads and Grandads you've mentioned. Am sure Karo would've had a lovely day.
    You've a great family Susan - they all look very happy.
    The people of Forth Worth look very happy with their Award too - third time to win it is something to be proud of.
    You sound very tired after your heavy week - hope this one is a bit better. My husband has been down with a cold too for the past few days - not a lot of fun is it!

    All the best and cheerio for now :D)

  3. Hope Karo had a good Papa's Day! Love all around, Nancy

  4. * Thisisme, thank you, yes, I am so glad Karo came into my life also. I'm glad I waited for him to come along. My stepdad Bob is really great. He and my mother have been married about 37 years. And, he, too, has been there for my sister, brother and I. Thank you so much for stopping by. You've so much more for me to look at. I am making my way. Have a wonderful week!

    * Hi Susan, Karo was surprised and pleased that I had written about him. He doesn't claim credit for the great things he does, and the way he touches others' lives. Thank you for your good wishes, and the blog award. I hope your husband recovers quickly from his cold.

    * Good evening Nancy. Karo did have a peaceful and pleasant, but really hot Father's Day. Thank you for stopping by...hugs to you and yours!

  5. hi susan! everyone looks so happy! thanks for sharing all the pictures...and i especially like the older ones! what a nice father's day post. it's so nice to hear when 2 people have found each other...and are still grateful...and happy!
    your quote is so isn't always flesh and blood...that makes a 'family' (being someone who was adopted...i can relate to that one...) i have to head over to your POLL...if it's still up there. hope you're feeling better my friend! take care!

  6. OH! same POLL...been there...done that one! :]

  7. Hey Laura...I tried to put a poll on my garden blog, but it gave me fits about the closing date. This one did too-that's why there are so many days left. I'll try again tomorrow. The older pictures are the best! I like the ones with my dad. He had such a dry humor-sometimes you could catch him laughing. And the one with Karo's dad and brother-Karo with his mouth wide open. I always say I wish I had known him when we were younger-he was a photo bug even in the 60's, had a MoPed...right up my alley. But it was meant to be this way and I'm glad. And the quote is so true, glad you like it. Starting to feel better now, just a nagging cough-hey, lip girl! Are you eating crow yet and laughing it up? Always a pleasure to hear from you. Hugs to you and yours!

  8. When are you going to tell us who said "up your nose with a rubber hose" ???

  9. Hi Nancy, I hope to give the reveal within the next few days. I think all of the votes are in. Have a great week!


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