Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Thing About Reading

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How many of you like to read?  Well, that's an overwhelming response if I ever saw one!  Because if you answered my question, it was probably an "all hands up" response!  It's a given...we know that reading is an essential part of our daily lives, and, begins in our childhood years.    
Reading is a necessity, conducive to our survival, kind of like a life feed.  And reading opens up our imaginations to an endless world of knowledge.  I'm sure you all try to picture a scene that you're reading about, in your mind, to live the events of the story as it unfolds.  I certainly do-sometimes a scary scene will spook me, and, I have to close the book for a while!

*  Uh-Oh!  You caught me in the act! *

The definition of 'read' from cites that it is to look carefully, so as to understand the meaning of something written, printed, etc., ie as to read a book, to read music.

Reading is a necessary tool one utilizes to achieve particular life goals, such as, furthering education in order to secure a desired occupation.  

We lose ourselves in books...we find ourselves there too!  How about entertainment, relaxation, and happiness?  You BETCHA!

To me, it doesn't matter what you read!  I truly believe anyone can learn something from anything he or she reads!  Not only does reading increase your vocabulary and spelling skills, it teaches you how to incorporate these new skills into your own daily situations.  And, guess what?  You didn't even realize you were learning!  You were just having fun!  Don't listen to "what's his name", who says, "Don't just read the easy stuff.  You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it."  I say, you CAN learn from the easy stuff-I did!  The easy stuff inspired me to go on and read the harder stuff!  I know, I know...Stephen King's material just doesn't come across as 'the harder stuff'.  

But, here's what Mr. King has to say on the subject:

* "If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time (or tools) to write.
Simple as that!" *
~Stephen King

And, here we are, dear readers!  Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere!

Just remember these tips:
1.  Read anything that interests you
2.  If you're not sure, try something new, because
 you may be surprised at what really interests you.
3.  Believe it or not, reading does further your education.
4.  Read to yourself, read to each other, take turns reading in a group.

It's Gratifying!

Gosh, seems like I've rambled on forever!  I do hope you all got a little something out of this post, maybe a laugh or two?  

I do want to stop and thank:
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Stephen King

And, I especially want to thank you, my gracious readers for taking the time to stop by and visit.  If you get the chance, please say Hello!  I accept any hellos.

Have a fun Labor Day weekend, but,
Be safe, love and laugh!  See you soon!


  1. Hi again, Suzanne!

    It's great to be back here chatting with you at Kard Korner Krib after all this time, dear friend. This is a thought proving essay on the joys and benefits of reading. I agree that we learn from everything we read whether easy or challenging. The one problem I always have when reading is that I move forward at a snail's pace because I stop frequently to ponder what I just read. Sometimes this leads to checking the meaning of a word in the dictionary or doing additional research on the topic at Wiki or another site, and that typically leads to even more questions and additional searches for answers. In other words, it sometimes takes me hours to read a few pages, simply because I am curious and determined to understand what I read and eager to learn the precise meaning of new words that I encounter.

    Some of my happiest memories revolve around trips to the York library with my dad or with friends. Books everywhere!... and I never knew where to begin. I usually ended up with a foot high stack to take home with me. I have always preferred nonfiction topics like astronomy, geology and other sciences, but every once in a while I like to sink my teeth into a good mystery or horror tale. Around age 12, my folks bought me an Alfred Hitchcock short story anthology and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It's wonderful to have you back Suzanne. Have a nice Friday and a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

    1. It's so good to hear from you again, Shady! My mother kept my sister, brother and I at the library all throughout our school years. I wasn't as interested in reading during the summers because I preferred to be outside and on the go. I know what you mean about pondering what you read, then doing some searches...that's how we branch out and become interested in other topics, isn't it!

      I'm pretty excited about coming back to blogging. I did some writing during times that my mind wouldn't stop, and, like you, I have to stop and do some research, in order to justify my actual thoughts! It sometimes takes me a couple of weeks or more just to get a post together. That's one of the challenges we face when eager to get the facts straight. I'm glad to hear that you like some mystery from time to time. And, it's great to know that you keep up with the greatest music of our time!

      Thank you so much for stopping by Shady. By the way, the last time we corresponded, you were possibly moving away from Florida. Did you make that move, and are you and your family doing well? I didn't realize I've been away for almost 2 years! Have a wonderful weekend, Shady. Talk to you soon.

    2. Yessum, we were out of touch nearly two years and I am very thankful to have you back, dear Suzanne. I still live in Florida and right now we're getting hit by the outer bands of the hurricane. We are experiencing gusty winds and have had several inches of rain, but the really rough weather is far to our north. The storm is making landfall close to FSU where my granddaughter attends college!

      Thank you again for reconnecting with me, dear friend Suzanne!

  2. Hello, great tips. I love to read. I am able to down library ebooks to my ipad for free. They have a great selection too. Have a happy weekend ahead!

  3. Hi Eileen! So glad to see you here. One day I will get an ebook, or ipad to download books on. I'm still kind of a geek and just get the books to read. Thank you for your comments. Have a great weekend!


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