Saturday, September 10, 2016

When September Comes Calling!

~ photo by Rusty * Fort Worth, TX * September 4, 2016

The month of September is my New Year's month-my January, so to speak.  I always feel newly energized during this time of year, inhaling a new perspective on life.  September brings with it all of the exciting events that lead us to the year's end.  I heard that!  You ask (rather loudly too), " Year's end is practically on TOP of us! Can't you wait until the end of December to dredge this up?"  Yeah, okay, I'm not a New Year's resolutionist...albeit, I use September to regroup, just as we had to when we were children, anticipating the new school year.  I have written about this before...somewhere during my early blog days!  So, as it goes, even though you know most of the kids who will be in your class, you haven't seen many of them all summer, and, OH, how we could change in just 3 months!  You know, the boy who kissed me goodbye at the end of my 7th grade year, (1st kiss) didn't even know who I was in my 8th grade year!  So, we move on, don't we?  And, on to a new year with new clothes, new teachers, and, some new friends!

"I remember when you leaned in quick to kiss me,
and I swear that not a single force on earth
could stop the trembling of my hand."

And, now, in my adult life, I do look back and, how I smile and laugh!  I am so glad that the Septembers of my youth have served as stepping stones, still guiding me through life, refreshing my outlook, and sending me those bright colors of Autumn!

As we move through this special month, we will expect our weather to change drastically!  Well...I'll have you know that in Texas, September's weather stays pretty much the same as August.  Wishing and hoping, huh?

* Labor Day, September 5
Labor Day was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century, to pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers.
Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894.
Noon hour at the Cannery, Indianapolis 1908

* 911 remembrance day, focuses on the September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on the United States, that killed over 3,000 people, and injured many others.   Targeting the World Trade Center in New York City, The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and a field in Pennsylvania, these tragic events left much devastation, and destruction, affecting the whole world.

* Moving on to September 16, we will see the Harvest Full Moon brightly gracing our skies!  This is the full moon that is closest to the Autumn equinox, providing a brighter light under which to harvest corn, squash and beans.  Being a brighter moon, the farmers can work later into the night.

~Full Harvest Moon

Autumn begins September 22

Okay, it's probably time to wrap this session up.  I really enjoyed stopping by for this little chat, and, sharing our review of September happenings.  It does kind of give you a feel for a refreshing change of pace, doesn't it?  Thank you so much for stopping by, and please say hello if you get the chance.  I hope you all are doing well, and, I would love to hear from you!   

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If you're wondering who Scootie is, well, he's my sweet little grandson.  He is in the second grade this year, and loving school.  Chloe is my darling little great niece who resides in Kearney, Missouri.  She has entered the first grade this year, and is also having a great time.  Blessings and best wishes to these two precious children!

~Scootie brushes up on study skills with Grandma's guidance!
 * August 2016 * photo by Grandma

~Chloe is ready for school life!
* Photo by her mom *  August 2016

* As always, be safe, love, and laugh a lot.  See you next time!


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    Yessum, every year at this time we are reminded that there aren't many shopping days left until Christmas. As you pointed out, tomorrow is also the grim anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks and once again the bells will toll for the victims.

    When September arrives it gives me a psychological lift because I know that cooler, more reasonable weather will be coming to Florida. It will be another couple of months before it really feels good to be outdoors, but the worst is behind us for the season. Back home, the York Interstate Fair is set to get underway. I have many happy memories of going to the Fair. Every year kids were granted a vacation day from school and given a free pass to attend the Fair.

    I agree that September is a month of new beginnings. I remember all those first days of school, year after year, noting how much our friends had changed in appearance over the summer. Sometimes they changed in attitude and drifted away from us. One summer, I grew more than 4 inches and decided to let my hair grow longer. When I returned to school in September my friends could hardly believe the change in me. I remember one of them commenting, "Anderson has turned cool." :) I am also reminded of the TV series The Wonder Years, the early episode in which Kevin Arnold got his first look at the reinvented, grown up and very alluring Winnie Cooper when she arrived at the bus stop for the start of the school year.

    It's great to see a recent picture of Scootie. He was only a toddler when I started following you. I think this is the first time you introduced your great niece Chloe. It boggles the mind to see "Class of 2028" written on her sign. 2028 seems like a date out of a futuristic science fiction novel! I wish both children a happy and productive school year.

    Thank you very much for being such a great friend to me, Suzanne. I'm very thankful that we reconnected after all this time. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Shady, I can't believe you're still up and moving after that fantastic and wild Rave you posted last night! And, I'm glad to know that someone besides me gets such a lift from September! How funny, but true, I bet your classmates were falling all over themselves seeing you taller with long hair-and, it was all positive feedback to a 'cool dude'! Talking about the State Fair, I believe the one in Dallas will be approaching soon! It's such a drive, but I would like to take Scootie. His dad and I are considering Six Flags over Texas during the Fright Nights events for Halloween. We're all spooks around here, and Scootie would probably have a blast!

      I do have a few pictures of Chloe on my side bar, waaaay down when she was littler. I went to Kansas and Missouri to visit my Mom and sister in June. I hadn't been able to see them for a while. My mom turned 90 in July, so we started partying early, lol! This was the first time I got to meet Chloe, and, you're right, 2028 is a bit scary!

      Thank you for coming by, Shady-I so glad you did. We're getting some cool rain this morning, and it's somewhere in the very nice 70's. I'm considering a walk down to the creek nearby...I'm told it's running pretty fast from the rain. I know you're pretty sick of the rain, so I guess you decided to share and pushed it my way, lol! Have a fun and great weekend!

  2. Hello, what a great post for September. Your grandchildren are adorable. My son is 24, no grandchildren yet. I remember getting him ready for the start of school. I am not a winter person so I am not looking forward to the colder months ahead. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. Hi Eileen, thank you for coming by, and, welcome to KardKornerKrib. I'm glad you enjoyed my post, September always brings about so many changes. Thank you again for your visit, and great comments. Have a wonderful week!


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