Friday, May 6, 2011

"Mom's" the Word...Happy Mother's Day!

Photo by Suzanne, May 2009
My Mother's Day Flowers from my son Rusty

Hello to Mom's aka Mum's all over!  I used to think "Mums" was just a name my Grandmother in India made up... you know, a family thing.  When she would write to my mom, she always signed her letters, 'mums'.  And my mom always signs her cards and letters, Love, 'mums'.    And, now, as a big girl, I hear the word 'mums' used frequently by several of my blogmates, and with pride and respect!  My husband, Karo has even picked the word up, and refers to my mom as "mums" (but not to her face, he's shy, you know)!  I have come to like the term and appreciate it.  But wait!!!  I kinda looked it up to see where and how it originated. 

From it is said that 'mum' originated from the Middle English in 1568, and was first used in 1704 in the UK, Eastern Canada, Australia and some parts of Western Pennsylvania.

And on, I find that that 'mum' has been used as a "slightly" derogatory description for soccer moms, who spend much of their time driving their kids to and from soccer and other sports that they may participate in.  And also used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

You decide-I like them both!

Here's my lovely mom holding my little brother Stan when he was, a tiny baby.  A beautiful picture of mom and precious of my brother, taken in Kansas City, Kansas in 1950.  I wonder if my niece Erica realizes that this photo of my mom looks just like her?

Me and Mom in San Marcos, Texas
photo taken by my sister, Leta in July 1992 (I think)

Ok, Ok, I know you're checking out the hair!!!  I have really straight hair...give me a perm and it explodes!!!   I'm okay now.  So, back to the story at hand.  My mom and sister flew to Texas and we hit the road for a girl trip.  Mom had retired from one her many jobs (workaholic) and I wanted to do something fun for her.  So we headed due south, to Waco, Texas, where my brother was living.  We dumped my Ford Bronco on him and escaped to San Marcos in his "roomy" LTD.  There we spent one night at a bed and breakfast, shopped, ate at an outdoor French restaurant, and moved on the next day to San Antonio, Texas, where we visited the Alamo, the famous River Walk and various other fun sites.  We stayed a few days, got some good pics and headed back to my brother's house in Waco, and then back to my house in Weatherford.  My point?  It's kind of like a great Mother's Day memory, even tho it wasn't Mother's Day.  Us three girls, three moms... no men, no kids.  Running-amuck, shopping, having coffee and cocktails, eating great food-and laughing it up!!! 

San Antonio, Texas Riverwalk
photo taken from aboard the gondola by my mom 1992

Another Great Mom!
My Mother in Law, Dorothy Trammell
In Loving Memory

Karo's mother, Dorothy passed away in December 2009 at the age of 84.  She was a wonderful and giving lady, and a loving mother.  This tiny lady was also a great shopper, and loved to eat at the Dairy Queen.  She was active in her church and charitable in the community.  She was raised, and lived all of her life in Bridgeport, Texas, where she and her husband Bennie Trammell raised their two sons, Danny and my husband, Karo.  She owned and operated a cafe and boutique-she always declared that she was a "businesswoman", and rightly so!  Dorothy kept me in stitches when we were together-being very fashion conscious, she was still wearing jeans and high-heeled boots up to the time of her death!  I loved her spunk and vitality.  Oh, and she loved to watch Rambo movies, hmmm!
We all miss her very much and think of her daily.


Happy Mother's Day Mom-I love you.  Thank you for the way you raised me-I know how to sign checks, hahaha!  And I can boil water!

Happy Mother's day to my sister Leta and my niece, Erica!
Happy Mother's day to my four aunts, Gerty, Ethel, Edie and Yvonne!

And Happy Mother's Day to all of my 'mom' and 'mums' blogmates!
Be happy and safe!

how about some Mother's Day mocha?

"Making a decision to have a child-it's momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around
outside your body."
~Elizabeth Stone


  1. Here in England, we use the word mum, but I haven't heard the word mums before. Only as a plural of mum!! Lovely flowers from your son last year. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow on your special day. Our Mothering Sunday was back in March.

  2. Your blog is outrageous! I mean, I’ve never been so entertained by anything in my life! Your ideas are perfect for this. I mean, how did you manage to find something that matches your style of writing so well? I’m really happy I started reading this today. You’ve got a follower in me for sure!

  3. Good morning mum-you're right. I did see the word as mum. I guess my mom's family just added the letter s to the end of it. I should probably go back and make the notation. Thanks for your input and kind comments. Oh, and I love your new garden picture on your blog Thisisme!

  4. Hello Brasil, and welcome! I am glad you stopped by and enjoyed my blog...I would love to have you as a follower. I have so many stories, old and new, in my head. And, most of the time I even have visuals to go with the stories. It serves as a great outlet for me, and my goal is to laugh and bring smiles and laughter to others. Thank you so much for your exciting comments!

  5. Hi Susan, a beautiful bunch of flowers from Rusty - and it continues to give you such pleasure in a photograph too. Thank you for sharing it - we benefit too :D)

    Love your discussion re: Mom, Mum, Mums. Thought I'd add my 2 cents' worth ... over here, we also refer to Chrysthanthemums (the traditional Mothers' Day flower in Australia) as 'mums'.

    Your other photos are so sweet and obviously treasured. Wow, truly, your head of hair in that photo is to be envied - loved it when those curly perms did that ;-)
    Can imagine the fun you all had on your girls' trip too!

    Best wishes to you Susan, another beaut post. Cheers :D)

  6. It was sweet reading of your memories of Mother's Day. You were a special gift to your mums, and we, your readers, are privileged to know you. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

    I am putting your Elizabeth Stone quote on my blog today!! (linking back to you)

  7. * I'm sorry I didn't get to some of your comments earlier...the system said, "currently unavailable." So I am trying again! Thank you for stopping by on Mother's Day. You know, this has been one of the best Mother's Days I've had, dinner with my son and husband, and wonderful ladies to converse with!

    * Susan, thank you so much for your 2 cents. I did look at Chrysanthemums, and you are correct-and, of course, the internet mentions 'mums' as being tight-lipped. "Mums the word!" Our girls trip to San Antonio was a lot of fun! Thank you!

    * Nancy, you're so sweet! I had to swallow back tears from your comments. Thank you so much for noting me on your wonderful blog!


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