Sunday, May 1, 2011

"MayDay and Other Scuttlebutt!"

Why, I believe it's MayDay!!!
If the weather permits (though now in Fort Worth it's a rainy 50 degrees), there will be many festivities, being the Maypole!  Every year, the sixth grade girls in my elementary school would get to wind the Maypole.  I considered it an honor and just couldn't wait for my 6th grade year and my turn to participate.  My sister did it the year before me and it was beautiful. We learned a special dance first, and I just can't remember which song was played, and then, we were taught the procedure of winding the large, large pole out on the playground so it looked like a beautiful braid when we were done.  I wish I had a picture...MOM??? Well, mom had to work, and we did the pole on a school day afternoon, so she didn't get to attend the ceremony.  Each girl had a partner, and the costumes were gathered gingham skirts and white blouses.  My partner and I wore pink and white gingham, there were two girls with blue & white, two with yellow & white, and so on-even lilac and white.  It was all pastels, so bright and lively, and the ribbons we wound the pole with matched our colors.  It was my first time to get to wear nylons which I, OF COURSE, managed to get a hole in them on that day-GAAAGH!
But, a good memory and lots of fun!

Here is a photo of my elementary school that I took in July of 2009 when we were visiting Kansas City.  The Maypole is now gone.  It was sooo tall-I wonder what happened to it?
  We also flew the American Flag from this pole.

Franklin Elementary School ~Kansas City, Kansas


May 1st is also my son, Rusty's birthday...he was born Tuesday, May 1, 1979.  I wanted to create something different on the front of his Birthday card, and, since he is a guy, this is what I came up with.  He thought it was pretty cool, and appreciated the time I spent on the card.  Eventually I will add a page to my blog featuring some of my kreations from the kardkorner, as there is much more to this particular kard.

Collage kreated by Suzanne at KardKorner Headquarters

Happy 32nd Birthday Rusty!

My son Rusty, October 30, 2010
"Tattoos", yes-but NO unusual piercings-Yay!

And the Survey Said!!!

Friday at work, three of my co-workers and I decided to try the new M & M's Pretzels.  We were all mmmm!!, crunch!!!, and yummers!!!  So, I jotted down the reactions from these three girls...I don't think they will mind if I share them with you.

Paige said:  "They're almost like a malt ball!!!"
Me:  "This is true.  I was surprised to see them shaped like colored malt balls!"

Cindy said:  "Yummers!  They're quite good!"
Me:  "I quite agree, they are good!"

Paulette said:  "You know, it's a good mix of the sweet and salty!"
Me:  "How true! It is a good mix!"

So, if you're interested in trying this new version of our favorite snack, you might be quite pleased at the shape, color and mix of flavors in this little bag!  And, it proved to be a good conversation piece!
  Not enough time on our hands, eh?

Kate and William
Married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey

I know we've all seen this picture by now...I just think it's a beautiful shot!  I did get to see a little of the wedding Friday morning-WHAT A CROWD!  And I made it just in time to see a shot of Elton John and his mate.  They talked about the wedding all morning on my favorite radio station, and even the macho DJ thought it was a refreshing event from the normal morning news.  I believe it was exciting for everyone in London, bringing back memories of the fabulous wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in July of 1981.  And, having been an admiror of Princess Di, I also felt a sadness of the tragedy that really brought a jolt to the world.

Cute, Huh?

May 5th is Cinco De Mayo holiday.  A lot of  people may think it is a Mexican holiday...but, it's not.  It is actually an American Civil War holiday that originated in California by the Mexicans and Latinos living there in  1862.
According to , there is a national patriotic holiday in Mexico known as "Mexico's Independence Day".  Cinco de Mayo recognizes the Mexican army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.
So Happy Cinco de Mayo everywhere!

Well, dear readers, that's the "scuttlebutt" for now.  I hope your MayDay has been sunny and mild.  The temperature in Fort Worth, AS I WRITE!, has dropped from 50 to 48 degrees!  No Maypole here today!  Just some warm, spicy chili and rice!

Thank you for stopping by...I appreciate your comments and your "just looking"!
Thanks to Yahoo and Wikipedia too!

"You are as welcome as the flowers in May."
~Charles Macklin

Hibiscus ~ photo by Suzanne ~ May 31, 2008
Fort Worth, Texas



  1. Hi Susan, we (my darling and I) were only just talking about the Maypole tradition - neither of us have ever been involved, so it was a treat to read your recollections. What a colourful and happy scene you describe!
    I had a little chuckle at you enjoying the first time you wore nylons - I can recall my first time too... oooh that 'grownup' feeling. They were so easily snaggable back then ;-)

    Love your card for Rusty - yes, I understand your relief at no unusual piercings too. I enjoy seeing what tattoos ours come up with as well - very artistic. Rusty looks a fine young man, can feel the pride in your post :D)

    Enjoyed your workplace reviews of the latest lolly in town ... you obviously have heaps of laughs at work. Always good.

    I also enjoyed watching Kate and William. I like the little bit of shyness that William has. Nice to see Kate's dress and her entourage... very feminine.

    Cheers for now and thanks for your beaut post :D)

  2. Lovely memories there Susan of the May Day celebrations at your school. Gingham skirts! Gosh, remember them .That was a very clever card that you made for Rusty. It's always good to receive something handmade, because it shows the time and love that has been put into it. I adored the Royal Wedding! It was such a fantastic feel-good day, with our whole country seeming to come together. Fabulous!!

  3. Hello Susan!
    Yes, the Maypole was the thing all of us girls looked forward to in the 6th grade. And the nylons!!! We were all wearing flats, to initiate ourselves into junior high and high school. The problem with mine was that there was a little nail that came up thru the bottom of the shoe and that's how my nylons started running, all the way up the front of my foot! Pretty embarrassing for an 11 year old!

    And, my son Rusty. He wanted to do all the piercings-eyebrow, tongue-blah. So I encouraged him to do the tattoos instead. Now, he doesn't think about various piercings, although his ears are pierced, and that's ok! And the tattoos are ok with me. I just can't stand the tongue piercings-I say "don't talk to me!"

    Kate's dress was very nice. The DJ on my radio said it was kind of "retro", and maybe he had it right. The dress was unpretentious and she just looked like ordinary folk, and beautiful. William does appear kind of shy, he is handsome.

    In my office we work hard, but we laugh hard too. Some of the antics are my inspiration for stories to write.

    Thanks for the fun conversation!

  4. Hmm...don't see my comment here...anyway, the May Pole sure brings back memories. And thank you for your kind comments on the birds - they were fun to paint.

  5. Hi Thisisme, MayDay was an important time of year for us schoolgirls. Later, my mom made a solid pink pinafore to wear over the pink and white gingham skirt for a girls glee club concert when I was in 7th grade. We sang the "Do Re Mi" song, and were to dress like little girls with white anklets, etc. Later, when I was a senior in high school, I wore that same outfit in a school play where I played the part of a snotty little girl! And I was excited to have my son on MayDay-even tho it rained!

    Thank you for popping in. The royal wedding was beautiful and appeared to be well organized. The crowd was so excited-they sang and waved their flags. The DJ on my radio station talked about it all morning. He said it was so refreshing to see such an occasion.

  6. Nancy! I think our minds crossed at the pass! Did you get to wind the Maypole? I also got awarded that year for perfect attendance and perfect teeth! It was a big event at our school. By the way, mom sent me an email with some pictures of old aprons! I've only gotten to look at one so far. She said they remind her of my grandmother's aprons, she used to make them out of tow sacks, or gunny sacks, whatever the term. I'll look further and see if I can send them to you.

  7. hey Susan!! FUN post!! i wish we had more rain in bring those may flowers! no, actually...things are blooming...but we DO need the rain. i wouldn't mind a little of your COOLER weather either!

    you know...i don't remember ever doing the maypole thing at school....hmmmmm....i wonder why?? maybe it just wasn't an east coast tradition!??

    Rusty's sure a nice looking guy! Happy Bday to him! LOVE your Kreative Kard!!!! tattoos are a few myself. i agree, at least he doesn't have little holes all over his body!

    yum...haven't tried the pretzel m&m's yet...but will for sure now!

    as far as the royal wedding...didn't care much. they talked about it so much before it came...i just didn't want to hear anymore! but i think i was the minority...who didn't watch it!

    happy cinqo de mayo!! pass the spicy chili!!

    (( latest post didn't make it into google reader AGAIN! so go visit me when u get a chance...suwannee river post!)) :] laura

  8. oh yeah!!!! forgot to say....LOVE your blooming hibiscus!!!! so pretty!!!!! :]

  9. Hey Laura! think you'll try the pretzel m and m's huh? Well, the chili was good-I've gotten better at it since I've been in Texas. My Kansas City chili wasn't all that good, running with grease-blah!

    Thanks for the compliment on Rusty. I'm glad he opted for the tatoos, the one time he listened to me! I can remember his first ear piercing...he was 10, and I really got razzed by other moms! Now, their kids have piercings all over!!!

    And it's been so nice here. But I'm sure it will end. We got almost 3 inches of rain the other nite. OOOH! And 49 degrees in the mornings. Driving with the windows down-don't get to do that much around here.

    So, your "glitch" post showed up on my sidebar, but the "swuanee" sp. post didn't.

    Glad you could stop by-your misspelled signs are the best. I haven't come across any yet!


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