Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Day...much to remember!

Maple Hill Cemetary ~ Kansas City, Kansas

photo by suzanne ~ July 7, 2009

The above photo is at Maple Hill Cemetary in Kansas City, Kansas.  It is where my father, grandmother and grandfather, and an aunt and uncle are buried.  The photo is not meant to sadden anyone, it's just to show how simply beautiful the grounds are presented.

"Our Flag" ~ photo taken by Karo ~ April 11, 2011

"They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this nation."
~Henry Ward Beecher

The observance of Memorial Day pretty much began unofficially in May of 1866 when people started decorating graves of fallen soldiers.  In 1868, General John A. Logan, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army Republic, brought the 'Decorating of the Graves' event to public attention, thus, Memorial Day.  And the date of May 30 was chosen because it was NOT the anniversary of a battle.  In essence, it is a day to honor all Americans whether they served in the military or not.

"Decoration Day" * Chicago, Illinois 1927

 My mother decorates 10 to 12 tables at her Church Senior Luncheons, and always tries to come up with a theme, especially on holidays.  I thought I would help her out for Memorial Day and sent her some sparkly table decor and patriotric ribbon.  Let's hope she will send photos to show! I designed a dozen 'table cards' (6 different designs), which are actually note cards, to stand up on her tables with the decor.  Below is one of them.

The Front of the card
Well, folks, try as I might...I couldn't get the rest of the card on here.  I chose Memorial Day quotes for most of my cards, but for this one, I wrote my own sentiment on the inside.

"We will focus on the joys and laughter
We shared with those we have lost."

 And what do you know...here comes the back of the card, minus the American Flag colors inside the coffee cup!  And I dedicated this card to my brother Stan who passed away March 16, 2007.

My mother received this illustration in an email and forwarded to me...I think it's very nice.

And what's wrong with this picture?

 Well, my dear readers, that's all for now.   I so appreciate you stopping by...please feel free to leave comments, or check my reactions bar below.  You might also like my new blog, "My Texas Gardens".  You can click on 'Ole Maxine' at the top of my sidebar to get there.

 While I'm remembering the loved ones I've lost, I will also remember the loved ones I still have, and celebrate the memories I share with them today.

Please, have a safe Memorial Holiday!

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When you walk through a storm, keep your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark...

This song "You'll Never Walk Alone" is
From Rodgers & Hammerstein musical 'Carousel'


  1. hey there susan!! yep, it's me...trying to play catch-up...so just bare...bear...?? with me, ok?! ha!

    as usual...you have a nice mix of INFO...creativeness...nostalgia...and funny stuff!

    that parade pic with the ONE guy in a w/c standing...is surely a one of a kind shot!!

    and that illustration...says it all!

    will be looking forward to seeing pictures from your mom's luncheon...just keep nagging at her to NOT forget her camera!!

    OH, and i'll stop by your NEW garden blog too!!

    i think you also have a few new side bar thingies...since i've been here...so i'll wander here more too...

    take care susan! have a happy & safe memorial day! have a *magical* weekend!

  2. Hey Laura! Thanks for coming by and saying hello, although, I guess you're not saying much yet,ha! Yeah, love the guy in the w/c-don't know where it came from, but someone sent it to mom. We're just laying low with the grandson this weekend and a brisket! Oh...I guess you can't eat brisket yet, huh? Well, I've missed you and look forward to seeing your next post! Have a great weekend.

  3. A beautiful post Susan. I especially love the sentiment you wrote for the inside of your brother's card.

  4. Susan, thank you for the lovely compliment. Memorial Day can be joyous as well as sentimental. My mom, sister and I miss my brother very much. But I remember so many good and funny things about him-that's the way he would want it.

  5. Maple Hill Cemetetary looks quite beautiful with all those flowers, and look at that painting of The Last Supper in the background! I think it's wonderful how it is kept so well, in honour of all those brave men & women who sacrificed their lives for us.

  6. Hi Thisime.
    This is an old cemetary. It's been there since I was a young girl, and it has gotten so nice over the years. My grandfather and father each served in a war, and are buried in this cemetary. There is an older section, too, which I haven't visited in years. I would like to do that sometime.

    Thank you for coming over and saying hello.

  7. hey susan!! me...here...trying to get back on track...stopped by and was surprised that you had no new post. i hope all is good with you...and i'll be heading over to your other blog shortly!! seeya there!! :]

  8. Laura! You caught me...I have a new post started, and accidentally blinged it on before finishing. So I guess it's just out there! Hope to get it done tonite. But, hey, thanks for stopping by. Always glad to hear from you.


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