Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Sweet Springtime!

Today is the first day of Spring, and it has been a windy, but otherwise pretty day.  I just want to share a few quick pics of mine with you and wish all of my readers a beautiful and flourishing spring!

Snapdragons, Airplane Plant and foliage awaiting Stella D'Oros
March 2006

See how the Honeysuckle engulf this old Crepe Myrtle"
photo by Suzanne * April 2007

And Looky Here! 
Anyone care to dance?

What's around this corner?

"Aw, the gate's do I get home?"

Early this evening, Karo and I were relaxing on our front porch, when Karo spotted this beautiful bird walking through a neighbor's front yard.  A neighbor who lives a couple of blocks over from us raise these birds, along with White Peacocks and Guineas.  From time to time, one or more of these birds manages to get loose and stroll the neighborhood.  We got lucky, ran in the house for two cameras and went to work ourselves.  These are a few of best pics we were able to acquire.  Unfortunately, he didn't spread his tail for us-maybe next time!

This lovely creature is what I believe to be an "Indian Blue Peacock".  It is the National bird of India.  The male Peacock is actually referred to as the Peafowl, best known for its extravagant tail.  The tail is usually displayed as part of the bird's courtship strategy.


Hope you enjoyed the quick spring pics.  All photos were taken by me in my back yard and on the street where The KardKorner is located.  It is now 76 degrees with a mild breeze in Fort Worth.  Thank you for visiting...come back y'all!!!

 Info regarding the Peacock was acquired from Wikipedia

"Spring shows what God can do
with a drab and dirty world."
~Virgil A. Kraft


  1. Beautiful spring photos to life the spirits, and how lovely to see that peacock so close to you! I love the cute little cherub in the first photo. I have several of them dotted around my garden!

  2. Love your pictures! Peacocks are so beautiful! ~ I am also waiting for my Stella D'Oro to bloom. It should, now that the doggies have their own yard! It didn't stand a chance, before! :)

  3. ~ Thisisme, so glad you stopped by. The peacock walked up and down the street parallel to me as I moved, and he would strut for me! We must have taken 50 pictures just to be sure and we did get quite a few good ones. That little cherub is my favorite-I really like red terra cotta unpainted. Have a great week!

    ~Hi Becky! My Stellas will probably be stemming up soon. They need a lot of sun to bloom, and they really multiply! My mother sent them to me in the late 1990's from her yard in Kansas, and they still flourish! Good luck with yours!

  4. Hi Susan!! AAaaahhh...SPRING!! i love all the blooming your garden! i'm sure your garden will be flourishing like that again...REAL soon! we have the honeysuckle...jasmine....wysteria. the sights and scents of spring!! yay!!

    your wadering peacock is a beauty!! wow! i've never seen one of the!

    on your side bar...i always enjoy seeing the NEW changes...that scary april fools cat! HA!! and the cat quotes!! what FUN!!

    and you're telling me i missed National Margarita Day!!?? damn!! i think i'll just have to declare TODAY, March 31st...a make-up day for that yummy margarita! CHEERS!!

    (right now it's storming...raining...much needed...the flowers are smiling...) :]

    have a great day Susan!

  5. Hey Laura-yeah, that Margarita does look good! Who would have thought a WOMAN invented that drink-unheard of in 1948? And the peacock was cool. They also have albino peacocks. They've been thru our yard before, but it's hard to get a photo when they're moving around so much. I've always been a cat person, just don't have one right now. Our last cat died during the fall at the age of 14, so we're still stinging from that. Haven't posted her picture yet. But we've been feeding a stray that goes to the porch of a vacant house across the street for over a year now. So, we kind of have one! We need rain-send some this way. You're right-it makes the flowers smile. I did get some great pics of wysteria from up the street last week. Haven't gotten a chance to post them yet. Thanks for coming by. Will see you soon!

  6. Hi Susan, how idyllic to have peacocks strolling nearby! Beautiful. The iridescence of their feathers is stunning - what a shame they didn't drop one or two for you to souvenir ;-)
    Your Spring flowers make a pretty picture. We're just going into Autumn now - a lovely time of year with the changing colours. Bye for now :D)

  7. The peacocks live a couple of blocks over from us and sometimes a few venture away from their home. They have a nice environment provided by their owners, and they also have white ones. You're right-looked for stray feathers, but he didn't leave me any and they're expensive to buy for arrangements. You're going into autumn? My favorite time of year. Thank you for reading and welcome to my blog Susan!

  8. Hello, Love spring time images. The peacock is beautiful. It is neat to see these walking thru the neighborhood. YAY for Spring! Have a happy day!


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