Friday, October 19, 2012

Kreepy Karma! ...from the KardKorner Krypt!

As we approached the carnival grounds, a sudden, eerie rush of cool air stopped us cold.  We just stood there trying to focus through the dusky haze...trying to make sense of what appeared (or didn't appear) before us.  Connie and I wondered out loud, "Are we at the right place?"  I said, "Okay, okaayy...sure I took a wrong turn from County Road 1300, which sent us reeling south on Buckeye Road, instead of north to Scooter's Pass!"  "But, this IS a carnival site...what you can SEE of it!  This MUST be the place!" Connie exclaimed. "But where are the lights, the music, and screams of laughter from the crowds?"

Just then, a lone tumbleweed brushed past us...a raking sound on the ground, dragging a stream of foggy mist behind it.  "What the...?", I think I choked on that question!  And, Connie tapped my arm, so gently to get my attention to what her eyes were focusing on.  "Look Sarah, there's the ticket booth, and, I think that looming object behind it is the ferris wheel!"  All I could see was an old abandoned ticket booth, and, a dilapidated ferris wheel, no longer operative.  I said, "I'm thinking we should go now, get back to the car and find a 'REAL' Halloween event!"

We turned and started to make our way to the gates, when we heard a low, buzzing sound getting louder and louder, until 'POP'! A glow of colored lights showered above us, startling us to an abrupt hault.  Haha!  It brings to mind a line from  'The Three Stooges' Niagara movie!  "Slowly we turned...step by step, inch by inch, until SUDDENLY-!"

Finding ourselves under the spell of bright-colored lights and the musical sounds of a full-fledged carnival,  we decided to turn back and venture into the midst of this oh, so inviting scenario, as it were.  Still, the grounds were void of the familiar sounds of carnival laughter and silly screams.  However, as we slowly made our way back toward the most talked about feature of 'Scooter's' carnival...the feared and revered 'Haunted House', we heard a low, raspy voice.  The voice seemed to be speaking to us...beckoning us to continue our slow journey into the bowels of the Nightmare Haunted House.  "Come hither, my pretties...welcome!  Do enter, so that you may experience the most fascinating horrors of the world!"  That didn't sound good!!!  But, tho leery, we decided to give it a shot, and, as the doors creaked open, we peered inside only to witness a most disconcerting site!  Yeah, there were people in the room, frolicking around to eerie, spooky music, and dancing with bats and spiders all throughout the establishment.  There were gravestones and gothic crosses, and a dirt floor that sank and oozed large waterbugs beneath our feet.  There was a putrid smell of, what?...rotten eggs and some kind of, well, you know, since there were BATS in the place-I guess they didn't get out much to relieve themselves!

Suddenly, darkness engulfed us, and, once again we heard a voice...NO!  Two voices!  This time the whispering voices were imploring us to leave.

  "Get out!" "You must leave now!  Make haste before you're discovered! There's no time to waste! As the witching hour approaches, you will be caught up in this abyss of eternal unrest!"
"Go nowwww...go nowwww!"

Connie and I were already backing out of the Haunted House as these voices came rushing in.  We did an about face, hooked arms, and, began the long trek in the dark haze, back to the gates, and, hopefully to my trusty '61 Volkswagen awaiting just outside.  I know, I know-"don't look back, you say!" But, I did look back, and the Haunted House had become dark and ghoulish in appearance, no longer the facade of a 'fun' Halloween party place!  And I noticed some movement just outside the door on the old rickety porch of the house.  A ghastly witch-like figure, with long fingers, cloaked in black-smiling and beckoning.  The creature had the same raspy voice as the one who invited us in.  "I can show you excitement, I can show you the world as you never imagined!", the ghoul croaked.
  "Come back my pretties, come back!"

...My Heart Sank! I didn't tell Connie...but, I know she felt it!


...Slowly we turned...all the lights on the carnival grounds had gone out with a BANG!  ...Step by painful step, our legs could barely move-so we weren't running! (no sirree Bob-who's Bob?) ...Inch by inch-Connie and I were literally holding each other up, guiding each other thru the fog, thru the ghostly tumbleweeds scurrying past us.  Every now and then I would hear a faint whisper from Connie's mouth, her head was hanging, her eyes closed for most of the journey, "Sarah, Sarah", she would gasp.  "I'm right here Connie, I'm right here", I tried to reassure her.

I saw a faint glow up ahead...then, getting brighter and brighter!  And, what's that sound?  Why, it's the roar of a small engine!  "Connie, Connie, it's there...and it's waiting for us!  It's guiding the way!"
And, then I saw it...thru the fog and the haze, a sight for sore eyes.  It was my precious little Volkswagen, headlights flashing, urging us on...calling to us!

"Your Chariot Awaits You, Mademoiselles!"

I kept hearing Connie's voice calling to me, pleadingly, and, I'm sure I only closed my eyes for a moment.  When I opened them, there she was, standing across from me, at what appeared to be the foot of a bed.  My bed ? Connie's arms were loaded with Halloween decorations, and, she was calling me urgently.  "Sarah, Sarah, wake up!  We have lots of decorating to do before our Halloween party tonite!"  There was such excitement in her voice, and, I said (what I always say), "What the heck....?" My hair was all sticky and matted,  my nightshirt was soaked (with sweat?), and, I believe I detected a dried substance coming from my mouth, down to my chin (drool, you say?).

Then, it hit me...HARD!
"Connie, Connie!"  I exclaimed. "I can't believe I'm here! I have to tell you what happened last nite!  It was dark, foggy, and scary! Lights would come on...then, go off again.  Eerie voices everywhere, strong and raspy...then soft and whispery!  You wouldn't believe this place..."

Connie's expression softened, she looked me in the eye, and said,
"I believe, Sarah...I was there, and, I'm right here."

yeah, it's me!

Thank you so much for humoring me, by reading my "kind of" spooky, yet fun story.  I hope you enjoyed your visit into the depths of the past. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and, I felt a certain need to ring in the season with a 'TALL TALE'!  My inspiration?  I'll never tell!

A lot of us can remember and relate to the old Carnival grounds in our towns...abandoned and dilapidated.  And, they're only brought back to life in our minds' eyes!

I borrowed all but one of the pictures from Yahoo images, however, I re-invented...that is, in order to  illustrate how my mind envisioned this event, I manipulated the pictures.  I really did have a 1961 Volkswagen, though, and, there is a Buckeye Road, actually somewhere near Coffeyville, Kansas!

* Please be safe, my dear readers...
...don't wander too far from the REAL carnival!  LOL!

I'm taking this moment to thank:
Yahoo images
The State of Kansas
The Three Stooges
'Connie and Sarah' (imaginary characters)
1961 Volkswagens rock!

"We love you Scootie!"