Friday, December 30, 2016

The News is In!


Twas the eve before New Year's Eve, and all through the nation...wait a minute!  Is it going to be a  New Year everywhere?  YES!!!  As a matter of fact there is a web site showing the time left until year 2017 around the world.  It's called
Here we are at the end of a year that brought about so many changes...some good, and, some not so good.  I believe we're going to be a stronger people for it.     

I came across some vintage New Year's Eve party photos to share with you tonight.  Boy, these folks took their New Year's Eve parties seriously!

~New York party celebrations, late 1930's

"Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits!"
~author unknown

~ New York party

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves!"
~ Bill Vaughan (1915-1977) in The Kansas City Star

~ two cuties keeping time 

I came by tonight, with not a lot to say, but with best wishes for the New Year from my heart!

I hope you all will be careful on this New Year's holiday.  Be considerate of others, drive safely, sing and laugh a lot.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please drop in and say hello...I have an open door policy here at the KardKorner.

Thank you:
Yahoo images

~Burning the midnight oil!
photo by Suzanne

Hugs to you all * See you next time


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    I'm back home after a week on the road, but up very early this morning, determined to make the most of the last day of 2016. I know it was a tough year for you and I admire you for remaining in good spirits so much of the time. I also thank you once again for renewing your friendship vow with me in 2016. It's great to have you back, dear Suzanne!

    I just bookmarked that time and date site. It is very useful. I see that the folks in Auckland, New Zealand, have only 15 minutes to go until 2017 arrives.

    When I was young New Year's Eve celebrations were a much bigger deal than they are today, at least in my family. Come to think of it, many things were a bigger deal in the mid 20th century than they are today including the World Series, the Miss America Pageant, and I could go on and on.

    I see that you closed your post with a screencap from the new movie Scootie Potter and the New Year Resolution. :)

    Happy new year to you, my very dear friend. May 2017 be a kinder and gentler year and bring you many blessings. Having you as a friend is truly a blessing to me. God bless you, Suzanne!

    1. Good Morning, Shady! You're up before the early bird, aren't you! It's good to know you're back safe and sound from your trip. It's always fun to get away for a few days, and, even better when you get home to your comfort zone!

      I'm glad you're finding the time and date site useful. I was just fishing around for some New Year's info, and there it was! How great it is to be able to find almost anything you want to know today! Remembering it all is the trick, tho, lol!

      Yes, you're correct-New Year's Eve, among other events, was a grand celebration. I remember what a big deal it was when they would showcase the upcoming new cars on TV. You could say, "I saw the new T-bird on TV last night!

      I agree, my friend, 2016 has been kind of rough on a lot of us, and, I hope we can all move on to more productive and enlightening new chapters in 2017. Wow, that number is scary!

      As for Scootie Potter...well, he's learning so much, and really knows how to put the footwork to a scooter, lol!

      Thank you for coming by Shady! We'll see if you make it to the midnight hour. I've already tuned in to my favorite classic rock station's New Year's Eve countdown. They start early in the morning, playing favorites all day until midnight.

      Have a safe New Year's weekend, Shady! Thank you so much for your friendship! Hats off to a fun blogging 2017! God Bless you and your family! ♫

  2. Dear Suzanne, thank you for your lovely post and for your beautiful good wishes to us.

    Such a sweet photo of your dear Scootie.

    I really value our blog friendship and that we can pick up where we left off.

    May the strength you've had to find this year keep coming and may your New Year bring you contentment, happiness and joy in the most unexpected things.

    Hugs and cheerio till next time. Sue xx

    1. Dear Sue, I'm so glad to see you this morning. Gosh, you've stayed pretty busy with your paintings, and, they are so great! Have you been able to display any of them in art shows yet? I think they would do very well.

      There have been many ups and downs getting through this past year. You know, some days go well, and others don't. Sometimes I try to get too much accomplished at once, and it becomes overwhelming! So, I stop, have coffee and, just let it go. And, I have to tell you, I'm so glad not to be working anymore.

      I, too, value our blog friendship, and I'm so glad we didn't make our absences permanent. I really missed blogging, but just couldn't jump back into it for a while.

      Thank you for coming by Sue, and for your kind wishes. I hope the New Year brings many more great paintings for you. I love seeing photos of your beautiful birds (no stick bugs though, haha). Give MD a hug!

      Hugs to you, see you soon! ♥

    2. Lovely to read your reply, thanks so kindly Suzanne. I appreciate your supportive comments about my paintings too. Yes, I tried a couple of art shows, reluctantly but I didn't want to let the art group down when I was a member. I can't stand the pressure of painting to a deadline. No sales, but we were told beforehand not to expect any as there's so much competition. Oh gosh, I was real glad when it was over. I truly just enjoy making my paintings into cards for family and friends. That's where I get the biggest enjoyment. I run a mile away from anything that creates pressure or anxiety!

      Speaking of cardmaking, have you done any lately Suzanne? I know you loved to do them when we first met as blogfriends. In fact, I just went back into your "My Stuff" page to see if there'd been any new additions. Life does take over of course I realise that. Perhaps this year?

      Cheerio for now, it's getting dark as I type and we're waiting to see if our chookie visitor will jump up to it's "perch" on our verandah again tonight! She's hanging around, so fingers crossed. Hugs xx

    3. I kind of know how you feel about the pressure and deadlines for presentations. You brought back an old memory-I was unanimously elected president of the Psychology club when I was a Sophomore in college. Mind you, I was actually 30 years old. I didn't even go to the meetings before, and had no idea of how to run a club-it was so stressful! I managed to bow out gracefully after a couple of meetings. I was so glad to get away from that.

      I still make cards, but, have focused a lot on decorated bookmarks these past couple of years. I design them myself and I have given them as gifts. My mother loves to give them to her friends at the church, and has also given them to the sisters and priests! I made a booklet of Christmas customs with Christmas carols to go along, and mom passed out copies, about 50, to the Senior club at her church for their program. They would read one story, and a pianist would play the Christmas song to go with that custom. So, I didn't get any Christmas cards made this year. I've seen some of your cards from your paintings, they are so cool!

      I should probably get a move on. It's so nice to chat with you! I've had plenty of birds come around the feeders this winter, but can't get any of them to stop and pose for me, haha! One day, I will catch one! Have a great day, Sue. Hugs ♥

    4. Good on you for making the decision to bow out of that running a club situation. Wish I'd learnt that much earlier in life... nothing wrong at all in being true to yourself and how you feel inside :D)
      I like the idea of decorated bookmarks, they'd be a memorable gift indeed. It's a real joy to be able to share things around like that - no other reason other than knowing its going to brighten someone's life. Your mother would be so proud too. You've been really busy too making that booklet for the Senior club. That's lovely.
      Well, between us we've extended the comments right into the new year eh!!
      Really beaut chatting to you Suzanne. Hugs and continue to enjoy your freedom of retirement. Sue xoxo

    5. Thank you for your good vote, Sue! I did place a photo of some of my bookmarks on my side bar, and should add a few new things to my 'stuff' page, haha! You are correct in saying, we commented right into the new year, and, I've enjoyed it! It just feels so good to be back and chatting with friends from all over. Have a wonderful week, Sue. ♥

  3. Hi Suzanne. Sorry I'm a bit late. Happy New Year to you. I hope it will be healthy and peaceful for you. What a cute pic of Little Scooter. Eli loves a cuddly toy to go to bed with as well. So sweet! Loved the vintage pics and the funny little sayings.

    1. Hi Thisisme, I'm glad to see you anytime! I hope it's not too cool across the pond, neck scarves are a must at this time of year. It gets pretty windy in Texas during the winter and I've learned to enjoy a hooded coat, along with gloves and a scarf.

      I really like looking at the vintage photos of New Year's parties, and, watching the old movies on TV. It seems like in the 1930's and 40's, they sure did party a lot, and stay up late into the wee hours of the morning.

      Thank you for stopping in, Thisisme. I bought that little cuddly dog for Scooter when he was just born. I try to keep it cleaned up for him. His 2 month photo was taken with this little dog, and, it was funny when he figured out that it is the same dog he has now! Take care, and enjoy your walks, Thisisme. See you soon! ♥

  4. Hello, I am late with my New Year's wishes. I can never stay awake for the ball to drop. I do wish you all the best in 2017. A happy and healthy New Year. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!


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