Sunday, July 28, 2019

August...The Beginning of The End!

I heard someone ask, "What kind of title is this?  "The Beginning of the End" 
 And, what is so special about August?

*  Well, I'm here to tell you! the way, thanks for stopping by!  I hope your summer has been great!  Here in The Lone Star State of Texas, we've had ups and downs in temperatures!  Thank goodness we have only had a couple of 100+ temps, and I want it to stay that way!  There has even been rain to keep everyone's plants and gardens thriving!  Some of us have had moderate rain days, and others have had some devastating downpours, and brutal tornadoes!

This photo was taken by the staff of the Houston Chronicle during the rescue of a homeless man on June 24, 2019.
* acquired from Yahoo *
* Houston, TX Fire Dept. high water rescue team saves homeless man from Brays Bayou
caused by recent storms *

At the close of each year in the US and many other countries, it is customary in December to plan for the up and coming new year.  Some of us make resolutions, vowing to make serious changes in our lives, such as losing weight, or furthering our education...some kind of change that will render our new year more profitable and personally satisfying.

Then we celebrate!🍸

For me, it's August.  That sultry, middle of the year month!  In my mind's eye, August is the turning point for new beginnings and thoughts of transitions into a new year!

In most countries, August brings forth a new school session, and parents are preparing for a change in time schedules, purchasing supplies, and updating school uniforms and attire.  Growing up in 1950's and 1960's, our Fall school term began a day or two after the Labor Day holiday.  Today, our schools are back in session by the 3rd week in August!
*  Who remembers the hustle and bustle of getting supplies for school?  I certainly do! 

* photo by Suzanne

In late July and early August, my Pecan trees are loading up with some good looking Pecans readying themselves for yummy pies at Christmas...that is, if the squirrels don't get them first!  I don't believe in hurting squirrels, or denying them their winter vittles, but the little dickens got all of my pecans from this tree last year, and planted them, or rather stashed them for their winter food!

* My Pecan Trees * photos by Suzanne

***  August is the beginning of the end of public swimming pools and 
summer water parks for the year!

* Darn...and my grandson just learned how to swim!

* photo by Suzanne

*and Summer baseball is coming to a close *

* photo acquired from Yahoo images * Thanks!

However, August is NOT the "beginning of the end" of the almighty Mosquito!
These pests will be in residence well into mid-October! UGH!

* photo from Yahoo images *

August is my "high hopes" month.  High hopes for a positive pathway into a beautiful and colorful Autumn...and, high hopes for good will and happiness to all.

In other words:
* I know we are tired of all of the political jeers and bashings that go on!
* The destruction of our planet, and danger of extinction to our precious wildlife caused by insensitive littering, needs to stop!
* How about the brutal killings, putting our children and adults in danger at schools and churches?
* These are only a few drops into the problem bucket!

Tell you what...let August lead the way to a more productive Autumn and winter. Let us participate in promoting good will and safety for all!

Bring it on, August...we're ready for you!

Thank you:
Yahoo Images
Houston Chronicle
You Tube
My handsome Grandson
* My lead image is from Yahoo images. I added the fireflies from my computer *

***  Thank you so much dear readers for stopping by...please say hello if you have the time.  I appreciate your visits and comments.  Don't forget to check a reaction at the bottom of my post so I will know you came by.

***  I would like to leave you with Norah Jones and her beautiful performance of the classic "Summertime".

Please have a safe and happy August.  Live, Laugh and be Thankful!
And, don't forget to Love! 💖

My saving Grace!

* Photo by Suzanne


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    It's been a long time since last we heard from the Kard Korner Krib lady. It's good to see a post from you, dear friend!

    I like your concept of designating the month of August as a time to make resolutions, changes and adjustments and to formulate plans for the next twelve month period.

    It's great to see pictures of Scootie learning how to swim and preparing for a new year of school. Like you, I have memories of school starting just after Labor Day. The first or second week was always pleasantly interrupted by Student Day at the York Interstate Fair when we could play hooky without consequence and attend the annual exhibition, getting through the gate with free passes supplied by the school.

    Those pecan trees of yours are beautiful, Suzanne! Surely there must be a way of preventing squirrels from stealing the yield without harming the critters or poisoning the trees and nuts. I have seen and read about products laced with fox urine or wolf urine, granules that you can sprinkle around or sprays that you can apply to keep unwanted animals off your property and out of your garden. They are available at Lowe's, Home Depot and Western feed stores.

    Your post is timely. Just last night I read that Florida is now threatened by the deadly EEE virus (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) carried by mosquitoes. Chicken were found to be infected in nearly Orange County which includes Orlando. Your post is also timely because there has been another mass shooting, this time at a food festival in Northern California. I have heard the experts say we only have eleven more years to enact sweeping changes to at least slow down the process of global warming before it is too late and irreversible damage is done to the planet. The situation is dire, yet our leaders are in denial, hiding their heads in the sand and hoping the problem will simply go away. Species of wildlife are being rendered extinct and few people seem to care. We used to be a caring people back when you and I were young. We have lost so much along the way.

    On a brighter note, a musical note, I loved the rendition of "Summertime" played and sung by Norah Jones. It reminded me that in August of 1966 Billy Stewart's version of the old song was racing up the chart on its way to a top 10 finish at the end of the month and the first week of September.

    Here in Florida we know that the months of August and September are the peak of the hurricane season. If we can make it through the next 10 weeks unscathed, we will be in good shape and able to turn our attention to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and enjoy the cooler weather of late fall and winter. August in Florida is indeed the beginning of the end... if only the very beginning.

    Thank you for a very interesting post, dear friend Suzanne. I hope Scootie's school preparations are underway and going well, and I wish him a safe and productive school year. Take care and have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Shady! I think we're in for a stifling one today, at already 91 degrees! Some sort of critter hit my dining room window as I typed your name. Don't know if it was a large butterfly, or a small bird. Nonetheless, it was able to recoup and move on.

      I love Billy Stewart's "Summertime". Only he could pull that one off with his fun rendition! There are many recordings of this song, and all are so worthy of recognition. Norah Jones version is so nice also, with her beautiful piano accompaniment.

      August has always been a special month to me, because there is so much to think about. I love the feeling of Autumn creeping in, and count the days for cooler weather. And, back to school was such a big deal! I still feel the anticipation, even after all these years! I loved looking at the new text books, and notebooks. Mom always got us a few new dresses, and shirts for my brother. We didn't go to the state fair when I was in school. It wasn't close by. But when I hit Texas, I was more aware of the State Fair and have gone a few times. I wish I was younger, I would love to take Scootie at least one time. The drive is horrendous, and parking is difficult. I would require help from a few younger adults to accompany us. Maybe he will get to go sometime later in his school years. In Texas, I believe the students are granted a "hooky" day as you were so they could go to the fair!

      I agree with you Shady. If we can get through the next 10 weeks, without major interruptions from nature and hate crimes, it may be smooth sailing throughout the remainder of 2019. I will re-pledge to help keep the environment safe and clutter-free.
      And, I must try to find a way to keep those pesky squirrels from getting my pecans! I don't mind sharing, but, hey!

      Thank you so much for coming by Shady, and for your great and positive comments. I think there has been conflict before on which state, Florida or Texas, has the largest mosquitoes! I bet it's a toss up! Have a have a great week, dear friend! ♫

  2. Dear Suzanne, how uplifting to read your beautiful post of goodwill and hope for the coming seasons.
    It may be a 'head in the sand' reaction but, sometimes to days, I don't look at The News. I turn to my painting or blogging - I like that as an alternative.
    Your photos of Scootie are beautiful. Yes, I too remember the thrill of getting school items together. Paper covers to be put on each book and a little chunk of wood taken out at the top of each pencil so that my name could be written on it! More modern methods once our children came along of course but ... back in the day.
    Thank you for that beautiful video at the start of your blog and also of Norah Jones. I have a CD of her gorgeous dreamy songs, she has the sweetest voice doesn't she.
    Take care and enjoy the coming months. I hope the squirrels leave enough pecans for you this year ;D) Looking at your photos, there's surely plenty for all.
    Cheerio and big hugs 💖 xx

    1. Hello Sue. I do remember the paper covers to put on our school books. The school always supplied them, or you could make your own. I didn't know that about taking a chunk out of the top of a pencil to write your name on it. That's a fun idea.

      Like you, I don't pay attention to the news constantly, I just pick up pieces along the way. It is so sad to see animals suffering for the selfishness and carelessness of humans, and, I too, have to turn my head. I especially ignore the political sarcasms, and I am glad I can't offer arguments over issues! If I know something, I keep it to myself, haha!

      Norah Jones is so lovely and dreamy as you say. I like to watch her as she sings and plays piano. And, I know there are plenty of pecans to go around, I don't know how those squirrels got so many. I can't reach them, but I'll have to get a pecan shaker that reaches upwards and grabs the branches to shake. I just want enough for a few pies!

      Thank you so much for coming by Sue, and for your sweet comments. I enjoy your paintings and your gardens. Take care, and hugs to you! ♥ xx


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