Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Looking Back...just a little!

~ photo by Suzanne, November 27, 2019

Haha!  Not a pretty picture, huh?  But, oh...the fragrance!  It's my little cinnamon pot, and now is the time to get those sweet, holiday fragrances seeping.  Don't you just love the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas?  And, nothing's better than brewing your own favorites!

Welcome dear readers!  I bet you thought I was gone...I've always been here, just very busy this year!  Now, the year is almost gone and we begin to reflect on years past, and plan for the upcoming new year.

~Photo by Suzanne

Autumn has come, and is faring quite well, here in the Lone Star State.  Halloween came and went we are on to the major annual Holidays!

A stroll through our neighborhood park a few days ago, netted a sighting or two of mistletoe making an appearance in acknowledgement of the upcoming " Christmas kissing" season!

~photo by Suzanne

I believe we are well on our way to getting through this 'odd numbered' year, and on to 2020!   

~ courtesy of Yahoo images

"This is a New Year,
A new beginning.
And, things will change."
~Taylor Swift

As I was looking back, I came across a sweet memory of my grandson, singing his ABC's and being so proud of his accomplishment!  I, of course, am always the proud Grandmother!

This little video was made by me in November of 2013.

"I look back on my life like a good day's work.  It was done, and I am satisfied with it."
~ Grandma Moses

My thoughts an prayers go out to all who are in need of shelter and food during this holiday season.  There are donation centers all over the cities, where we can give food, clothing and funds if we can. 

Thank you so much for coming by...please stop in and say hello, if you have the time.  All are welcome.

I would also like to take the time to wish a dear blogging friend of mine a "belated",
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Shady Del Knight from "Shady's Place".  You can find Shady's blog on my sidebar, and believe me you will be in for a great treat of very cool music and memories!

~ yahoo images

And, NOW...I must be going.  Got a little bit of baking to do before the night's end!  Please come again, and say hello!

From my family to yours...everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday..., laugh, and be safe!

~ photo by Grandma Suzanne

Looking back just a little! 💗
See you next time!


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    It's been quite a while since you reported in from the Kard Korner Krib, dear friend. It's great to see this blog come to life in time for the holidays!

    I believe in aromatherapy, and I will be sure to mention your cinnamon pot to Mrs. Shady. (I think I smelled it when I went out for a walk yesterday. :) A year ago when Mrs. S went with me to an eye exam (I couldn't drive home because my pupils were dilated) the doctor's office had such a wonderful fragrance that I was compelled to ask the receptionist what it was. She pointed to a plug-in air freshener with some kind of cherry scent that I absolutely loved. It put me in a great mood. Unfortunately, when I asked Mrs. Shady if we could get it for our home, she said "no" because it gave her a headache. Oh well. :)

    I am a little surprised that I haven't seen any Christmas lights on houses yet this year. I'm sure they will come on today or tomorrow. The Christmas commercials have been running on TV ever since Halloween ended.

    "This is a New Year,
    A new beginning.
    And, things will change."
    ~Taylor Swift

    I surely hope they do!

    That certainly was a sweet memory captured on video when Scootie was learning his ABCs in 2013. I'm sure he is thankful for all the time and attention you have given him over the years, all you have taught him and the fine example you have set. I am inspired by the Grandma Moses quote. Satisfaction comes at the end of a good day's work, and blessed are they who can view the end of their lives as such.

    Thank you very much for the mention and birthday greeting, dear Suzanne. Now that the calendar says I am 70, I am more determined than ever to keep a mental age of 17 (possibly even 7) and to eat right and exercise even harder in an effort to stay fit and trim. Life doesn't get any easier. We need go get tougher.

    This week I am in another city with family for the holidays and using a borrowed laptop. Last evening Mrs. Shady and I hosted a dinner for ten family members. This morning we will hit the road again and travel to Mrs. Shady's daughter's house in yet another part of the state. We will have dinner with them and return home this evening.

    God bless Scootie displaying his colorful turkey drawing. It looks like the NBC peacock! :)

    As the 20-teens come to an end and 2020 nears, I want you to know (as I am sure you do) how thankful I am to have you as a great and faithful friend most of the past decade. I wish many bessings for you and Scootie in the 2020s, and I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving 2019, dear friend Suzanne!

    1. Hi Shady-Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so glad you came by, and what a day you have had in your travels. Scootie and I traveled to Karo's brother's and family's home in Paradise, Texas for the day, and made it back home a little while ago safely. I have a trusty new GPS to help me maneuver the country roads. It was very good to see them, as Scootie was sick last year and we stayed home.

      I love aromatherapy. I have seen the little misting machines, but haven't bought one. I especially like rosemary, thyme and lemon scents. But, most of the time I will put a few cinnamon sticks in my little pan with water and let it seep on the stove.

      We had drizzly cool weather today, but I hope to start a little decorating for Christmas before week's end. I don't usually start so early, but I think Shawn can help me put some stuff out. We've seen a few nicely decorated homes already!

      I hope you and Mrs. Shady made it home safely and can get some rest...I feel some very busy holidays coming on, ugh! And, I think 2020 will prove to be vehlly intelesting! Haha!

      Thank you again, dear friend and Birthday boy for your sweet comment and for taking the time to stop by! Take care! ♫

  2. Hi there Suzanne and how delightful to see your post!
    Its nice to look back a little - photos are a precious way of doing that.
    I love the idea of cinnamon and spices pot on the stove - and can certainly conjure up all those sweet aromas.
    I was asked by a blogging friend as to whether we celebrate Thanksgiving over here... well, no, its not part of our tradition, howevever, the concept of being thankful for all that we are lucky enough to have, the lovely people who come into our lives is very close in our hearts.
    I've often thought of you over this year and appreciate that, even when you have busy times, you still find the time to pop in to say hello. It always brings a smile and thank you for being such a beautiful blog-friend xx
    Such an adorable video of Scootie singing his ABCs! What a precious moment.
    Lovely to read you were able to have a nice catch-up with family over the holiday.
    Cheers to you and yours and all the very best. Hugs xx

    1. Hi Sue, and Happy December! The year has gone by too fast! I, too, wondered if you celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia. And, as you say,the concept of being thankful for all we are blessed with, is in our hearts daily. Scootie and I were able to spend Thanksgiving Day with my husband's Karo's family. They live in another town so we don't get to see them often. It was a very good day, and I was happy to see them.

      I cook cinnamon on my stove in the winter, it makes me feel warm. Also, this year I tried a few lemon slices, fresh rosemary, and a few drops of vanilla extract in my little pan. I got that idea from the internet, and it smells very fresh and good. I love the smell of rosemary, and have a bush of it outside.

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Sue. I missed your "Wrapping up November" post, but I am jumping over to see your goodies for December. I'm guessing you are having warm weather right about now, and we have cooled down a bit over here. Have a wonderful week,dear friend! Hugs ♥


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