Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Search of The Great Pumpkin

Every year at Halloween Linus is determined to find The Great Pumpkin.  He searches for the most flourishing pumpkin patch he can find in hopes that The Great Pumpkin will fly over and drop toys and candy.  And he begs his friends to keep vigil with him promising them that they will receive more toys and candy than they could hope to receive by knocking on doors for "tricks-or-treats". 

Charlie Brown FINALLY gets invited to a Halloween party and he isn't about to give up his special nite to sit in a pumpkin patch with "loser" Linus waiting for what all the kids say is a figment of Linus' imaginationAnd not wanting to waste his time any further, Charlie Brown dons his 5-holed ghost costume and sets out for "tricks-or-treats" with his friends.


So, poor, faithful Linus trudges on to his pumpkin patch, and comes across Sally Brown along the way.  He finally persuades Sally to sit with him in the pumpkin patch to wait for the almighty Great Pumpkin.  You see, this is Sally's first year to do "tricks or treats" and she is reluctant, but is in love with Linus and agrees to sit with him and wait.

"Sally, The Great Pumpkin will find our pumpkin patch to be the most "sincere".  He will rise up and shower us with toys."

Eventually, a shadowy figure appears and is moving slowly through the pumpkin's getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER UNTIL FINALLY!!!

Well, Linus is so excited he faints!  And Sally screams BLAAGGH!  It's only my dog Snoopy!  I've been cheated!  I missed "tricks or treats"-I missed candy and fun with my friends for this!  "Tricks or Treats" comes only once a year, and I missed it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead!"  I want restitution!

"Happy Halloween from The Pumpkin Patch!"

Me and my Great Pumpkin!  Photo taken by my sister in 1968.

I'm probably about 20 years old here in Kansas where I grew up.  My mom had this fold-out pumpkin thing that she put over a lamp during Halloween and when the lamp was turned on the pumpkin would light up in orange.  It's kind of funny, huh?  This pumpkin was so great, he was partially cut from the photo!  My sister and I were playing around with my little Polaroid "Swinger" camera.  You had to smear some stuff  from a tube (looked like what we now know as glue sticks) on to the picture to set it.  The photos would always kind of roll up, so you had to be careful and try to keep them flat.  This photo is quite old.  And hey, my hair looks pretty good-I used to put it up in curls by myself!  Now, I can hardly get my arms up that high-not really...just kidding!   And look at those dining chairs!  I remember the vinyl upholstery used for dinette chairs.  We liked them, back then, of course.  Well, we had fun halloweens, but instead of searching for "The Great Pumpkin", we were searching for a way into THIS!

Story coming to this blog VERRY SOON!!!  Keeping you posted at the KardKorner!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your "Great Pumpkin" story! Love the picture of you!! And I am anxiously waiting to hear the story about the Haunted House!!!! Your posts always get me thinking and now, I'll have to blog about MY "Great Pumpkin" experience! :)

  2. Thanks Becky! Even tho I'm older, I always loved Charlie Brown specials too! I had a Snoopy watch in the late 1960's, and you know, like a fool I don't have it now! I almost always keep my watches, and I've looked, but cannot find it, DUH! Halloween is great!!!


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