Friday, November 19, 2010

Are We Really Closed For Winter? in my mind's eye...

photo taken by Suzanne November 17, 2010

Every day, along my 6 mile trek into downtown Fort Worth, I pass by this cute little yellow snow cone stand.  I think it just opened up this past spring because I don't remember seeing it here after 12 years of driving this route daily.  And you know, I haven't stopped in to check out their wares either, even tho I have always loved snow cones.  I guess I'm just too anxious to keep truckin' and get home after a long day's work.  But oh!  What a treat an ice cold cherry or rootbeer snow cone would be on a hot summer's day!

Then, sometime in late September, I noticed that the tiny establishment no longer had cars parked around, or customers walking by and stopping at the window for some kind of cool delight.  Does this mean the little stand is already closed for winter, or is it possible that it's closed permanently?  Every afternoon I look for signs of life and laughter as I pass by.  There is a "closed" sign in the little window-so maybe it's scheduled to re-open sometime in the spring.  Looking over at the empty parking lot that encircles the stand, I feel a small frown coming to my face, and I lower my eyes slightly as if I know someone may see the disappointment on my face.  So what does that make me?  Keeper of the stand?  The Snow Cone police? 

YES IT DOES!  And I've decided to do something about it.  I will bring this place back to it's summer heyday!  Sometimes our mind's eye shows us how things could and should be.  I will recreate this scene the way I perceive it to be.  And my journeys to and from work will be enlightened as I turn that corner and pass by MY snow cone stand!

kreated at kardkorner headquarters

Mind's eye:  the human ability for visualization; for the experiencing of visual mental imagery.

"Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind's eye, and you will be drawn toward it"
Napoleon Hill quotes (American author)

At 10:05 pm, it is 54 degrees in Fort Worth, Texas

Sleep tight, my dear readers!


  1. What a fun talent you have there!! Do you do this for your work, also?

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the pansy, Susan.

    My mom lived in Ft Worth for 12 yr; she was a dorm mother at TCU back in the day.

  2. Oh wow! What a great post!! I laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw the picture that you created!! LOVE IT!! -- How did you do that, by the way??

    This little building reminds me of one that was near our house in Atlanta. It was fun to take my girls there for a treat once a week or so!

    Where I live now, there is a lady that is using a Van as a Snow Cone Shop! She has apparently rented 3 parking spaces in a shopping area. She has a little white fence around the other two parking spots, and has placed 2 or 3 small tables with umbrellas. It's quite inviting!

  3. Thank you Nancy-it is fun. Much to my dismay I don't do this for work. But I did work for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City at the plant for over 5 years before moving to Texas and also in Dallas at "The Drawing Board". I didn't do any design, other than for letterheads and business cards (didn't know I could). But, you know, one Christmas season I did get to help set the type to print Clint Eastwood's Christmas cards (and I kept one)-it was in the late 1960's. I would like to have my own shop some day. Thank you for becoming a follower. I always enjoy your artwork!

    Hi Becky, thanks for the compliments. Yeah, I still see snow cone stands around, but this one is so cute-just like a little house! I moved the original photo into one of my greeting card programs and added the have to figure out how to place it right. And then I actually had to print the picture because the greeting card program won't let me take it into my documents or my pictures. So, then I scanned it into Picassa web albums which lets me put it on my blog. Can be quite a process-but the REWARDS! Thank you, once again Becky, for giving me a blog award.

  4. You are MORE than welcome, my "sweet" friend! :)

  5. that's great susan!!!!

    i love how you took something...that you see every day...and then creatively turned it into something your mind's eye sees it!! your own snow cone shop!! what FUN!!!! :]

  6. Thanks Laura, that little shop has been bugging me for a couple of months now. But I promise-when it reopens in the spring, I will stop in and taste their wares. And, I really liked your title, "Sunday's Shuffle". You're good at mix and match!


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