Sunday, November 7, 2010

KardKornerKrib...this is where I-uh...can I have a do-over?

photo by suzanne on november 6, 2010

I don't even know where it all got started...I mean, I was given an old IBM computer somewhere in 2003 or 2004 that was obsolete and stripped of anything and everything.  I had never owned a computer other than the Tandy computer that you hooked up to a TV.  But my job required computer work-just data entry, and that I could do.  So my brother, who was a computer and electronic nut, came to visit and put a bunch of stuff into it and gave me an attrocious scanner!  I told him my wish was to create my own greeting cards-I needed some art!  I didn't have internet-embarrassingly enough, I didn't even know what internet was.  I had done a lot of work with word processing, so I knew I could design letterheads, business forms, etc.  But that wasn't good enough.  My brother did install a photoshop program, a great learning tool that enabled me to scan my own photos and work with them.  The scanner was also a printer and my husband and I started taking old negatives and reversing them, thus creating the original photos.  This was pretty cool, because Karo had no idea what the photos were, other than they were from his family years ago.

Well, the on/off button eventually fell off the old computer and we had to stick a Q-tip inside and wiggle it to turn it on.  We didn't have a lot of extra money-couldn't just go out and buy a new computer, nor did I have any idea what kind I would buy.  But, finally, after we had gotten a tax refund,  my husband said it was time to upgrade, so I could do what I desired to do.  Of course, I had to purchase a couple of greeting card and photo programs, and then learn how to use them!  But, I was on my way.  And I haven't bought a greeting card, stationery, business cards, invitations since-well, and all kinds of things that I've designed and printed.  I even make stuff for my office at work.  I make my own Christmas gift tags, and I even made a stand-up menu with name cards for our table at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.  I've made flyers and menus for my mom's herb group-and now she is on that bandwagon, and at 84 years young, she is creating and printing her own stuff!  "You go, Mom Girl!"  I swear, mom can still run circles around me!  We had taken our large dining table that seats 10 out of our already small dining room and bought a 4-seater dinette set, and then took in the corner of the dining room to set me up.  That old desk was given to me in 1972 bought from a garage sale for $10.00-I never got rid of was a blonde color.  We stripped it and stained it-then my husband rebuilt the desktop and made the hutch for the top with shelves so I could display some of my favorite things and a few books for inspiration.  And I love it!

I always like to put something personal on the back of my cards-I try to put something "snappy" like, "Kickin up Dust" from me to you , or "from the skeletal archives" of my spooky world, etc.  So I had to come up with a name for myself, other than Suzanne, Susan, Sparrow, Sewer, or BerryPie!  So, KardKorner it is...I do inhabit a corner, and I do make cards-but since I like the letter "K", having always liked Kris Kristofferson's name,  I converted (konverted) from C to K.    Actually, the Krib at the end of my blog title is because I had to add something else as I was kreating my blog-and I like it too!  

I don't know about you, my readers, but I enjoyed sleeping in this morning...9:15am, oh, but no!  It was only 8:15am!  Yes!  I didn't oversleep afterall!  And the nites are getting kooler and kooler!  So says the "kreep" from "KardKornerKrib".

Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset sky.
~Rabindranath Tagore

au revoir, mes amies!


  1. hey SUSAN!! i like your 'corner'!! love that desk...the repainted stain color is nice! are those the original drawer handles?? they don't make desks like that anymore!! or if they do...they'd prob be VERY expensive! and you sure can't even get a USED one for 10 bucks!!

    funny how we get started on stuff...hobbies...that turn into a fun past time....a business...or just something we enjoy doing...and sharing!

    your mom sounds like a fun person! and you!

    i know what you mean about the 'K''s...instead of the usual 'C'...looks cool and the 'KKKKKKkkk" sounds just kinda stick in your head as it rolls out the mouth!

    like your quote too!! stay KOOL...and keep kreating! :] ((sewer???!!!))

  2. Hi Laura-thanks for the compliments. You're right about desks. We couldn't find one to fit the space that was affordable. I thought I was going to retire this one after 40 years, but it turned out much better. The original handles were square, but we just couldn't refurbish them, so we picked the smaller round ceramic ones. I think I learned a lot more from my mom than I knew years ago. She was always doing table arrangements and used fresh foliage instead of artificial stuff and we helped a lot. But, like me, she has trouble drawing too! And she always says, "Do what you know best!" Oh, and "sewer"-well, some boy in 3rd or 4th grade started calling me that as a nickname. Of course, the name caught on and ran rampant in my class-finally faded off later in the year. I guess I just had to twist the knife, so to speak. Once in a while...Oh, but I try not to be too cynical! So good to hear from you, Laura!

  3. those handles look old in the picture...i thought they prob were the original did good when u replaced them!! a perfect match!!
    lucky for you...having such an encouraging...supportive mom...she sure sounds great!!
    and as for your 'sewer' name...i bet you were sooo thankful when it finally ran its course...KIDS!! :\

    i always enjoy your's fun to make me laugh! seeya!! :]

  4. Well, the handles are a pale cream color with faded looking grayish flowers on them. I like cermic knobs because you can clean them easier. Thanks for such great compliments! But it's people like you who add to the encouragement.
    ...and yeah, we go on to bigger and better names later, HaH! have the best quotes on your blog! they always go with your subjects.

  5. Hi there - it was real nice reading about your blog beginnings.
    Love your Korner too, looks like a nice spot to do your kards etc. By the sounds of it, you've really gotten into that side of things too.
    Enjoyed your post, thanks :D)

  6. Hey Susan! I am so surprised you found this post. It's a nice corner with 2 large windows that look out into the backyard. We never used it for large dining, so we decided to put my stuff in it. My husband also has a corner in our music room. Thank you for coming back to see where I 'kreate kaos'!


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