Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lost in Thought? Or Wishful Thinking!

Our Grandson Shawn * April 1, 2011
photo by Suzanne

Oh, how I long for a cool Autumn day,
For watching the birds and squirrels at play.
To find a place to sit, and not make a sound...
Then a look see of what's on the ground.
~penned by Suzanne

And here's what I found! A root in the ground and a few berries laying 'round!
I pointed it out to Mamaw, and then to her camera...
so she took this photo for me.
photo by Suzanne * April 1, 2011

Shawn * April 1, 2011

Thank you for visiting.  It is currently 95 degrees in Fort Worth, Texas at 12:30 PM! 
 Have a glorious Sunday!

My Thanks to:
The 'Incomparable' Shawn
Yahoo Images

Pondering Thoughts from

"Can your face actually freeze while making ugly faces?"


  1. A beautiful poem and post Susan. I love how Shawn asked for you to take a picture - 'Shawn's Choice'. Sounds like he's going to take after you with your camera and lively interest in life.
    Hope you feel some coolth soon :D)

  2. Susan, I'm glad you like my poem. It came to mind last nite when I went to bed. And I wanted to make it fit with Shawn's quiet, thoughtful looking expression. He has become quite interested in photos, and enjoys watching slide shows of himself. Yes, we're still anxious for cooler weather, but try not to count the days until then. Your water photos were so refreshing! Have a glorious week!

  3. Hi Susan. What a lovely little poem, and your little grandson is just too cute for words! I love his hat and those little trousers! Great shot of him in reflective mood. We are blessed indeed my friend.

  4. Hi Thisisme! It was a chilly day for April, and we told Shawn he had to keep the hat on, so it got messed up. But what a photo! They are such precious gifts, aren't they? I'm glad you enjoyed my poem...thank you for stopping by. I'll be off to your 'wordless wednesday'!

  5. susan!! shawn is just sooooo cute!! and so is your poem!! fits perfectly!!
    he sounds a lot like me...entertained by such!! :) just like a little kid...i am...
    he's lucky to have you as his 'mawmaw'...because i think that others might not take the time to get a picture of a root!!

    i've made a lot of stupid & ridiulous faces in my life...and fortunately, my face never got stuck...uh...or did it?!!

    OH, and your corn cob picture on sidebar is great!! that's how i feel...outside right i'm popping!

    have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Laura, yes, we may just have a little nature boy-he does really like to look at your blog a lot. We look at it on Saturdays when he visits. So, now he is interested in bugs, and roots. He tried to dig that root up. Thank you for the compliments-sometimes photos can give great incentive for writing.

    Haha! I used to wonder about my face freezing too when I made idiotic faces. Used to stretch my mouth sideways to look like a turtle-it would make the sides of my neck flatten out. I don't do that anymore! Yeah, I thought the corn cob cartoon was pretty good...makes a lot of sense. It's sticky everywhere I guess. And we're trying to conserve on electricity, but we did get our dog to spend some time in her air conditioned shed now, and I think it's helping her get through. So glad you stopped by...pop, pop, pop!

  7. I love this picture and the poem fits great. I feel blessed to have Shawn in my life, he is a great kid, I couldnt have asked for a cuter, smarter lil honey. Thank you for being a wonderfull grandmother. ♥ Shawn and Tisa

  8. * Hi Tisa! Shawn is all that you said, and more! I'm glad you liked the poem. This picture certainly told a story. He takes the cutest pictures! Thank you for the great compliment to a grandma! His pawpaw and I love him so much! And, he's funny too-makes us laugh!


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