Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Wanes, and Ghouls Are Stirring!

photo by suzanne * November 11, 2010
Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

Well, it's late September, my dear readers, and the state of Texas is still suffering with temperatures in the 90's!  Nothing in the Fort Worth area looks like the above picture yet!!! No red and yellow leaves...just dead trees, flowers, and shrubs.  Yet, us Fort Worthians carry on, knowing, that at some point we'll get to experience a cool breeze on an autumn day.  And, we'll marvel at 'whatever' leaves may turn crimson...if I could just hold one in my hand!!!  All of the local merchants are busy preparing us for...

Of late, I've been feeling an undercurrent of stirrings, and low moanings in my 'mind's eye'.  And I think I've been able to re-create these musings and put them out there- for YOUR look into my 'mind's eye'.

A couple of weeks ago I took some flicks of an ugly deadish, blackish tree far back in our yard.  Karo has tried to cut this tree's so hard, you can't cut it, or put a saw to it.  Well, I'm going to show you this dead tree, and then, what I did to save the tree!

photo by Suzanne * 09-10-11
The leaves you see are just from other small trees around.  See how the branches are crookedy and weird?

my photo
How's this?  Not pretty, huh?  Well, I had to get rid of all signs of green, (for once, I don't need green foliage) converted it into a pencil drawing, and added some cloudwork, that actually looks like fog!

Then, I went snooping around on and I found this guy, which kind of fancied what was in my 'mind's eye'.    And, I thought, just maybe, I could use it.  Thanks, yahoo!

With a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, I managed to re-shade my photo as closely as I could to match the bluish tones of the internet picture.  And how did I put the two together?  BEATS ME!

But lets look at the finished product!
kardkorner kreation by suzanne

We now have a watercolor photo of my tree with the 'headless horseman'
darting out from, what looks like the center of the tree into the darkness.  The fog is lightened by the faint glow of the moon above, and the branches of the tree are all-enveloping as this creature heads for the vast abyss of time.

Yikes!  Is THIS my tree?  Nope-but close!

THIS is my tree!!!  An eerie likeness, you think?
  photo by Suzanne * September 10, 2011

Why it's Johnny Depp!!!  In MY tree?'s "The Tree of The Dead" from 1999's Sleepy Hollow.

From regarding " Sleepy Hollow" 1999 
"He rode a gaint black steed named Daredevil . He was infamous for riding his horse hard into battle . Chopping off heads at a full gallop . He filed his teeth down , to add to the ferocity of his appearance . This butcher , didn't finally meet his end until the winter of '76 . Not far from here in our western woods......... They cut off his head with his own sword . Even today the western woods is a strange place whee brave men will not venture . For what was planted in the ground that day :Was a seed of evil . And so it has been for twenty years , but now the hessiam awakes . He is on the rampage : Cutting off heads wherever he finds them ."

I'm not sure, but I think this quote had some misspellings, and grammar situations.
  Maybe it was meant to be written this way.

This was fun, and I have a few more up my sleeve.  Thank you for stopping by...please say hello if you get a chance.  I welcome all comments, and/or, you can check your reactions underneath the comment section if you like.  Fort Worth is at a cool 88° right now- and 68° in 'my mind's' eye!

ThankYou Yahoo
ThankYou Google
ThankYou Johnny Depp
ThankYou Johnny Appleseed * illustration by Ron Borresen
And ThankYou for the other above-mentioned sites!

Monday, September 26, 2011
Johnny Appleseed Day!
Illustration by Ron Borresen!

***  Please note, the Johnny Appleseed  illustration was acquired from Yahoo images, (where all
images are public),  and,
I have not claimed it as my own! ***

"It was not that Adam ate the apple for the apple's sake,
 but because it was forbidden.
 It would have been better for us--oh infinitely better for us--
--if the serpent had been forbidden."

- Mark Twain's Notebook


  1. Oh Susan - you knocked me out with this post!
    You transformed your tree impressively. What a great imagination you've got.

    (I've quite a soft spot for Johnny Depp. Loved him especially in Edward Scissorhands).

    You're still getting hot weather over there. May those beautiful Autumn leaves appear soon :D)

  2. Great card!! You are a talented gal.

    Sorry you are still suffering from the heat. Just is not fair that Texas and OK have had such horrible times this year. Maybe the fall will bring some rain?

  3. Hi there. I can see that you have had great fun playing around with that tree. The effect is really good. I loved your tree! Can't believe it's still 90 degrees over there! Eeek! That is hot! Hope it cools down for you very soon.

  4. * Susan, Thank you so much for your compliments. I love working with photos, as did my father and brother. It's a fun hobby, and, I, too, am fond of Johnny Depp. I'm sure his "Sleepy Hollow" movie will come back this Halloween, and I will be watching. He's a handsome and fascinating man. We did make the temperature into the 90's again today, but it is cooling down more at nite-can't wait. It was 65° this morning...I drove to work with my window down-so nice! It was wonderful hearing from you...have a great day!

    * Hi Nancy, It's so good to hear from you. And, thank you. We all have artistic talents, sometimes they're hidden, just begging to get out! I do have fun with photos.
    Texas and Oklahoma really did get it bad this summer. There has been rain in the area, we got a few drops over the weekend, but not much. It will come though. Thank you again, and best wishes to you and your family.

    * Thisisme! Good to see you up and about! You like my tree, huh? I knew it must be good for something! And, several different views make it look like there's more than one. Yes, we're ready for some fall weather around here. I'm so glad you came by and thank you for your compliments. Take care and have a good week.

  5. It's me again! I just had to come over to let you know that I had seen this Susan leaving a comment on my last couple of posts, so I thought I would pop over to see who it was, and it was YOU! You've changed your profile photo, and it really confused me. I'm glad it was an old friend after all! Hee Hee!

  6. susan!! looks like you have a famous tree!!
    i love what your creative mind has done with it!!
    i guess that's why it can't be cut WANTS to be dressed up for the coming holiday!
    oooooh...spooky favorite time of year!!

    ((so sorry you're still suffering through the heat...i hope it gets wet...and cool....soon!!!)) xxoo

  7. * Thisisme-hello again! Yes, it's me, trying to change things up a bit, but I got that hair cut last week...6 1/2 inches! Now I'm back to my up above the shoulder look. It's easier. Didn't have enough hair to donate to cancer patients-they required at least 8 inches. I'm glad you came back to investigate gracious lady!

    * think the tree may have some signifigance? The skulls look like they were made for that tree! It was perfect. The hot temps are ghouling down some now-maybe we can do some wandering! Loved your deer photo. Have a great weekend. Thanks for your comments and HELLO!

  8. Please cease and desist from using Ron Borresen's Johnny Appleseed illustration.

    1. Thank you 'Unknown' for your comment. Yahoo images are made public for all to see and utilize. I give credit where credit is due. My photos are mine, and, I make note that the photos are taken by me, but, I know they are shared with the public, I did not at any time claim the Johnny Appleseed illustration as my own. Thank you Ron Borresen for your brilliant illustration!


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