Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Is Ageless...I Guarantee It!

Just Having a Look at Some of the Kids in My Life From Halloweens Past!

OH!  Here's One Now!
Yep!  It's me...Ms. Hallowetta herself!
My son Rusty took this picture of me, oh, I guess in 1989.  I was about to take him and a few of his friends 'trick-or-treating', and decided to put on a new face myself! 

Please join me if you like, whilst I go back in time, in some instances, 20+ years, and remember the cute and funny kids I've had the pleasure of sharing
 Halloween with.

And Shawn says, "C'mon Mammaw...I'll light the way!"
photo by Suzanne * October 31, 2010

"Winnie The Pooh and Tigger"

 These two lovelies are our Granddaughters Mary and Madison who live in Bridgeport, Texas.  Would you believe it, they are now ages 13 and 11!

"Pooh and Tigger" dance it up!

These young Thugs are from the neighborhood.  Actually, they're pretty good guys!  And, two of them are now married with children!
Here we have 3 cousins...George, Edward and Rudy!  Halloween 1995
photo by Suzanne
Check out the witch I made-I know, she's just a bit deformed! haha!

Ohhh, Look!  Two Disney Princesses-Mary and Madison

photo by Suzanne Halloween 2001

And Get a load of these two!
A Purrr-fect match, I'd say! 
My son, Rusty and his cousin Missy * Halloween 1986
ages 7 and 9

A HOBO lighting a stogie from a lantern?  Oh, it's just Rusty in 1987.
(it's not a real stogie!)

A round clown?
Rusty * Halloween 1988
The Swashbuckler Tot!
This photo was created by Shawn's mom, Latisa

Who? and What?  I'm guessing 'Rambo' and his karate trainer!
Actually, it's Rusty and Brett Payne in 1985
Hey Brett!!! Are you watching?  Brett is now a chiropractor!

My great niece Chloe * a pink Tigress?
October 2009 * Chloe is now 2 years old!
We'll see what she chooses to be this year!

Shawn admires a pretty 'trick or treater'...OOH  LA LA!
photo by Suzanne * Halloween 2010

And in the end, it's all about the CANDY!
Shawn inspecting and arranging his treats
photo by Suzanne * Halloween 2010

Shawn had turned 2 years old only 5 days before Halloween...and he already knew the tricks of the trade!  He inspected and categorized his candy on his own!  I was flabbergasted!  No one has to teach these kids what to do with their haul!  Amazing!

So, my dear readers, we have some of the fun moments with my Halloween kids!  And, some have grown into fun Halloween adults and parents!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and please say hello if you have the time.  Or, you can leave a reaction by just clicking on one at the bottom of this post.  I know, I know---I don't have a reactions choice of "Don't Like"!  And, just a reminder, Please, Please, help your children have a safe and fun Halloween.  Our streets get pretty crowded on Halloween night, and we worry about the traffic, but the drivers are very good about driving slowly and with caution in our neighborhood!  And we appreciate that!

And, now, I must leave you with this:

I did borrow the witch from yahoo images, (thankyou Yahoo)
The collage and poem are
KardKorner Kreations * October 2011

MY witch's brew is a hot cup of JAVA!


  1. Those look like really fun times. I have been going through old picture albums, and you have given me the push to put some of the photos on my blog in the future.

    Glad Texas is getting some rain, finally! My brother called on his way home to OkCity yesterday and said it was really coming down in Ft. Worth!

  2. RAIN!?? you're getting RAIN!!?? yay!! i hope you get A LOT!!

    ok...on with my comments...hey! what a FUN time we had back in the day...huh??!! i love all your old pic's and memories...
    i remember my justin & travis (who are now 27 & 29!!!!) used to like to dress up as mummies, zombies, hobo...
    i haven't lived in a 'neighborhood' for a very long's been YEARS since we had any kids even DO THAT anymore?? i just figured nowadays they probably only go to houses of people they know. not like it used to be...when we didn't stop til we had a BAGFUL!!!!
    we used to do that collect for UNICEF too...did you?? have a safe & happy HALLOWEENIE!!
    one week before the 31st, i paint my nails black...i'm already wearing a halloween shirt every day! i get in the spirit as soon as oct 1st rolls around!

    happy day susan!! :)

  3. *Nancy, I still enjoy watching little 'trick or treaters'. What a fun time of year. Yes, we got over 3 inches of rain and again Tuesday nite and Wednesday. Still kind of muggy tho. So good to hear from you. And I love your crochet stained glass jewels.

    * Hey Laura-YAY rain! We did 'trick or treat' for Unicef. And they also came to our door. I don't know if they still do that today. Well, we are in a neighborhood and these kids are serious about Halloween. We will sometimes get 10-15 kids at one time on our porch! One little girl said, "You better bring the whole bowl lady, there's a bunch of us." And it's hard to get pics-guess I'll try again this year. Have fun-will be watching for more ghouls on your blog!


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