Thursday, September 22, 2011


When Karo and I first started dating in the spring of 1996, he would have me over for 'dinner and a movie' on Friday nites.  He had asked me if I like Kluski-"who? what?"  I had never heard of it.  He had acquired the recipe from the mother of an old friend years ago, and would fix it from time to time.  So, one nite he fixed it for me, and I just LOVE it!  And, it has become a favorite (even to little Shawn) in our household ever since.

While looking online at the various recipes for 'Kluski", aka 'Kluski z Kapusta', I found that there are quite a few variations.  This was a Christmas Eve dish for the Polish who abstained from eating meat on Christmas Eve.  So, on that day, the bacon, or Kielbasa was eliminated from the 'Kluski'.  'Kluski' is actually the noodle made from potatoes, but, in today's simple version it is 'ok' to use packaged noodles.  In the early 1980's I used to fix a pot of cabbage, and add kielbasa, and I called it "my poor man's stew".  During that time, cabbage was so cheap, and kielbasa was also inexpensive.  I knew nothing of  'kluski', or I would have added noodles to make the dish go farther-see?  I was so close without knowing it!  And Karo's recipe calls for ground beef, but, you can use anything that may be handy for the meat.  Now, we're considering adding stewed tomatoes to our 'kluski', which I think would be very good.  So, if you get a hankerin' for something different, and you like cabbage, give 'Kluski' a shot!  Maybe you've already fixed it, and have a version of your own!

Here is a closer look at Karo's pot of 'Kluski"
photo taken by Suzanne in November 2010 

"Uhh...Shawn, what gives here?"
"Oh, Gramma, I'm just trying to pick out a pan
for PawPaw's Kluski!"

And-by the way, Karo and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary September 20, 2011 with WHAT ELSE?  "KLUSKI" and cornbread muffins!


As you know, here in the US, Autumn is to begin on September 23, 2011.  HO! HO!  Last year, Autumn in Texas began around the middle of November.  Then, went straight into ice storms and snow a few weeks later!  And, then moved on!  So, we'll patiently wait for the red and yellow leaves that will appear SOMEWHERE, and, I, as always, will be on the hunt for them.

Here is a photo I FINALLY got last year on November 14, 2010 of an autumn scene on our street.

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"Oh Autumn, you've been on my mind...
And everyone else's too, I find.
As soon as you show, I'll be first to know...
And, just maybe I'll shout HELLO!"
penned by me~


  1. Hi Susan, first of all HAPPY ANNIVERSAY !! Yay!! Wishing a lifetime of happiness ahead for you two rockers!

    Thanks for sharing the Kluski recipe. We like cabbage, and all the ingredients are what we'd have over here.

    Oh, seeing your darling Shawn amongst the pots and pans brings back memories of our littlies doing just that. Doesn't cost much to keep them amused does it!

    Your Autumn poem is lovely too Susan. You're a lady of many talents :D)

  2. * Hi Susan,thank you for the congrats on our anniversary. We ran around shopping today and out to lunch. I've had a few days off work, so it's been great.

    We love cabbage...sometimes I just stirfry it in butter and worchestershire sauce with a little water for a side dish. You know, you're right about the little ones. Shawn had more fun with those pots and pans. And his dad would do the same thing when he was that age. I should have posted a picture of him playing with the pans, too, 30 years ago...I have so many photos where the two have done the same things!

    So glad you stopped by, and thank you for your sweet compliments.

  3. HaPPy AnniVeRsarY susan AND karo!!

    that pot of kluski looks very much like a dish i make...same ingredients too...and here i thought i just made it i learn it actually has a NAME!! :)
    i love cabbage...and i stir fry A LOT!!

    did you give shawn...uh...something to play on those pots with? drumsticks? (the wooden kind...not the chicken kind...)

    C'MON AUTUMN!!!! :) xxoo

  4. * Hey Laura! So you're a Kluski fan too! I'm with you. I just made it because I love cabbage and if you throw some meat or sausage in, it goes farther. Who Knew?

    Yeah, we usually give Shawn some wooden spoons, and actually we save the plastic coffee containers for him. They make good drums. Thanks for stopping by and for the congratulations on our anniversary! Have a great and cool week. It is trying to cool down here now-we're down to the high 80's.


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