Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Sweet Springtime!

Today is the first day of Spring, and it has been a windy, but otherwise pretty day.  I just want to share a few quick pics of mine with you and wish all of my readers a beautiful and flourishing spring!

Snapdragons, Airplane Plant and foliage awaiting Stella D'Oros
March 2006

See how the Honeysuckle engulf this old Crepe Myrtle"
photo by Suzanne * April 2007

And Looky Here! 
Anyone care to dance?

What's around this corner?

"Aw, the gate's do I get home?"

Early this evening, Karo and I were relaxing on our front porch, when Karo spotted this beautiful bird walking through a neighbor's front yard.  A neighbor who lives a couple of blocks over from us raise these birds, along with White Peacocks and Guineas.  From time to time, one or more of these birds manages to get loose and stroll the neighborhood.  We got lucky, ran in the house for two cameras and went to work ourselves.  These are a few of best pics we were able to acquire.  Unfortunately, he didn't spread his tail for us-maybe next time!

This lovely creature is what I believe to be an "Indian Blue Peacock".  It is the National bird of India.  The male Peacock is actually referred to as the Peafowl, best known for its extravagant tail.  The tail is usually displayed as part of the bird's courtship strategy.


Hope you enjoyed the quick spring pics.  All photos were taken by me in my back yard and on the street where The KardKorner is located.  It is now 76 degrees with a mild breeze in Fort Worth.  Thank you for visiting...come back y'all!!!

 Info regarding the Peacock was acquired from Wikipedia

"Spring shows what God can do
with a drab and dirty world."
~Virgil A. Kraft

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Favorite Leprechaun Presents Awards!

My Grandson Shawn at 4 months old...
Photo taken by Karo on February 28, 2009

With St. Patrick's day just around the corner, I thought this picture would be appropriate, since it is one of my favorites, and Shawn is dressed for the occasion.  I like this picture so much, I have one on my desk and I look at it every day, and smile.  He was so heavy at that time, I could hardly hold him up-and HE thought it was funny!  However, I've been told that Shawn, aka Scooter, will probably hate me later for taking this picture.  But I think he'll laugh instead, AGAIN!

Shawn is joining me at this time to talk about, and present a few awards of my own.  I know that some bloggers don't like awards, and I'm pretty shy about receiving them myself.  My awards won't require any acknowledgement unless you choose to do so.  I have received a few awards for blogging, and it's time I shed some shyness, so I can show my appreciation, respect and overall enjoyment of a few of the blogs I frequent.  I will begin with an award I recently received on February 1, 2011.  One of my favorite blogmates, Becky at gave me this award.  I understand that it can be passed on and I have just such a blogmate to whom this award fits.

Nancy McCarroll
Nancy McCarroll  is one of my favorite blogmates who resides in Colorado.  I read her blog frequently but don't always get the chance to say something.  I know-"Hi" would be good!  Nancy's blog is clearly a blog with "substance" right down to how to choose the type of pencil for your drawing!  She is a wonderful artist and displays beautiful floral and landscaping paintings on her blog.  One of her paintings that really moved me was Nancy's August 3, 2010 post titled My Father's "First Home and My First Home"-one and the same.  She painted a very soft portrait of this home and included a story from her father about the home.  It's a lovely picture and after I saw it, I continued to visit her blog just to see more of her talent.  Nancy also shares arts and crafts ideas, knitting projects, crocheting,  and recipes.  Nancy and her husband are animal lovers.  They have the cutest dog named Libby, who recently auditioned for a "barking" spot on a local radio show and she placed a sample of her little dog's bark in a post-it was really neat!

Nancy is a compassionate woman, who is an advocate for breast cancer, and other illnesses that affect families every year.  She did attend high school in Stephenville, Texas and her mother was a dorm mom at one of our colleges here in Texas, so she is familiar with the Fort Worth area, very close to where I live.  So, HI Nancy!  Hope you are doing well.  I really enjoy your blog!
You can find Nancy's link on my sidebar of blogs I read-truly, a "Blog of Substance"!

Grandma!  Who's next?
 Shawn * December 21, 2010
Ok Shawn, here we go!
  Next, we have a young lady whom I've spoken of several times before.  

Becky, I hope you don't mind-I borrowed your picture to design this award for you!  Becky is just what her blog implies-"Just Being Me-Becky".  She lives in Georgia and is a pre-school teacher.  And it sounds like to me that her tiny students love her dearly.  Becky writes frequently on her blog about everyday happenings around town and in her life.   She shares great photos of the events and outings she attends.  At Christmas, she attended a party and got some lovely pictures of the home where the party was hosted.  Becky loves to experiment with her own home by decorating with "cents".  And she does great tablescapes with great finds by shopping for bargains!  Becky and her beautiful family spend a lot of time with friends and relatives camping and fixing yummy food.   Her thoughts are unpredictable (I mean this in a good way!), and you never know what to expect from one post to the next.  For example, I suppose my favorite post of Becky's, (because I have mentioned it before on my blog, and have talked about it to my co-workers) is her October 16, 2010 post titled, "Dust Bunnies-Friends or Foe".  This is a most hilarious post, and also very informative, and, then, hilarious again!  I laughed, and I learned from this post.  Becky has even helped me figure out some things to put on my blog.  When I ask her how she put an item on her blog, she sends me back a friendly answer and instructions right away-sometimes it takes me a while to turn the light on tho!  Becky's link to her blog is on my sidebar (thank you Google for the sidebar post lists). 
Becky, this award comes to you with gratitude and hugs!!!

Shawn? * SHAWN!!! * The envelope, PLEASE!!!

 Shawn * March 4, 2011 * Photo by Karo

One more award before I go.  As most of you know, I like to put a fun survey on my sidebar from time to time.  Most of the time NO ONE votes!!!  Lately, tho, I do get one or two votes.  I make up the surveys myself-sometimes, Karo gives me the ideas.  The source of the votes is not revealed, so I don't know who votes unless you tell me.  One such lady did!

Laura, I know you're not fond of awards, but I just couldn't help myself!

Laura lives in Florida.  She is a massage therapist, oh-not just any massage therapist, but works with the elderly and the handicapped.  She also attends and participates in continuing education seminars and workshops in order to expand her knowledge, enabling her to provide the best service she can.
Laura is an artist of nature...I believe that "Mother Nature" handpicked Laura and dubbed her "Nature's Child"!  This lady can walk across any field (just cut her loose) and come back with a camera load of the best and unusual nature photos, and a bag of bones!  Some of her photos include:  beautiful owls, fox, woodpeckers and other birds, right in her back yard, all kinds of tiny critters, such as lizards, lovely butterflies, grasshoppers, and, YIKES-worms, snakes and spiders!  She, her husband, and their coolest cat, Milo, go camping and come back with exquisite photos of sunsets, waterfalls, and very artistic pieces of wood from tree stumps.  Laura photos lots of fungi and mushrooms too!  Her blog also reveals her talent of turning animal bones into jewelry, home decor and hanging art.  Laura doesn't kill the animals-she just collects the bones that she wanders across, and reconstructs them into modern design with an Indian flare. She turns bottles into beautiful pieces, like sun catchers, and incorporates leaves, feathers, and dried flowers into her designs.  Laura candidly quotes the likes of Henry David Thoreau, Winnie the Pooh, and my favorite Mark Twain!  I can't really decide on my favorite post of Laura's, but to mention a few great ones:  "yard critters and passing MOO'S"-Oct. 3, 2010,  "a woodpecker kind of day"-Nov. 9, 2010, and "a spelling freak"-Jan. 12, 2011.  This award is presented to Laura for being a good sport about voting on my survey and actually telling me!

Laura, you can accept this award quietly-or MAKE A LOT OF NOISE!!!

"Who Said" Survey Results!
Now, about my "who said" survey.  The poll closed Saturday nite at 10:30pm, before Daylight Savings time.  I've left it on my sidebar tho, for reference.  The survey received 3 votes: 1 for Clint Eastwood, and 2 for John Wayne.  I could have considered Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis myself-it sounds like something either one could have said in some of their movies.  I really can't imagine Sean Connery saying that-since he very seldom got hurt in any of his films.  And Stallone?  Well, he never would have admitted to any pain or broken bones in his films.  The correct answer, of course, was John Wayne in "The Cowboys" when he was confronted by Bruce Dern, and did beat the H... out of him!  Thank you all for your participation-I love it!  And, believe me-there will be more.

I want to acknowledge a very good friend of mine and co-worker on her Birthday.  Cindy Rogers has worked in the Branch Services/Operations Dept. of our firm with me for almost 2 years.  She previously worked for our company in California, moved to Brady, Texas-and finally escaped the "quiet town" life for the excitement of  "cowtown" Fort Worth.  She came to our office 3+ years ago, and eventually joined me, jumped in with both feet, and we "rock and roll" our way thru each day.  Cindy is younger than I, (I won't reveal her age), but old enough to share the same likes in music, old movies, how to make roux, and apply "bling".  She raised 2 boys-one just got married a couple of weeks ago.  Cindy is a "go-get-'em" lady, and we work well together.  Aside from her eight hour day at work, she volunteers in the community.  Cindy coaches a special Olympics basketball team, and is very well liked by her team players.  When asked to describe herself, Cindy simply says, "FLUFFY"!

Happy Birthday Cindy!
March 17, whenever!

OtherMarch 17th Birthdays include:
"Shemp" Howard of The Three Stooges * born March 17, 1895
John Sebastian * singer and songwriter * born March 17, 1944
Kurt Russell * actor * born March 17, 1951
Rob Lowe * actor * born March 17, 1964

Once again, I am extremely thankful to my readers and faithful followers.   Please stop by anytime and say hello-AND THAT ALSO GOES FOR NEW READERS!  And I want to express my sympathy and sadness to the people of Japan for the tragedy they have experienced these past few days.  My heart goes out to these people and prayers for speedy relief and recovery. 
"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot,
and the wind blows cold:
when it is summer in the light,
and winter in the shade."
~Charles Dickens

"Happy St. Patrick's Day from The KardKorner!"

Thank You Google
Thank You Yahoo
And Thank You my Sweetie Shawn!

"It's been a Hard Day's Night Grandma!"
Shawn * October 2009 * photo by Grandpa Trammell
Shawn was about to celebrate his 1st birthday!

"I make serious coffee-so strong, it wakes up the neighbors!"