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Lost in Thought? Or Wishful Thinking!

Our Grandson Shawn * April 1, 2011
photo by Suzanne

Oh, how I long for a cool Autumn day,
For watching the birds and squirrels at play.
To find a place to sit, and not make a sound...
Then a look see of what's on the ground.
~penned by Suzanne

And here's what I found! A root in the ground and a few berries laying 'round!
I pointed it out to Mamaw, and then to her camera...
so she took this photo for me.
photo by Suzanne * April 1, 2011

Shawn * April 1, 2011

Thank you for visiting.  It is currently 95 degrees in Fort Worth, Texas at 12:30 PM! 
 Have a glorious Sunday!

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"Can your face actually freeze while making ugly faces?"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bright Lights for My Birthday Boy!

photo taken for the Bridgeport, Texas Index Newspaper
"Karo and The Cons' * Fall 1965

This photo was taken for the newspaper in Bridgeport, TX in 1965 during a Western Day celebration in the city.  The residents were encourged to dress in their own version of western style for the event.  At Karo's high school, one of the activities for the celebration was a school assembly where the students were invited to display their talents.  Karo had the three piece band above, and they were pretty well known in Bridgeport.  The guy in the center of the photo is my cool husband, Karo, singing lead.  C.M. Cash is to your left, who played lead guitar.  Sadly, C.M. was killed in an auto accident in the late 1980's.  And to your right is Dwayne Dale, who still keeps in touch with Karo and comes by from time to time to jam and reminisce.  Karo really wanted to become a rock and roll star...he did sing country songs too.  His favorite artist growing up, was, and still is, Elvis! 

I know, the first time Karo sang for me, I was totally shocked and blown away.  I wasn't expecting to hear such a strong voice to come from this little guy-he doesn't even need a microphone!  And his voice does boast an Elvis-like style!  He knows at least 98% of Elvis' songs, and we have many CD's and DVD's.  On Karo's birthdays, and on Elvis' birthday, we watch Elvis movies, some of which are concert DVD's.  I have become more of an Elvis fan just since Karo and I have been together.  What a man!  Haha-well...I mean both of them!

Hey! Elvis-what's up?
"Just stopped by to say Hello, and wish your cool hubby a Happy Birthday!"
Elvis photo from Yahoo Images

Karo began playing guitar at the age of 9.  He and some of his friend's would stop by an older boy's home after school and take guitar lessons.  During that time he also played in his church band.  And, of course, sometimes before church services, when they were warming up,  he and his friends couldn't refrain from cutting loose with some rock and roll-much to the disapproval of some of the church members!  But, respectfully, they didn't cut up during the church services!  He continued to play, and he and some of his friends formed a band, and would play at various functions at school, and within the city.  Karo still plays his guitar-he picks it up everyday at least for a few songs, and I never get tired of hearing him play and sing.

In Karo's senior year of high school, he was voted the most talented guy, along with classmate Karen Bryant, who was voted most talented female.  Quite an honor!

Bridgeport, Texas high school yearbook 1966-67
Karo and schoolmate Karen voted most talented.

Well, time goes on, and in 1981, Karo built a dance club on the property behind his home.  He built the large building himself and his young son Chad would help when he could.  He even designed and made burgundy velvet theater curtains for his stage.  Karo named the club "KC's Danceland".  He couldn't afford all of the licensing expenses to serve drinks, or become a private club, considering Bridgeport was in a dry county .  So it was a B.Y.O.B. establishment.  He would hire dance bands to play on weekends, and would always step up on the stage he built and join in on the playing and singing.  But, with Bridgeport being a small town, his club didn't draw the crowds he had hoped for.  Most of the clientele would go into the city to socialize and dance.  Well, some folks will wander where they will not be recognized...if you know what I mean.  Within the year, Karo was financially strapped and had to close his club down.  But he didn't give up singing and playing his guitar.  He eventually moved to Fort Worth where we met in 1991.  And he always took his guitar to parties to entertain his friends, who looked forward to hearing him sing. 

Well, I played a little piano, and sang in several groups during my high school years.  So, we already had music in common.  But I was so shy, and had never played piano in front of anyone before, other than my family and my son.  Karo helped me through some of that shyness.  We started playing and singing together.  After we got married, we decided to sell my piano and I purchased an electronic keyboard that also houses various other intrumental voices.  And,  Karo got some inexpensive recording equipment so we could record our stuff.  It is hard work if you're going to make it sound decent.  On some of our songs, it took 25 or more takes to get it right.  But we've had a lot of fun and have learned from each other. 

In honor and celebration of Karo's Birthday which is Thursday, July 21st, I would like to share one of our songs with you.  All instruments are played by us (no karaoke!).  Karo sings lead vocals, and both of us sing backup.  He is on guitar, and I play the accompanying instruments.  I know we're not pros, but what fun we've had putting it together!  I hope you enjoy! 


"If I stand still while I'm singing, I'm a dead man."
~Elvis Presley

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Schoolgirl From India 'Fesses' up to Mischief 72 Years Later!

'Telling a Story' * staged by Suzanne and Karo *
actually, this photo was shot in our bedroom
photo by suzanne 03/27/11

A few months ago, on March 20, 2011, I posted "Welcome Sweet Springtime" on my blog.  My mother saw it, and marveled at the photos of the Peacock I had captured as he strolled and danced through our neighborhood.  It brought back fond AND fun memories of her childhood, as the Peacock is the National Bird of India, and mom's favorite bird.  She wrote to me the following story of a mischievous event in her childhood.  I believe this to have happened somewhere in 1938, in India when mom was about 12 or 13 years old.

*** MOM-You Have The Floor! ***

Mom says:
"Am anxious to see your peacock pictures.  I always wanted to keep one, but they are so noisy...suppose it's like the rooster crowing, only their sound is more raucous, is that a word?  You need to have a large enclosed yard, and still they can fly out.  Brings back memories of when, as kids, we were returning home from school one day, and sneaked into a Government House where these peacocks hung out." 

Government House, CO11
I believe this one was in Calcutta (today's Raj Bhavan)
"just to show what they looked like"
Gate on side toward Dalhousie Square

 "Yeah, it is hilarious now when I think about it.  Government House was an enclosed, walled area, stretching for blocks of a street.  Our school, Loreto Convent, in Lucknow, India, was right across from it, divided by a main street that let into the British Cantonments.  There were gates that we could open and sneak in, and I CAN"T believe that we actually found THE NEST! 
Peafowl Eggs

"One of my hobbies was to collect nests...I had quite a collection of various bird nests, some, that I would show at school.  I just had to have some Pea eggs, tho, so I could have some of these birds to raise.  Yes, Mums would have put them under one of her hens if I could just get them home....AND-without getting caught and into trouble for 'trespassing'!"

"The guy who worked as our gardner was sent to accompany us girls home from school, and he always wore those full, voluminous pants.  My plan was to get the eggs, and have him put them in his large pockets to get them home.  Well, I found the nest, stole the eggs, ran through the gates, and made the servant put them into his pant pocket, and, oh, Suzanne, if only I had a picture to send you!  When we got onto our bikes, he threw that leg over the crossbar, and YIKES!  THE EGGS BROKE!  Hmmm, I guess he put them into the wrong leg pocket...alas! The damage was done! I think he would have strangled me if it weren't for the fact that we were on a main street!"

Not a happy camper!

Now, in my 'mind's eye', I can picture Mom and her sisters and friends running thru the gates, hollering, "I got the eggs!!!  Let's GO!  Put them in your pocket-and off we go!"

***  HEY!!! You kids!!! Where are you going with my eggs? ***

"I guess this means I won't be getting my peacock afterall!"

A sticky ride home, ya think?

"He didn't work for us very long, don't think Daddy liked his attitude...hehe!  Seems like I was always getting him involved in my "bird nest capers", tho, and I'm quite certain he cursed me...but not in English.  I did teach him the English alphabet, and he picked up fast on the English reading."

 " can imagine the broken egg running down his leg! What a sight!" 

I can't imagine my mom up to such mischief, and she said, "I didn't realize I was such a trouble-maker".  When my sister, brother and I were younger, mom would never had told us such a story of her own shenanigans.  We got into enough of our own.  I guess she feels safe telling it now that I'm older-no fear of me pulling any pranks at this stage of my life.  So mom, thank you for sharing this exciting tale in your life...I really got a kick out of this story, and many laughs!

My mother will be 85 years old July 8, 2011-just a couple of days away!  And I know she probably has more stories to tell.  My plan is to squeeze some of them out of her-I think she was quite an inventive girl, and I KNOW she's quite the inventive woman!

Happy Birthday Mom!

"Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible."
- Marion C. Garretty

So there we have it, my dear readers...a true story from years ago, and Birthday Greetings.  Here are a few more July Birthdays:

* Nelson Rockefeller * July 8, 1908
* My Dad * July 11, 1922/June 4, 1983
* Tab Hunter * July 11, 1931
* My Husband Karo * July 21, 1949
* Ernest Hemingway * July 21, 1899/July 2, 1961
* Karo's son Chad * July 26, 1970
* Mick Jagger * July 26, 1943

Thank you my gracious and youthful readers for taking time to stop by.  I always welcome ALL readers of ALL ages to visit, and tell me what you think!  And a Happy Birthday to all with birthday's in July from The KardKorner!  

Thank You!
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My Dear Mom

"Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened!"
 ~ Cora Harvey Armstrong

"What? NO EGGS???"

Friday, July 1, 2011

"Those Were the Days"...Have a Safe Independence Weekend!

July 4th Fireworks Village Car Scene Animated Gif Animation

I just stopped by to wish all of my readers a safe and FUN July 4th for this year of 2011And I hope you enjoy the lovely animation I chose for the occasion, (providing it works!).  Really...those were the days!  And, you know, I don't think it was as hot in the 1950's and 60's as it is now, or am I just an old 'fuddy duddy' now?  I have fond memories of July 4ths past, cooking hamburgers out on the grill and waiting for the right time to shoot fireworks.  It was also my brother Stan's birthday, so we had a dual celebration-even more fun! There would be an old coke cooler with a block of ice in it and a large green watermelon chilling.  And later, my dad would crank up the ice cream maker, and churn that nice cool dessert...mmmm!   Of course, my brother only wanted firecrackers and bottle rockets for his birthday, but one year he did get a coon skin hat like Davy Crockett (Stan was a great fan of Davy Crockett).  We would always sing the "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier" song and I remember singing it on his birthday one year while we waited patiently for the WORD that we could start shooting firecrackers! 
 Yes...those were the days!

And, now, for a bit of SURVEY business.  I had a hard enough time putting that survey on my sidebar this time.  And the gadget function was malfunctioned-it wouldn't let me choose a close date.  But I think it's been there long enough.  We had 6 voters!!!  The most voters ever on one of my surveys!  So let's see...

Who said "Up your nose with a rubber hose"?

Choice #1:  Pee-Wee Herman
1 vote

Choice #2:  Henry "Fonzie" Winkler
2 votes

Choice #3:  "Scooter"
1 vote

Choice #4:  John Travolta
2 votes

Well, the reveal is John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino in "Welcome Back Kotter"!  This was an American TV sitcom that aired from September 1975 until June of 1979, and virtually put John Travolta on the map.  And boy, are we grateful!

So, a first place ribbon goes to those who voted for John Travolta! I think I know who at least one of the voters was...but, I won't speculate at this time.

I think we'll give 2nd place to the two voters who chose Henry Winkler, aka "The Fonz".  You know, even tho he was just supposed to be 'cool', he, too, could come up with some corny lines.  Therefore, I can see him as a likely 'rubber hose' contender!  I believe I know who one of the voters is...but I think she recanted, eh?  And, that's KOOL!

I have a 3rd place ribbon for the lone voter of Pee Wee Herman.  I always thought he was cute, and especially liked his 1985 movie, "Pee Wee's Great Adventure".  I think my favorite scene was at the Biker Bar, when Pee Wee got up on the bar and danced to the song "Tequilla"!  I laughed until I cried-what a great scene with his white shoes on!  Now, every time I hear "Tequila", I think of Pee Wee.

And, finally, my dear, patient readers...I must give a 4th place ribbon to the person who voted for "Scooter", aka Shawn.  I guess we know by now, that Karo voted for 'Scooter".  Afterall, this was his poll!  So, to my hilarious husband, Karo, I award a 4th place ribbon!  Thank you Karo for your unique poll, and congratulations on a job well done! 

A big hug and thanks to all who participated in this poll...we'll have to come up with another one soon. 


In Loving Memory of my brother Stan (Born on the 4th of July)
July 4, 1950 ~ March 16, 2007
"Davy, Davy Crockett,
King of the Wild Frontier"
photo taken on Thanksgiving 1997
Fort Worth, Texas

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My Darling Grandson 'Scooter"
Thank You Mom and Leta

Thank you my gracious readers for stopping by, and I appreciate those readers who are stopping by for the first time!  Please remember "safety first"!  Exercise your Independence by being responsible...but have a good time!  See you later.

It's a whopping 96 degrees at 8:00 pm in Fort Worth, Texas...whew!!!

"Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better."
~albert camus