Saturday, August 18, 2012

Drastic Measures...Mosquito Warfare!!!

Two-engine plane out of
Dynamic Aviation in Virginia

Greetings, my gracious blogmates!  As you probably know, we are in the midst of a mosquito invasion here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.  And, I'm sure, in most states, some of the same is going on.  However, our state of Texas seems to be the center of the 'West Nile' virus, that is carried by mosquitoes.  They can actually contract the virus from other animals and birds! 

This virus affects most folks over 50 years of age, and can cause high fevers, headaches and disorientation.  There is no vaccine for this virus.  More than 30,000 people have come down with the disease since the first reported case in 1999.  And, so far, it has resulted in 14 deaths in Dallas, with at least 200 people affected.

The Mayor of Dallas has declared the city in a State of Emergency, and Dallas' county Judge Clay Jenkins has commissioned planes from Dynamic Aviation of Virginia to spray for these deadly invaders.   The decision came about after consulting with health officials and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  There has been some conflict from some Dallas citizens, citing that the pesticides could be toxic to citizens, animals and plant life.  But, county Judge Jenkins declares that the pesticide known as 'Duet' will be used, and, is considered safe, as it has been used successfully in other communities in the United States.  Duet was developed in 1988 by Clarke out of Chicago.  Aerial spraying is common in Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan and Minnesota. The Judge says that after the aerial spraying, the odds of infection will be 6 times lower.  And, the last time aerial spraying was used in Texas, Lyndon Johnson was in office as President of the United States.

Well, two of the planes arrived on Thursday, scheduled to begin their plight on Friday nite.  I believe another 2 planes have since arrived.  Above is a photo of one of these planes.  Generally, 2-engine planes are certified for aerial spraying to fly over cities, in the event of engine failure, to aid in safe landings.  That is one good looking plane, don't you think?   

As, for Fort Worth...well, no aerial spraying is planned at this time.  Doesn't mean we don't have those varmints tho!!! That lady over at MyTexasGardens has to wear flannel pants to go out and water plants, and-she puts a little cotton in her ears to keep them out! 
Can't stand the buzzing, eh?

So, promise me that you'll spray yourselves...I know, I know-the spray is costly (highway robbery!)  But, you can brave the heat and wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and....yes, put some cotton in your ears to ward them off.


We've had our grandson 'Scootie' this past week, and, he has cabin fever because we're keeping him inside as much as possible.  So, we bought some puzzles to occupy him with.

ABC Puzzle * photo taken August 14, 2012

And a little balloon time!

Thank you so much for your visit.  I appreciate all the visits and wonderful comments received by you...I always look forward to hearing from you.

P.S.  I have not posted any photos of real mosquitoes... can just step outside!

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"What is the difference between a mosquito and a fly?"
"Try sewing buttons on a mosquito!"

'au revoir, mes amies!'


  1. I'm feelin' ya, dear Susan! I also sympathize with my good friend, that delightful lady over at MyTexasGardens. (I hope you get the chance to meet her someday. I think the two of you would hit it off.) I know what you're going through because Florida has a chronic mosquito problem. Both planes and trucks are used for spraying over here. My community is dotted with hundreds of lakes, retention ponds and irrigation ditches. We tend to get torrential downpours which result in minor flooding and lots of standing water, an ideal breeding environment for skeeters. Throughout the warm weather months (all 9 or 10 of them) I keep myself well stocked with repellent products and make liberal use of them in spite of their high cost. (I'm buying a bottle of Cutter on the lay-away plan. Only three more installment payments and I'll OWN it! :) I hope you and Skootie keep yourselves covered up as much as possible and exposed areas of skin thoroughly sprayed when outdoors. I don't know about you, Susan, but I'm ready for Southern winter!

    1. You're right about the 9-10 of mosquitoes Shady. Even as it cools down in the fall, they're still out there...but they don't like burrowing thru blue jeans, lol! I've read that Florida gets its share of them too, and, aerial spraying is use a lot. Oh, that standing water! We try to keep things emptied out, and birdbaths fresh. One year we even bought a kiddie pool to have a larger area for the birds, but, freshened it every day. I know what you mean about the Cutter, and, I also use Off. Can't have too much of it around. I'm there, Shady...c'mon winter! Thank you for coming over to say hello, have a wonderful weekend!♫

  2. Oh wow Susan, I hadn't realised the enormity of the mozzie problem over there. I can also understand the concerns of some parts of the community in regard to spraying but something has to be done doesn't it. Hope that sweet lady over in the Texas Gardens keeps sting-free too!
    How gorgeous is your Skootie - such a cutie. It's beaut fun thinking up ideas for fun indoors and it looks like you've succeeded :D)
    All the best and enjoy your weekend, cheerio for now xx

    1. Hi Susan, yes, we're dodging those pests for more than half the year. When it's real dry, they don't hang around much-that's the only good thing about a drought! We did manage to keep Scootie entertained, and he loves to take baths, so, that helps kill some time. I did get a few photos of him this week. How is your weather? Is it nice and cool, perfect coffee drinking weather? Haha! I drink coffee even in 100° weather. Thank you so much for coming by. It's really good to hear from you, hope you and MD are well-see you soon!♥

  3. Susan, so sorry to hear of the awful mosquito invasion you are having. The times must be perfect for them to get so out of control. Having to put cotton in your! Hopefully, the spraying has done some good. Guess between the heat and the insects AND the little one's fever, you are having a perfect storm inside your house...stay cool and mosquito free.

    1. Hi Nancy, we've been pretty fortunate in Fort Worth. The mosquito problem seems to be worse in Dallas. And, now, we've gotten much needed rain, but it really brings the pests out. It's cooler the last two days, I'm so grateful. Little Shawn did have a good time during his stay. He had puzzles and books to read, and children's activities on the computer. Thank you for coming by. Have a great week!♥

  4.'re funny!! THAT lady over there at MyTexasGardens!! yeah, you 2 would hit it off pretty good i think!

    florida's state bug...uh...nuisance...may be the skeeter, but you guys in texas have it REALLY bad this year!! we hear on the news all the time about the West Nile...and the deaths and illness. pretty scary!

    it's tough to keep all cooped up inside. especially for the young ones!! poor scootie!!

    and then all the checmicals and stuff they have to matter how you look at's just a pain in the...

    the mosquitoes here have gotten immune to just about everything! oh well...i sure hope the skeeter population dwindles SOON!! hang in there!!

    1. Laura, this is weird! Your comment went to my spam! I was able to bring it over here tho (just another one of those tests!) Well, Scootie did ok with his books, puzzles,! He can sit for quite a while and watch train videos! And, there's kids activities on there too!

      I would never have thought you could die from a mosquito bite, but, they mean business! And, it is will take a real good frost to kill some of them off.

      Hope you had a fun birthday, you say 29 yrs old now? lol! Thanks for coming by...see you soon!♥


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