Friday, August 31, 2012

Tortellini Lunch...a homey treat!

My Tortellini Salad * photo by Suzanne

I love pasta...although, a little too much, I suppose.  From time to time, I throw together this special salad, that is a treat in my house.  Originally, I acquired the recipe from my Southern Living magazine in 2002, and over time, I have...well, you know...changed it up
just a bit.

I'm one of those 'throw-together-good-stuff' kind of people, and, I know what you like! 


Get some tortellini, of any kind you or two 9 oz. packages
1 can Artichoke Hearts
Luncheon Salami ( I use beef cotto salami, about 4 slices) 
Onion, or Green Onion (chopped)
Black Olives (sliced)
Fresh chopped garlic (my pick)
Lemon Pepper (my addition)
Lemon juice (fresh squeezed) 
Shredded Parmesan cheese (my addition)
Caesar salad dressing

I think that's all of the ingredients, unless you want to variate with some cooked chicken, which is also good...and lightly sauteed mushrooms, mmm!  The lemon juice and garlic are my additions...I stir the juice and garlic together in a little bowl, and toss the cooked tortellini with it before adding the remaining ingredients.

I cut and slice all of my veggies before cooking the tortellini, so it's all ready to go.  Since I use sliced salami, I cut  the slices into squares, as you can see in my photo.  The tortellini is cooked to tenderness (just a little bit of canola oil in the water), drained in cold water and, transferred to the salad bowl.  

* Lightly season cooled tortellini with lemon pepper
* Toss the tortellini with lemon juice and garlic mixture
* Add onion, black olives, and salami
* I cut the Artichoke Hearts into bite sized pieces, and
gently fold into salad
*Lightly toss the salad with shredded Parmesan cheese

Now, I leave the dressing up to you.
  I love Caesar salads, but, store-bought Caesar dressings are too salty for me, so I just use a Kraft Italian dressing.  I like the 'Sun-dried Tomato' dressing on my Tortellini salad, it's not as salty.  
Tortellini Salad * photo by Suzanne

And, now...I promised my 'cohort' over at MyTexasGardens that I would 'implore' of you, my dear readers, to participate in a sharing event that she is planning for her garden blog.  Susan is working on a 'windowsill' 'photo-sharing' (not a contest) post for early October.  She would love to post any photo of your own that you might have of a windowsill with, say, flowers, fruit and vegetables, knick-knacks, etc., or with nothing at all on it.  Susan wants you all to email your photo to her no later than September 25th, so she can get started on the post and display all of your photos.  Please include your name, city, state and country.  However, if you prefer not to have your name used, just let us know.  And, if you wish to give your photo a title, please do so.  So far, she has received 2 photos, and, she will probably write a quick post from MyTexasGardens with her plan and request.  This request also includes you guy(s)!!!   Please indulge her...
  so she'll get off my back!
I didn't say that...

Here's an example
My Bumper Crop Tomatoes, lol!

Thank you all for humoring me with your gracious visits,  I really enjoy the sharing and fun that blogging has brought me.  Believe me...having penpals as a kid was fun, but, blogging brings it all much closer to home.  I look forward to hearing your news, seeing your wonderful photos, and, at the same time, I have learned so much from you.  Stop by anytime and say hello!

Thank You:
Southern Living
Kraft Salad Dressings

"Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of life."


  1. Hello, Susan! I got a chuckle out of that cartoon showing the anxious veggies trying their best to pass the Salad Bar Exam. (LOL) You also finished with a great quote, "Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of life." I hope you don't consider Shady Del Knight to be "ants at the picnic." (LOL) I'll see what I can do to provide you and your "twin" (the other Susan at MTG) with a windowsill picture for her to post. It's uncanny! You and she share many similarities. Do you ever complete each other's sentences? :)

    Your tortellini salad looks delicious and I would surely eat a heaping helping. Coincidentally, Mrs. Shady worked all last evening preparing a big batch of homemade potato salad to share with her coworkers today. Like you she loves to experiment, adding her own secret ingredients to existing recipes.

    It's nice of you to pay tribute to the departed Phyllis Diller. One by one all the greats from our youth are leaving us. Just yesterday when I was doing some research I learned that one of my favorite actresses, Ann Rutherford, died two months ago at age 94. Ann played Polly Benedict in the long running series of Andy Hardy movies opposite Mickey Rooney. No one lives forever but it always makes me sad to lose those precious links to the past.

    I treasure your friendship, dear Susan, and wish you a very happy day and weekend!

    1. Ha Shady! 'ants at the picnic'! That's a good siree Bob! You're the icing on the cake! Yeah, the other Susan at MTG is like a twin, (sometimes a thorn in my side, with all her ideas! lol!) I love the tortellini salad, and, many others. Like you said, homemade salads take some precious time...I love potato salad! Hope Mrs. Shady's coworkers enjoy, there's nothing like a fresh homemade bowl of it.

      I loved Phyllis Diller, she amazed me all of my life, and, my father always got the biggest kick out of her...even the way she dressed! Kudos to her stamina! As hard as we try, we do hang on to the memories of those special ones that made an impact on our lives.

      Well, hope you can find a windowsill photo, Shady, the other 'one' would be excited. Have a safe Labor Day-it's pretty muggy in Fort Worth this morning!♫

  2. OH YUM!! that salad looks and sounds so yummy!! i'm gonna print it out...and definitely make it...maybe this weekend!

    i don't remember seeing anything over at Texas Garden's blog...about windowsills!! did i miss a post?? yeah, what else is new...i'm usually behind!!

    take care susan & have a mosquito free weekend!

    1. Nope Laura, you're in your right didn't miss a post. I'll probably enter it tomorrow. Love the tortellini salad...tortellini any way it's fixed!

      Thanks for the cool photos this morning-so incredible! The one of sunrise to sunset is fascinating. You know, it's something to capture all of day's changes into one photo. Well, I hope you can find a windowsill photo-I know you have something!!! Even with an Anole or a butterfly on it! I'm so glad you came by. Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday Laura!♥

  3. Ola querida amiga,esta é uma opção que nunca experimentei.Aqui,usualmente chamamos de "capeletti"ou de "agnollini",e normalmente seu preparo é como sopa,ou com molho de tomates.Como salada,vai ser a primeira vez que vou fazer,seguindo tua saborosa receita.A foto está de dar água na boca.Grande abraço.

    1. Hello Dear Suzane, I too have had tortellini as a soup. I also fix it as a hot casserole with Alfredo sauce, and shrimp...very delicious! If you decide to make the salad, I hope you enjoy it. It is so delicious any way you fix it. Thank you so much for your visit. I so enjoy seeing you, hugs to you!♥

  4. Hi Susan... can't believe I missed this post :O) I'veI been on a "go-slow" of late but I still keep an eye out.
    Anyway, I share your love of pasta and your Tortellini dish looks yummy indeed. Those little additions and twists just make all the difference and I am looking forward to making this real soon. It's lovely to trot out something different for visitors too. It will. of course, bear your name :D)
    I shall joining your windowsill collection too - will send my photo in a couple of days.
    All the very best and thank you for your cheerful and happy post - I always get a smile and also a chuckle from those cartoons you include :D) xx

  5. Greetings Susan...since you love pasta, you will probably like this salad. I love pasta almost anyway you can fix it! I'll be so excited to receive your windowsill picture, I'm hoping it will be a fun post, of course, I will have to add a cartoon or two, lol! Have a wonderful week, thank you for stopping by.

    P.S. I'm a little on the 'moving-slow' side myself!♥


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