Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"We've Been Mooned!"

photo taken at 6:50 pm * February 7, 2012
by Suzanne * Fort Worth, Texas

I can't believe I got this!  With just a Fuji FinePix S1500!  I know...it's not the greatest full moon shot, but, I have a hard time holding a camera still for a far, far away shot.  Karo spotted it thru the window-it was creeping up from the east behind some trees, and was just trying to slip out of the clouds across the street.  I told it to wait a minute while I ran in to get the camera.  It was 6:50 pm, so I caught it early. 

Tonite is the Full Snow Moon, so named by Indian tribes of the North and East.  February, usually has the coldest and heaviest snows, thus making it harder to hunt.  With the possibility of food becoming scarce, some tribes refer to this February moon as 'The Hunger' moon.

* Now, I don't stray much from the Farmers' Almanac, but surfed around a bit and came across the following information.  I thought I might share it with you. *

According to Pagan/Wiccan beliefs, the February full moon is known as the 'Quickening Moon'.  February is the month for new beginnings, new hopes...learn from our past mistakes, set new goals, and 'get on with it'.  The beliefs also focus on animals due to bear young in the spring.  They can feel the time getting near, the growth in their bodies, and anticipate the coming of their new family.  Flower bulbs, such as 'hyacinth' and 'tulips', I bet, are peeking up, searching for the sun...knowing that their much needed warmth is just around the corner!  Coming events still lie dormant, and wait eagerly for the inevitable warmth of their environment to awaken them.

* I found this information to be very interesting, and, true, in many realms of our lives.  However, when it comes to new beginnings, and learning from past mistakes, we should strive for these accomplishments daily.*

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I Hope your evening was pleasant.  Thank you so much for stopping by. 
 I truly appreciate your visits and comments.
And, get outside...look at the moon!

"you've been mooned!"

 Don't mind Bart...he always has to get in the last word!


  1. oh i love the moon
    and that's a beautiful shot!

    yay! giants! (originally from NY...all the NY teams are the BEST!!) :)

    i'm going to send you this little graphic i have of bart...mooning!

    have a great rest of the day susan!

  2. Hey, Susan! Here I am only a day late which is pretty good since I still can't get your blogs on my list. That's a postcard worthy shot of the moon. I'm glad the moon waited while you ran to get your camera. It's been so hot in Florida that the shrubs and hedges are flowering and full of bees and it seems more like April or May. I'm hoping that winter will stage a comeback and stick around a while. I also hope you're having a great week, dear friend!

  3. * Hi Laura, I believe I caught that moon at a good time. Thanks for the compliment. And, the Superbowl game was pretty good...even tho Dallas wasn't playing it's fun to just pick a team, or go for the underdog!

    Thanks for the Bart graphic! I'll have to keep that one for future use! Sometimes I can't find what I'm looking for...I was kind of in a hurry too! Have a 'mooningful' nite Laura!

    * Hey Shady. Thanks for your compliment on my moon shot, or Bart's! Haha! You make a good point about the weather being hot. It messes up the natural timeline for seasonal plants, and, brings unwanted pests...nothing like mosquitoes in February! I hear Florida has the largest mosquitoes ever! But, Texas could spare a few too!

    I'm trying to play catchup, we've had our Grandson for a few days, I'm anxious to see your post from a few days ago...talk about late! So, stay cool, (literally) my friend. Coming your way soon! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. I enjoyed your blog on the moon, it was really big, and during the winter when the big oak tree has lost all it leaves it really shines into the bathroom window.


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