Saturday, May 5, 2012

Music Room Madness!

What the heck's going on here?  And, who does all this stuff belong to?

Is there a method to all this madness?

Why yes, there corner, one wire, one wall, and one instrument at at time.  Trust me, it will all come together.  We outgrew our former music room.  So, we switched with the family living room, and, now, the task at hand is HOW?  Thank goodness Karo is good at electronics, hooking things up...he has even built racks for some of the recording equipment.  And, there are a few guitars now hanging on a wall.  He'll get there...I know he will!

Here are a few views of our former music room.

my music corner *
 I eventually upgraded from piano to electronic keys!

So now, my gracious readers, we'll get to work on the new, revised music room...notice, I said "we".  Actually, Karo will do most of it-me, I'll stand around with my hands on my hips saying, "uh huh, uh huh, ok."  Quite the little 'joiner', am I not?

...and Hey!  While we're waiting, do you want to hear one of our songs?  This song is one of the very first we recorded together.  I was very shy about it...still am, but it's fun.  If you've heard any of our other songs, you know we don't do Karaoke.  We play our own instruments, do our own arrangements, and, also, we do our own backup singing!

We don't have music to read for our songs...just kind of arrange them from memory.  This one was on an oldies 60's CD I have.  And, Karo wanted to try it, so we pulled the words from the internet and got to work.  I hope you enjoy!

And, don't forget the May 'Full Flower' Moon tonite!
This Moon will find us in a basket full of flowers!  It will be a 'Super Moon' this time...14% larger, and 30% brighter.  At one minute after 11:34pm eastern time tonite, look toward the horizon, and, hopefully you'll be gazing upon an amplified Moon, as it lines up with the Earth, and, illuminates the skies in it's fullness!!!

With that, my gracious readers, I will bid you adieu.  Please stop by and say hello...I love hearing from you.  I've been out of pocket for a while, and, am trying to catch up on your blogs.  With the new blogger dashboard, I've had problems navigating to the posts I haven't read...but, it always takes me to the ones I have read!!!  And, I've read more posts than I've been able to comment on.
 It's annoying as...well, you know!

Have a safe weekend!  See you soon!

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 "There's nothing like Music to relieve the soul and uplift it."
~Mickey Hart


  1. That's right! Tonight's the Super Moon! I need to remember to look. We have nice clear skies here in Central Florida and I'm hoping that the moon will hit my eye like a big pizza pie!

    Well Susan, you guys are great singers and musicians! I really enjoyed that classic tearjerker but I also enjoyed seeing pictures of you thru the years. You're quite a looker, Susan!

    I just got home from a trip across the state where I got my first look at my step daughter's new home. She and her boyfriend set up a music room in their house that looks a lot like yours.

    Thanks again for the great rendition of "Tell Laura" and enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear Susan!

  2. Hi there Susan, real beaut to hear both of you doing another song - you're such an 'easy listening' couple!
    I could see who was the brains and director behind the whole video though... little Shawn at the end, busy at work with his earphones - so cute!
    Your use of the old b & w photos was wonderful too. Lots of memories packed into them.
    Really enjoyed your post as well. The new music room is shaping up - good luck with that.
    Cheers for now and thanks for the Sunday (over here) Smiles :D)

  3. * Hey Shady! The skies are kind of hazy in Texas tonite...we're watching out for the moon tho. I'm glad you enjoyed our song...yes, a real tearjerker, and, Ray Peterson had some other good ones I liked. I guess in those days, the writers had to get our attention by dishing out tragedies...we teens ate that up! Thank you for your gracious compliments. I hope your stepdaughter enjoys her music room like we have. We hope to do more recording once the new one is complete. Have a wonderful weekend!♫

  4. Oh, I did enjoy that post my friend, especially the video, with you and hubby singing. How wonderful to share that love of music all through your lives. Looks as if the little chap is going to grow up with music as well! I've always loved that song and, you are so right, there used to be lots of those tragic songs around. I really revelled in them! I remember Terry by Twinkle, but you might not have heard that one over in America. Also of course, Leader of the Pack was another great one. It was fabulous seeing all those 60's images on the videos, especially the great looking cars! I did see the full moon from my bedroom window last night. We are surrounded by fields, so don't have any curtains up at the windows.

  5. * Hi Susan, I'm glad you liked the song and video. Do we ever run out of picturs? Seems like between Karo and me, there's always some photo we didn't remember...and, then, it all comes back. And, Shawn considers himself to be the ringmaster, even as a smaller tot! He likes the new area where the drums are, yahg! The noise! Thanks for coming by. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. * Well, Thisisme! I went on to Youtube and found the 'Terry' by Twinkle video. Another tearjerker! And, she was cute, wasn't she? It seems as tho she wrote her songs. Thank you so much for the addition to our wellknown tragedy songs! I still love to hear 'Leader of the Pack'! I think that will always be a favorite.

    I'm glad you stopped by, and, what fun you got to see the 'Super Moon'. Too hazy here, but maybe we'll get a clear aftermath tonite. Could be a little of the big glow left over! And, we hope little Shawn keeps his musical moments with us in mind after we're gone. Thank you for your compliments. * by the way, I ready your recent post on HOPE, had trouble taken to another post, yuk! But I thank you for that post♥

  7. You are going to LOVE your new music room, Susan. I didn't know you all were so musical. Am going to go listen to the video now.

    Have a great May!!

  8. hey...i missed this one! well, seems i've been so behind lately...

    wow, that's a lot of music STUFF!!
    love your video...i always love to hear you guys.
    you 2 are great! & always do such a perfect job on the videos!

    i've heard that song...or at least the title...sung to me many times over the years! ha!

    1. Hi Laura, yeah, too much stuff! Karo's still working on arranging it all, but it's coming together, a good project. Thanks so much for the compliments. I bet you have heart this song...although, you're just a baby!!! Karo, at first didn't even like the song...I guess that's what made it so challenging! I'm glad you stopped by-see you soon!


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