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Bad Boy Johnnys...eating my Heart out!

How popular is the name Johnny anyway?  And, where did the name Johnny come from?  Some say the name Johnny is French, some say the name is of Hebrew origin, and, others say Johnny is English...hmmm.  Well,  I studied French, the name Johnny is seen as Jean.  The meaning of the name according to the Hebrew definition is "of Grace or favor", and, "God is Gracious".  As it turns out, the name Johnny is the #2 most common name, with James being the #1 most common name!  The graph above depicts a decline in the popularity of the name Johnny in the late 1940's and 1950's-then, as time goes on, it mellows out for the next, say, 15 years, throughout the 1990's into the millennium.  It 2012, girl babies given the name Johnny ranked at 5 vs. 281 boy babies given the name.

***  But enough of this serious stuff!  You didn't come over for a lesson in baby names, did you?  Let me  chauffeur you through time with film characters named 'Johnny'!

Introducing the BAD BOYS of film named JOHNNY!
(Well, a few of them anyway)

"Hop on the back, Dearies!"
~ Nicholas Cage as 'Johnny Blaze'
'Ghost Rider' * 2007

George Raft
~ Johnny Allegro * 1949

'Johnny Allegro' is a crime drama about a florist, whose shop is in a popular hotel.  Played by George Raft,  (isn't he handsome!) Johnny Allegro meets a gorgeous blonde, who, of course, is married, and gets drawn into a dangerous situation with her and her husband on a secluded island in Florida.  The lady's husband knows that Johnny Allegro is infatuated with his gorgeous wife, and, uses his own goons to hunt Johnny down in an intense chase on foot through the island.  Johnny almost loses his life trying to help the authorities solve a counterfeit crime, as the husband tries to get rid of him and his wife.  Johnny manages to escape, and bring them all to justice.  I really liked this film done in black and white, the scenery and home on this Florida island really added to the suspense of the story.

~Bobby Driscoll and Robert Newton
* Treasure Island * 1950 * Robert Newton as 'Long John Silver'

Long John Silver is a fictional character created by Robert Louis Stevenson in his 1883 novel
'Treasure Island'.  Long John is a 'bad boy' at its best!  Played by Robert Newton, Silver is a one-legged tyrant of a pirate.  He signs on to the ship 'Hispaniola' as a cook, and manages to keep his cover for a time, while the crew is busy hunting for treasure.  Long John just can't keep a lid on it and loses patience in his wait to take over the ship and treasure.  He kidnaps Jim, and takes over the ship.  Jim eventually gets free, wins the ship back, and, sends Long John Silver packing!
(Well, you know there's more to the story, lol!)

~Marlon Brando
* Johnny Strabler * The Wild One * 1953

This story is based on a real-life incident that occurred in a California town in 1947.  The film paves the way for the 'bad boy' stereotype of bikers who exhibit anti-social behavior.  Johnny Strabler, played by Marlon Brando, (hubba, hubba!) is the leader of the 'Black Rebels' bike gang.  The gang rides into town where a motorcycle race is being held, and, because of their unruliness, they are kicked out of the race, and out of town.   On their way out, Johnny steals the trophy for 2nd place (the 1st place trophy is too large to carry on a motorcycle), and the race is literally on!  Sensationalism at its best! LOL!

I know this may seem grueling, but, please bear with me-just a bit more to go!
  These guys are special!

~Patrick Swayze
* Johnny Castle * Dirty Dancing * 1987

Well, what can I say here...I already have tears in my eyes!  This movie was on while I was writing this post.  What draws us to this Johnny?  Well, he is a 'bad boy' of sorts.  He is desired by most women who encounter him.  His handsome good looks and svelte physique lend to the overall awesomeness of his dancing talent!  AND...he looks good in a white t-shirt and blue jeans (my opinion!)!  How most of us ladies would like to have been in 'Baby's' shoes!
And...oh, that famous line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"
You are sorely missed Patrick Swayze!

And now...on to the ultimate Johnny!

Elvis Presley
~Frankie and Johnny * 1966

Elvis plays a riverboat singer named 'Johnny' with Donna Douglas as his girlfriend, 'Frankie'.  And, what a pair!  Who would have thought to put these two together in a musical production?  What! You say I'm just jealous?  Well, sure I am!  And, Frankie becomes very jealous when she spies Johnny dancing with a beautiful red haired girl.  It turns out that Johnny, although a great performer,  is a sorry gambler in debt, and trying to score a change in his bad luck.  A 'tea reading' fortune teller has told Johnny that he will meet a red haired lady that will change his luck.  So he gets the red haired to touch the dice for him, and, by and large, he starts winning.  Frankie throws all of Johnny's winnings out the window, and later shoots Johnny in a moment of passion, not realizing the gun was holding blanks!  So, of course, Johnny survives.
Well...we couldn't let Elvis die, could we?  LOL!

***  Thank you so much for sticking around to see my favorite 'Johnny's'!  We know there are many more popular 'bad boy' Johnny's, in the film industry, and, in real life!  haha!
I took the liberty of bringing over a great clip from the musical
Frankie and Johnny from 1966, featuring our own Elvis, and his costar
Donna Douglas as Frankie!  
*** This is my own special Valentine to you my gracious readers!

Please enjoy!

Looks like we've covered a lot of ground here, my dearest readers.  And, I hope you haven't been disappointed in my choices of Johnny's.  I know there are hundreds more Johnny characters we've seen, but, I believe this group to be of a special breed!

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