Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Free-Lance into Spring!

~1953 Plymouth *  courtesy of Yahoo images

You all didn't know I was a Mopar girl, did you, lol!  Well, since we're jumping into the Spring season, with exuberance and delight, I thought I would bring 'er out of the shed, roll all of the windows down, and get her going for old times sake!   Actually, this is only a replica of my first car...when I was a senior in High School, my mother bought a car identical to this one, with no radio, and very little heat in the winter!  But, what a "SWEET" ride!!!
So, why all the hype about Spring?  I'll tell you why!  Spring brings out the child in adults, and the bounce in children!  Spring promises fresh air, green grass, and, renewed motivation to get up and get out!  We start looking for birds, blossoms, and the ICE CREAM MAN!

~ photo by Suzanne * Late February 2017


"Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush."
~Doug Larson

* photo, courtesy of Yahoo images

*So, I'm thinking that whoever you are, and, wherever you are...you can turn any situation into a Spring day!  Am I right?


On April Fool's Day, my little Scootie and I stumbled across a Classic Car show being held at the high school parking lot in our town.  Well...actually, we planned to go, since I love to look at classic cars, and Scootie loves "bounce houses"!

* Scootie's head poking up over the top of the Bounce House *
April 1, 2017 * photo by Suzanne

There were a lot of classic cars on display, but, alas, I didn't see any Plymouth Barracudas or
Roadrunners on the lot!


* Here we have a 1949 Studebaker Commander
These cars were so cool back in the day!


*  This "cherry" little Ford comes to us with 3 deuces * SWEET!
I didn't get a chance to check out the transmission on this car...I was being pulled away to the concession stand!

Along the way, we passed this row of fine, bright Hot Rods and classic pickup trucks

Then, we were corralled into a small petting zoo with lots of goats, little horses,
and a Llama.  Scootie was reluctant to pet any of the animals, but I finally coerced him into petting the Llama.  This animal was statuesque, and very calm in its surrounding,
 with a large hog parked next to it!


NOW we're talkin!  I was in my element as we browsed, listening to the classic sounds of
"The Tonemasters"!  This is a pretty good band, if you like classic rock and a little bit of country!
I caught myself tapping a foot or two and singing along, while Scootie was jumping in another bounce house next to the band! ♫


Concessions items were a bit costly, and, Scootie opted for a Kona Ice, aka snow cone at $3.00 a pop!  Later, we came across a booth giving away bags of popcorn at no cost!


* I'm not sure, but, I believe this is a 1964 Stingray without the split back window.


* And a pretty "BOSS" Camaro convertible *

At about 1:30, the day began winding down with the door prizes, free bicycles for children's art contest winners, and the classic auto car winners.  This event is the annual Carfest which is a fundraiser in Haltom City, Texas to help fund the "Back To School Health Fair"  for the children in the city.  The Health Fair donates school supplies and free backpacks to children for back to school.


* This great group of kids are known as the Haltom High School "Drumline" .
They played a few numbers, and, Scootie was really impressed!
  These kids were very good!


It was a very windy day, but, a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   The rain came later on in the early evening, so we made good time getting home before the storm!
Thank you all for coming by and taking a short stroll with me and Scootie!  Please stop in and say hello if you get the chance.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.  I see that some of you are still getting snow, ice and cold rain...I  promise to work on sending more Springlike weather your way!  🌼

My thanks goes out to:
Yahoo images
*** all photos taken by me, unless otherwise noted ***

* Hi Mom!

* courtesy of yahoo images

Loving, Laughing, Sharing...that's what we call it!  Be safe!  See you next time!


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    I didn't know that you are such a knowledgeable car enthusiast and a Chrysler-Plymouth kinda girl. Mopar to ya! :) It's nice to see the make and model of automobile you drove as a high school senior. Turns out, you and I drove cars in the same family back in the day. I drove my parent's 1967 Plymouth Satellite. A couple of years later I had my own Plymouth Duster. Remember them? It was the psychedelic late 60s and I bought a Duster that came in that bright green color called "Sassy Grass."

    A classic car show is my kinda thing, Suzanne, and I wish I could have tagged along with you and Scootie that day. With a band, school drumline, llama, pig and other animals, plus Bounce Houses at the event, I can understand why you guys had so much fun. When I was a boy, I had a membership to a large swimming pool complex which included a petting zoo that had a llama. We have llama and alpaca ranches here in Florida. It is admirable that your community staged this Carfest to raise money to provide school supplies for the children. A couple of years ago our family attended a classic car show like the one you visited. I love to gaze at vintage autos. The show we went to had a good number of 60s muscle cars, too, including Vettes, GTO's, Mustangs, Dodge Challengers and Super Bees, Chevelle 396's and Olds 442's, the latter a car that my older brother drove years ago.

    You wrote:

    "I see that some of you are still getting snow, ice and cold rain"

    Yessum, I'm getting very tired of shoveling snow and scraping ice off my windshield! :) If you are going to send weather my way, please make it cooler air, because it is getting hot and humid here! :)

    It's great to see you and Scootie Potter out and about, dear friend Suzanne. Take care and I'll be connecting with you again soon!

    1. Hi Mr. Mopar! I grew up with Plymouth, and am so sad to see that we have them no more! I had a 53 Plymouth, exactly like the photo, and a 1965 Barracuda with a 273 Golden Commando motor. It wasn't a Hemi, but quite the muscle car for an 18 year old girl! My dad had a 57 Plymouth with the big fins...I love the 57 cars with fins, lol! When we were younger, mom's first car was a 1954 Plymouth, much like mine! I remember the Sassy Grass Dusters, and I also liked the Roadrunner. An old boyfriend of mine had a purple Roadrunner that was very nice. So I enjoy looking at the Plymouths when I can.

      It was a fun day, we were light in our step, lol! I love to walk around while a band is playing, but you couldn't hear much talking with that and the wind. The drumline was so good, that is the first time I've seen one live, and Scootie just stood there in awe!

      Well, I'm getting the impression that you are running the AC. Me too, but some mornings are in the 50's and I love it. Just pump the heat on for a few minutes to take the bite off!

      If we get notice of another car show, we'll send you a note. They have several here during the summer months. Karo was a mustang guy, and had a couple of 65 Mustangs and a 73 convertible. I was able to get his son to take the 73. He has been restoring it, and I hope to see photos soon. It's a cool car. Karo restored the other two 65s and sold them. Those days with him were so delightful-he was so talented!

      Well, I had better run. Thank you so much for stopping in Shady! Sorry you couldn't make it for the car show, maybe next time, lol! I really appreciate your great sense of humor, and fun comments! Have a great week, dear friend. See you!♫

  2. Hi there Suzanne, what a lovely fun post and a great chance to stroll around with you and Scootie. We love to see the Hot Rods Shows when they come to to our area. Plenty to see and do just as for both of you.

    I loved reading about the cars in your earlier days - they sounded cool! Lots of happy memories there. Also that Karo was into restorations.

    Your day with Scootie sounded just perfect and it's always nice to get home before the weather starts to break up. Well done :D)

    Lovely to catch up once more. Have a great weekend and cheerio for now, big hugs xx

    1. Hello Sue. Scootie and I have some pretty good times. I try to get him out and about, and he's a pretty good sport. I still love the old cars, and, wouldn't mind owning a few. But, you have to be able to spend the money for upkeep and have covered areas for them. So, I'll just enjoy looking.

      We are having typical spring weather here. It was 49 degrees this morning, but is now 71 degrees! Time to change clothes again! Thank you so much for coming by. I'm so glad you started blogging again. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs to you! xx

  3. Hello Suzanne, the classic car show looks like a fun time. I would love to have the old stingray. We had a beautiful Easter day temps in the low 80's. Sounds like you had a fabulous outing, the music is nice too. I hope you are having a blessed and happy Easter. Thank you for the comment and visit. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!e you had a blessed happy Easter. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. Hi Eileen. I'm with you on the Stingray...any color will do! It was a nice day for a car show. And, we had great temps today for Easter also, somewhere in the upper 70's. Thank you for coming by and leaving a sweet comment. Have a great week...loved your Great Blue Heron!


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