Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson *** August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009 ***

I was always a fan of Michael Jackson.  Like many others, I enjoyed his music and I loved watching him perform.  I never saw him live in concert, but I never missed a chance to watch a televised performance by him.  He was the cutest kid and grew into a very handsome young man.  What happened after that, I won't even speculate.  My son and I enjoyed his "Thriller" album-we wore it out!  And to name just a few of my favorites:  "Billie Jean", "I'm Bad",  and "Man in The Mirror".  I, for one, regret that his life later became troubled and sad.  And I had looked forward to his work and performing in his later years.  But I will always celebrate his life and accomplishments, because they always brought joy to my life.  We miss you Michael Jackson!

I'm assuming by now that you've noticed my new survey for 1959...please feel free to vote-I insist!!!  And you have until July 10,2010 before the polls close.

And it seems as though we're experiencing a light rainstorm right now.  So in honor of this surprise I will leave you with a small quote:


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