Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Merry Christmas to ALL from The KardKorner!

Greeting Cards are one of my passions...making my own cards gives me the opportunity to express how I REALLY feel!  I want the recipient to know that I made that card especially for him or her.   I had a hard time this year designing the front of my card.  I had to keep changing colors and pictures on the front and I was blaming the card stock for the final results.  Finally came up with this.  I played with the background color-didn't want it too dark.  I drew the striped border design on myself to give it a bit of a modern flare.  And then added the pictures of the "old tyme" Christmas lites.  I'm a bit of an ecclectic-type.  "A pleasant mix of old and new!"  


Here is the inside of my card.  Is the print large enough for you to read?  I used a quote from Norman Vincent Peal and then composed the sentiment myself-so I could say what I wanted to say!  How about that little basket in the bottom corner?

And finally, the back of the card.  Adding some fun n'est-ce pas?  "A little bit of Christmas Spirit from our house to yours!"  And I mean it!

I made a different card for my sister Leta, using the picture of the little girl on the Birthday card that is featured on my sidebar that she sent me in 2007.  I knew that card would come in handy some day.  On the front I said "I thought I'd get my hair done for Christmas-What do you think?"  Inside it shows a hairdryer, scissors, comb and some beauty aids.  And a woman with a Christmas wreath over her head.  Of course, she's holding a cocktail!  Anyway, it just goes to show how you can improvise and recycle something and make it your own!  Ho! Ho! Ho!


 Here is our "too tall" tree that I just HAD to have a few years ago.  It's not really a bad tree-just hard to get the lights in it.  But it does dress up good.  At least you can use larger ornaments without bending branches!

This photo gives way to a birdhouse with cardinals standing by, and, OH! there's a 1956 T-Bird, 1957 Chevy convertible, and higher up we have a 1958 or '59 "little red vette"!  My mom started sending my son some of Hallmark's classic car ornaments in the early 1990's and we enjoy them every year.

And here, there is another of three birdhouses I have on this tree under the protection of two dove.  I like the birdhouses and birds.  To me it lends a natural look-sort of safe.  You can see the round red light-those are really neat, almost like the old days!  And the small angel closer to the top on the left is actually a package decoration.  I moved to Texas in October of 1971 and in December that year,  my mom sent me a sweater for Christmas.  It was gift wrapped and this angel was tied to the bow on the package.  It's kind of dingy now, sort of a thin plastic with gold-foiled cardboard wings.  But I kept the angel and every year it's placed near the top of my Christmas tree.  Am I a hoarder, or what?  Mom, I bet you didn't know I kept that angel!

We have our Grandson Shawn, aka Scooter, Shawnsky, Scootie and Son for a few days this week.  I think we have to give him up on Christmas Eve, so we'll do his Christmas early in order to give him some quality time with a few new toys.  We've already had so much fun with him, although he weighs a ton and breaks our backs.  I'm placing some pics of  him on my sidebar.  You'll notice he's wearing shorts in DECEMBER! It was somewhere in the 80's in Fort Worth on Monday.  Don't get much down time when you have a 2 year old in the house.  That's why I'm up a little late tonite trying to catch up.  Good thing I don't have to work tomorrow.  Shawn is starting to sing now-I caught him crooning to Elvis' "Blue Christmas".  I just stopped dead in my tracks-a man after my heart!

And, by the way, I've put a new survey on my sidebar-no kidding!  Just a quickie to see if you can visualize "in your mind's eye" which of the listed Christmas songs might be my favorite.  I don't remember how long the poll is open.  I'll have to look it up and get back to you, so you better hurry and VOTE!

Thank you so much for tuning in.  I would like to retire this post with the sentiment I wrote in my Christmas card.  One request dear readers-However you celebrate, please do it safely.  I'm glad to be able to say

To all the Christmases far and near,
To all the People we hold Dear.
To all those things we're Thankful for,
To Rejoice and Sing Forever More.

"Joyeux Noel"


  1. Your Christmas card is GREAT!!! You are SO creative!! I love the one from last year to your sister, as well! Too funny!!

    Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I love the Hallmark ornaments. We have quite a few of those, too. I don't put them all on the tree anymore, tho. We have SO many ornaments!! When my girls were little, they each got a new ornament every year. Ashley got the Barbie ones and Miranda got the Madam Alexander Doll ones. As money got tight later, I quit getting them.

    I love that you put the angel on your tree, near the top. I always have an angel near the top of my tree, too!! It was something that I insisted on as a child, and I continued the tradition with my girls.

    Shawn is too cute! Enjoy your time with him! Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!

  2. Any kind of old ornaments are fun. Some of the ornaments I made and decoupaged photos on them. I didn't get to make any this year-too much going on. And, yes, there's always one or two angels near the top. I even have three angels on my desk right now. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. We're having a great time with Shawn-he's such a toot! Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family!


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