Sunday, December 26, 2010

And Elvis Thought He Was Having "A Blue Christmas"!

My "last minute-hurry up" Christmas tablescape!
 I do have blue placemats with gold stars on them SOMEWHERE !  And cloth napkins...but when in a hurry, work with what you have handy!  Our Grandson Shawn was taking a nap after an exhilerating Christmas morn, and Karo was working on our Christmas dinner.  Not a lot of time to be too fussy-and, it was to be a small gathering, but I like to make it special even if for just a few.  Nice cream colored satin placemats were readily available and paper napkins that are not only blue, but they also have gold stars.
 And the blue vase usually sits on this table with either burgundy Gerber Daisies for fall and winter, or White Daisies for spring and summer.  But for Christmas, it's none other than the all time favorite Poinsettia.  The table is sort of Mediterranean design-glass with pale yellow edge.  I like the combination of pale yellow, blue and a touch of burgundy.
The name of this pattern is "Sylvan Nocturne".  Each piece is different.  My mom picked out this design for me in the mid 1990's.  It took a while to get it all here, as pieces were shipped separately.  As you can see, there are pine cone designs around the edges and they are trimmed in gold.  On the bottom of the dinner plate there are three owls painted and on the bottom of the salad plates are painted rabbits.  The bread plates have a garland of pine cones and a gold star in the center, and the saucers have a chipmunk painted in the center on top.  And, of course, I have adorned each place setting with a red poinsettia.


My dinnerware was designed by Lynn Chase, a self-taught artist.  Lynn loved animals as a young girl and began sketching at the age of five.  She says her first sketch was a leopard.  She has traveled across the United States, Africa and South America.  During one interview, Lynn was asked if she had ever been on a safari.  Ms. Chase replied that she had actually been on 7 safaris and had lived in South Africa from 1969-1973.  In 1988, Lynn formed Lynn Chase designs and was honored with The International Tabletop Committee's Best Design and Impact Award in 1991.  She has also designed furniture, home decor, and bedding and bath products.  Lynn founded the Lynn Chase Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit organization in 1988 and continues to live and design in New York City.

  The bottoms of my dinnerplates are inscribed like this:

A woodland walk and a clear night sky brings a galaxy of planets and stars closer to the earth.  Pine boughs brush against the blue of the universe.  A great horned owl sweeps by on silent wings.  The rabbit runs for cover.  Through the trees a red fox, puffed with its thick pelt of winter, watches like a sphinx.  As you head for home, a chipmunk sprinkles pine needles on your head-A remembrance of a Sylvan Nocturne.

This message describes my dinnerware to a T! 

a portion of pre-tax profits goes to the Lynn Chase Wildlife Foundation dedicated to stem the habitat loss around the world.

I am proud to be the owner of such beautiful pieces designed to help the wildlife of the world.  And my mom has several pieces hanging above her cabinetry in her kitchen.  Thanks Mom for contributing to such worthy cause and making me a part of it!  You can find a large collection of Lynn's artwork and products at

Hope everyone had a glorious Christmas!  Thank you for reading and joining me in the fun during the Christmas.  And I thank and welcome all new readers.  Please come back and talk to me sometime.  I have enjoyed many Christmas pictures from my "blogmates", and hope to share more pictures and fun stories in the coming year of "2011"-YIKES!

Don't forget my Christmas song poll...what is MY favorite Christmas song?  The poll closes soon!

Will send more Christmas pics soon.  Got to take a break.  Sunday nite-it's back to business as usual-did I hear someone in the background whisper "monkey business"?  Ok, OK-you caught me there.  But that's what it's all about, eh?

"Do not let Sunday be taken from you.  If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan."
~Albert Schweitzer



  1. I love your table lay-out Susan. As you say, even if there aren't many of you, it's still really nice to have everything looking special. That Albert Schweitzer quotation is so true by the way!

  2. Thank you Thisisme for taking time out to stop by. It was a nice dinner and we all enjoyed. But dressing the table, even in haste, made it more exciting. I enjoy the blue Christmas dinnerware. Have a safe trip home.


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