Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finally- The Finale! December and the year 2010 going...going...

December just kind of creeps in, wincing and yawning...looking around, as though it's not quite sure it belongs.  What a job December has!  On unsteady feet it leads the countdown toward a New Year-aagghh!  December strolls along, day by day in the beginning-and, then WHOA!  The pace picks up and she's (or he's) marching to the beat of the "Little Drummer Boy".  Par Rumpa Pum Pum!  And December asks herself (or himself!)  "Am I going to make it?  In time?  Dear Santa, I'm coming...are you ready for me?  And who gets a white Christmas this year?  Will it be the Midwest?  The West Coast?  How about the South?  Fort Worth, Texas got a couple of feet of beautiful snow last Christmas-remember?  Can we have a repeat?"  Decisions...decisions.  It looks to me as though December has a lot on her (or his...) plate.

So, let us try to chill this December and walk- don't run, in an orderly fashion to whatever our destinatons may be.  Remember-he's gonna find out whose naughty or nice!

Here at the KardKorner, I'm already busy, as you can see.  I've got the December kalendar printed and posted.  I have also designed our Christmas kards and they're ready for the press.  We don't send out a lot of cards, so I usually make a few that are different.  What's good about computers is that you can use the same design, but go in and make changes for different people.  I always like to put a quote on the back of my cards if I can find one that is compatible to the subject and the recipient of the card.  So I may use, say, 5 of the same card for 5 different people, and the backside of the card will be different for each person.  I started making my own cards, so I could personalize them in a way that the recipient knows the card was made just for him, or her.  Ah, the beauty of technology!

Oh Look!  It's Santa-in a four-poster bed!  GET UP SANTA!

One of our neighbors, up on the corner, lights up the street every Christmas with several different displays in her yard.  She really works hard, and has often received the award for best neighborhood display.  I sasheyed up there and took a few flicks-this is one of them.  I don't ever take pictures of others' Christmas displays, but this year I'd like to get some.  I've proposed a series of  "walk dates" with my husband Karo (see-his name starts with a K), that we can walk the neighborhood some in the evenings and get some pictures along with much needed exercise and fresh air.  And he has agreed!  So, we're off!

This morning's temperature in Fort Worth bottomed out at 35*.  We managed to soar up to a whopping 63* by 5:00 this evening, and now we're at 55*.  Plenty of sunshine and the rest of the week the temps are expected to be in the upper 60's and lower 70's.  Oh, home on the range!  Thank you for visiting and putting up with my weather reports and other ravings.  Hope to hear from you soon. 

"Remember, this December, that Love weighs more than gold."
~Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

au revoir, mes chers lecteurs!


  1. Hi Susan ~ I love your idea of a neighborhood walk. Sounds like something that I will put on my calendar for December!

    You asked about my mom. No. I didn't get her "sprung" yesterday. By the time that they were ready to discharge her, it was too late in the day for the NH to receive her! UGGHHH!! So... Hopfully today. (Fingers crossed!)

  2. Hi Becky, We don't get out much and I thought this would be refreshing and fun for us-and it is! My husband has really enjoyed it too, and I'm trying to get him geared up for a walk downtown Ft. Worth, heh heh! With the weather holding up it's like making up for the lazy summer when it was too hot to walk. Thanks for coming by-hope your mom's doing better. Chin up, old gal! Just kidding-you're just a pup!

  3. going...going...GONE!!
    not to be a scrooge or anything...but i can't wait for the holidays to be behind me...
    bah humbug! no, not really! i enjoy the FEELING...the lights...the spirit of the's the shopping i can't stand!

    i love your card creativity!! and the personalizations!! THAT'S what it should all be about! the time...thought...and love...that went into what you created for each person in your life!

    this time of year...i love wandering around and looking at all the lights!!
    i keep my christmas lights up all year on out front porch! JUST ENOUGH ambient light!

    merry merry!! ho ho ho!! :]

  4. I'm with you Laura. NO, please no shopping! Can't stand it. And we don't decorate as much anymore, because I don't like taking it down and packing it up again. So, I'll just enjoy the efforts of others. I love the lights and the brisk feel of the air. Gives off positive energy. And yes, the ambience of the lights and candles. Thanks for blowing in, saying hello, and for the feel good compliments!


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