Friday, November 1, 2013

Killing Time!

"OK, people!  Let's move 'em back!  And, I mean, FALL BACK!
  Well, at least turn your clocks back one hour, ok?  Please?


Photos by Suzanne and Karo

Thank you all for coming by...remember, to move your clocks and watches back one hour sometime Saturday nite, or early Sunday morning on November 3rd!
Have a safe and happy week, and, remember to hug your family and friends!

~isn't this a cool picture?
NO...I didn't take the photo!

"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once."
~John Archibald Wheeler

See you soon! ♥


  1. I have a note written to remind myself to turn the clocks back, dear Suzanne. I'm happy about the time change this weekend because it'll give guys like Scootie Potter and me an extra hour to play, goof around and be a kid. I'm not crazy about it getting dark at dinnertime, though! (LOL)

    Thanks for your sweet and generous comments on my post, dear friend. It's always a pleasure to connect with you. Good night and have a happy and extra long weekend!

    1. Well, fancy meetin' you here Shady! In all fairness...I have to write notes to myself too! The good thing is that we remember to write the notes in the first place, lol! I'm going to love the time change too, I believe it makes the evenings seem longer even if it does get dark earlier! And, Scootie Potter likes to sit on our front porch at dusk and watch the moon come up. We light a candle and wrap up in blankets...what fun it is!

      Thank you so much for your great Halloween contribution this year on your blog! You know, it's always exciting to stray away from the normal spook sagas and dive into something fresh and new! Have a great fallback Sunday, Shady! ♫


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