Friday, November 22, 2013

Reflections of a November!

Old wicker chair from the 1950's * photo by Suzanne

The question of the day has been, "Where were you on that day...what were you doing?"  Of course, I'm talking about November 22, 1963, the day we lost our great president JFK.  Any of us who are of that time, do remember the tragic day that we lost President John F. Kennedy to one or more assassins.  Why do I say 'one or more assassins'?  Because I want to be fair and open to all theories regarding this tragedy, since Lee Harvey Oswald was never convicted of the crime.  He was silenced before he could even defend himself!


And, what a beating Dallas, Texas took!  This city was ostracized like a rotten egg, every inch was ransacked from crevice to gutter, and scrutinized in the aftermath of this tragedy.  November 22, 1963 was the darkest day in Dallas' history.  Today, a 50 year commemoration was presented on JFK's behalf in an effort to show the true love that this city had then, and still has for the fallen President.  It is possibly a way for Dallas to come to grips with that dreadful day...the day that also deprived this city of their beloved President, John F. Kennedy.


 The JFK 50 commemoration, funded by private contributions, was organized at Dealy Plaza, with only 5,000 tickets being sold.  The weather was a drizzly 37°, eventually giving way to a light rain as the ceremony progressed.  Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave what I believe was an electrifying speech, describing how the city had to grow up, and come to terms with the tragedy-even though, the city did not assassinate the President.  The mayor believes that Dallas has accomplished that tough task, and, the journey has made the city bigger and better.

The  photos below showcase some of the activities of this event..

*** Please note:  I took all of the following photos with my digital camera as I watched this memorial live from my television on NBC 5 News at home in Fort Worth, TX.

Arlington National Cemetery ~ eternal flame

~Dealy Plaza * Dallas, TX * November 22, 2013
~ Flag at half mast * Dealy Plaza * November 22, 2013

~ This is a photo of officer J.D. Tippit, who was allegedly shot down
 by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963,
 as he pursued Oswald in an attempt to
 capture him after JFK's assassination.

~ isn't this a great banner?  It was very large, displayed at Dealy Plaza
today during the ceremony.

~Here is Dealy Plaza again during the memorial activities.
The US Naval Academy Men's Glee Club performed a spectacular
rendition of The Battle Hymn of The Republic

~ Dallas Police Department Honor Guard

~Bagpipes * 6 member and drums

And, there we have it.  Dallas has never had an official observance to commemorate JFK's assassination, and, it was stipulated that, perhaps there will not be another one like this.

So...where was I, you ask?  Me...I was where every other 14 year old (hopefully) was.  I was in my History class room at Argentine High School, in Kansas City.  Mr. Sjoblom was the instructior.  I believe someone from the principal's office brought a note in to announce that the President had been shot.  Karo says it was announced over the intercom in his school, just 50 or 60 miles away from Dallas.
  I just know it was devastating, and, did change my life!

***  Once again, please note that all photos on this post were taken by me!

Thanks for coming by.  It is verrry brrrrish in Fort Worth tonite, and, there is sleet falling around some of the neighboring cities.  Be careful out there.  I know I will see some of you before Thanksgiving, and, for those of you I may not see, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

My list of things to be thankful for is way too long to post...just know you're on it!


  1. Hello again, dear Suzanne! You snapped some awesome pictures off the television screen, especially the closeup of that jumbo JFK banner. I had not seen some of these images even though I recorded and watched the 6:30 pm newscasts on CBS, ABC and NBC. I've immersed myself in assassination coverage this past week, beginning with the TV movie Killing Kennedy starring Rob Lowe and continuing with the 48 Hours Special, CBS Morning News, MSNBC's archival "as it happened" video of NBC newsmen Frank McGee, Bill Ryan, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley doing live coverage of the events unfolding on 11-22-63. I am also recording the two hour Tom Brokaw special tonight. I realize the 50th anniversary of the assassination doesn't mean much to younger generations and even to some people our age, but it is a very important observance to me and, I'm happy to see, to you and Karo as well.

    You mentioned that you got the news of the shooting while sitting in History class at school. That's exactly where I was, in History class at my high school in York County. As was the case at Karo's school, a series of announcements came on the intercom, first reporting that the president had been shot, condition unknown. Little by little the gravity of the situation became clear and finally I remember some kind of prayer service and choir hymns being piped into the room. It was surreal. I just didn't want to believe it.

    I applaud you for this post, dear friend, and for keeping an open mind and making use of the word "allegedly" since we still don't know for sure if Oswald acted alone or was part of a larger conspiracy and had accomplices. The movies Executive Action and Oliver Stone's JFK both had me convinced of a massive conspiracy and shooters on the grassy knoll. Theories about multiple shooters and a "magic bullet" have "allegedly" been debunked in recent years by modern technology. News commentators have pointed out that it's difficult for most of us to fathom that a disgruntled little man with grandiose delusions, zealous about a cause and determined to be a hero, could wreak such havoc and single-handedly change the course of history.

    The fine citizens of Dallas who braved the cold and drizzle today to remember and pay their respects to President Kennedy are a reminder to all the world that Dallas should not be condemned for the dastardly deed committed 50 years ago, allegedly by that single gunman.

    I don't have any more posts coming up before Thanksgiving, so I'll once again wish you and Karo and Scootie a joyous holiday. Looks like much of the nation is going to get hit with a monster storm. I hope you and your loved ones won't bear the brunt of it.

    Goodnight, dear Suzanne!

    1. Well, sDs, it is a sad day, and also a celebration when we get a glimpse of the good times with JFK! Funny, I was working on my post and, there was yours! But, what a day...and, we've been watching some of the programs all week, I just can't name them like you did, lol! And, I wanted to share what Dallas did this year in recognition of this horrible deed. I am proud to be in Texas to see this memorial ceremony. And, it was special! I'm glad I had the day off work...I wouldn't have gotten these photos. Kind of looks like I was there, lol!

      I probably won't have a post before Thanksgiving either, other than maybe a How Do You Do. Have a wonderful family gathering Shady, we will get to have Scootie if the weather permits and will be going to Bridgeport! Take care. Thank you so much for coming by and visiting us this week, and for your kind comments. I was a bit apprehensive about posting this, as I have never written about JFK before. It's a tough and sensitive subject. Take care, see you soon! ♫

  2. My daughter, born in the seventies, is fascinated by the events surrounding this crime of the nation. She called yesterday, asking again where I was when it happened, etc. like we had not talked about this so many times before! Odd that I, too, was in History class when the principal came over the PA system with the announcement that the President had been killed.

    You put up an excellent post.

    1. Seems like a few of us were in History classes that day, in various parts of the country, my husband was in Math class. It's terrible, I just can't remember though, if it was announced over a PA system, seems like a student that worked in the school office brought a note around to our teacher.

      I think society is concerned that our younger folks won't be as interested in this tragedy as we who lived during the time are. During the ceremony, it was mentioned that this would probably be the only time there would be quite an event commemorating JFK, because most of us won't be alive in years to come. It is history, but, I do think there will always be a universal interest in this event.

      Thank you so much Nancy for stopping by and for your kind comments. If I don't see you before Thanksgiving, do have a wonderful week! ♥

  3. Hi Suzanne. That Banner looked terrific I thought. We saw it on the television over here as well. All our hearts went out to America on that fateful day fifty years ago. You just couldn't take it in really. There have been lots of programmes here over this past week, and I must admit that I avidly watched every one. Such a tragic family, with one death after another. I was interested to see from a bloggy friend in Japan, that Caroline Kennedy has recently been made Ambassador of that country. Jackie O was such an icon, but, of course, it wasn't quite the Camelot that we were lead to believe at the time, was it? Fascinating post dear friend. As you won't be here again until after Thanksgiving, I'll once again wish you a happy time over this coming week. Hugs.

    1. Hi Thisisme. Yes, I saw on the news where Caroline had gotten off the plane in Japan...they said she is the first female ambassador to Japan. I really feel for Caroline, the only one left-she is a very strong lady! You're right, one tragedy after another, we wondered where it would stop. Hopefully it's over with.

      The large banner of JFK was really striking-huge! It's exciting that you were able to see the programming too, and, it's honorable that you have the interest in events such as this. I am the same way about your country. The two young princes, William and Harry are continually active in their charitable events. I so appreciate seeing how they have grown up, and they are adorable!

      I am so glad you came by...thank you so much for your compliments and for your interest in our country's good times and bad. You will be in my thoughts this Thanksgiving...wish you could be here! Have a wonderful week, Thisisme! ♥

  4. Forgot to say, I love that vintage wicker chair !

    1. That old chair has been in my life since the mid 1950's. It belonged to an old couple on our street. When they passed, the chair stayed on and another family bought the house. They moved on, and we bought the house somewhere around 1960 I believe. Of course, the chair was still there. My brother had the chair in the 1970's and passed it on to me in the late 1980's. My word! That poor old day I may refinish it! Thanks Diane!


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