Thursday, April 25, 2013

A 'Not-So-Welcome' Break!

~photo by Suzanne * April 13, 2013

Whew!  What a time we've had these past two weeks.  Two weeks ago Wednesday, I phoned Karo from the grocery store to ask if he knew of anything else we needed before I headed home.  "No", he said, "but I've got a big surprise waiting for you when you get home."  I thought maybe he'd gone to pick up our grandson 'Scootie' for a few days.  So, I said, "Does it talk?"  Karo said "no, but it was pretty expensive!"  When I arrived home, and, into the house, I did not notice anything expensive at all, but Karo took me to the dining room window and told me to gaze upon the backyard.
YAH!!!  The massive tree out in the 'back 40' of our property had split down the middle and broke off, pulling down phone lines and electrical lines.  In turn, those lines ripped the post off of the back of our house that houses the electrical lines connected to the breaker box-a mouthful, eh?

So, here's the tree with the break and stuff laying all around it.

A closer look...stuff fell into the broken area? Whaa...?

large limbs, and, more lines hanging around

...then, trailing over the 1968 'Aerosmith' truck * believe it or not, no damage to this truck!
Do they make them like this anymore?  Nah!

And, here's where the pole was 'ripped' from the house!

Of course, it rained after that for TWO DAYS!!!  And, it was hard to get anyone to come out to help.  We were kind of dumbfounded-we had to pinch and shake each other to the tune of "WHAT DO WE DO FIRST!?"  And, NO INTERNET!  But, we did have electricity...actually we were fortunate.  So we got the tree removed first, wow-that hurt the pocketbook!  Karo and Rusty did repair work on the house, getting the underflashing from the roof fixed and the pole securely back in place, but the electricity had to be turned off for these repairs, and a technician had to come back to re-string the electric lines.  They are above ground, and were laying ON the ground! It took the technician, Karo and Rusty, all to hold up and wench the lines back up.   After that, was the wait for the phone company to come back and reconnect the phone-sheesh!!!

In the meantime, I was frantically trying to figure out how to access, at least, my email, from my cell phone!  I have only used that phone to TALK ON! And, I could get to my blog, and, to all of yours...but, I could not get logged on to blogger to say anything-drats, what a nightmare!  Karo has 'hotspot' on his phone, but, we still couldn't get logged on to anything on our computers! wasn't the operators!!!☺

Nevertheless, I'm glad to be back...I must say, I've missed you all, and I am trying to get back in the groove and catch up to all your news.  I trust you've all been well, and, have had pleasant weather.  We've had unusually very springy weather-well, I guess you'll need to check in with the garden guru at MyTexasGardens-she'll be happy to tell you all about it-AFTER she's cleaned up her yard from the tree disaster!  By the way, wonder if she knows what kind of tree that was? 

We did get to spend some time with Scootie during the 'tree fiasco', and took him to the park so he could really run wild!

~photo by Suzanne * April 12, 2013

*** Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks, lol? ***

~photo by Suzanne * Fort Worth, TX * April 12, 2013

Thank you so much for stopping by...I know sometimes we can't help the events that force us to take a break from our usual fun tasks, and, it's so good to feel that 'welcome back' feeling that lightens the load, and makes it all worthwhile!

I want to take a moment to say that I, a Texas resident, am so appreciative of your prayers and blessings to the folks of West, Texas who have suffered great losses as a result of the explosion at the fertilizer plant.  There was a wonderful and touching memorial for the families and townspeople, at which our president and his wife graciously attended.  The town has amazing strength, and, I believe, with our assistance and prayers, they can rebuild and, persevere. 

Please stop and say hello if you get the chance...AND REMEMBER!

"A tree never hits an automobile except in self-defense!

See you next time!