Monday, October 24, 2016

Mason's Saving Grace!

August 1947 issue of The American Magazine
"The Case of the Crying Swallow"
illustration by Robert W. Douglas

Greetings, fellow sleuths, gumshoes, and, bloodhounds.  Hope you're having a great day, and, gearing up for the spooks and goblins that will be roaming our streets in a few days!

Does anyone recognize the above magazine, I sure didn't!  The American Magazine was founded in 1906, after a series of failed publications, and, having been renamed several times.  I think the magazine primarily focused on human interest stories, fiction, and, social issues.  Hmmm...why, then, was the periodical failing?   Then, in 1915, the magazine was taken over by yet another publishing company, Crowell Publishing Co.

The journey of the magazine shifted somewhat to involve more female readers.  It focused on fictional serials, and short stories, which brought more popularity to the magazine.  In fact, sales doubled in less than 2 years, earning the magazine several O. Henry Awards.  Nevertheless, even though The American Magazine still appeared on the stands, and, with the successful editor changes, it folded in 1956.  Not a bad run, actually!

***  Below are a few more of the American Magazine covers I was very fortunate to find:

~How Safe is Your Daughter * by J. Edgar Hoover
July 1947

~Before I Die * April 1947
This is a short story, published for the first time in The American Magazine.
 The Nero Wolfe mystery novella by Rex Stout, was then published by
Viking Press in book form, in a short-story collection in 1949.
*It was adapted for the 2nd season of the A and E TV Nero Wolfe Mystery Series,
making its debut on June 16, 2002 on A and E television.

So, tell many of  my gracious readers, have a favorite show?  I mean, a show you will always LOVE...a show that has spanned over a period of,  let's say, 50 years? (not that I have been watching TV that long, haha).  I know you all have a favorite "TO DIE FOR" standby, I do!  Actually, I have two, but will only speak of one for now!  I heard that "sigh of relief"!

I'm sure you have figured it out by now!  It's Perry Mason!
It's not the original Perry Mason, you have time for me to introduce the
first one?

~Warren William * Dec. 2, 1894-Sept. 24, 1948 *

Warren William was the first to grace the silver screen as Perry Mason.  He was a very popular actor, and, handsome, I must say!  In the early 1930's, being well known for his portrayal of famed detectives, it appears as though this Mason is depicted as a dashing and debonair character, who was known to have love interests!  Otherwise, very little is known about Perry Mason's personal life, or family life, as such is not elaborated on in the novels.  He lived alone in an apartment, and never entertained there.   However, it has been said that in one of the 1930's films, Perry Mason actually marries his longtime secretary, Della Street!  Really!!!

So, we're down to the real reason I've asked you here today! 

My favorite TV show is a classic black and white series, and, no matter how many times I've watched this show, there is always something new going on that I missed previously.  This series ran from 1957-1966, and, in my neck of the woods, it makes a twice a day appearance on TV.  This guy is cast as a high profile criminal lawyer, but should have been a detective!   

In The Case of the Caretaker's Cat (1935), his principal antagonist, District Attorney Hamilton Burger, says: "You're a better detective than you are a lawyer. When you turn your mind to the solution of a crime, you ferret out the truth."    

~photo taken by Suzanne * 10-19-16
I took this photo while actually watching the episode via 'MeTV'
I think it was the case of "The Startled Stallion"

And, now, my secret is out!!!  I love Perry Mason...who else would take pictures of scenes while watching a TV show?

Tell you what...I'll stop talking for now, and let you see the slide show I meticulously pieced together from several Perry Mason episodes!

*** Note ***  if you're viewing via email, and you  are unable to see the slideshow, please access from the internet,  for this post.

  ***  The following slideshow was produced by Suzanne Prickett, from photos taken while watching the episodes on television, via METV!  The Perry Mason theme song was also purchased by the same for the purpose of accompaniment to the slideshow ***

Photos are from the following episodes:
  ""The Case of The Startled Stallion
"Paul Drake's Dilemma"
"The Golden Fraud"
"The Absent Artist"

Bring back great memories?  My only regret is that I wasn't able to score one photo of Paul Drake in his trench coat with the collar standing up-my favorite look of his!  And, one day I hope to write a Perry Mason episode.  When I do, you will be the first to sample and critique it!

I have to tell you all how grateful I am to see you here.  I appreciate all of the views and comments I have received over the years.  I apologize for not having time to write a spooky Halloween story this year, but, I do have a featured post on my sidebar of a spooky story I wrote a few years back if you would like to read it.

I'd better thank:
Yahoo Images
Perry Mason, Raymond Burr

Do stop in and say hello, or,  'trick or treat'!   Feel free to check one of the reactions at the bottom of this post, just above the comment section to let me know how you feel about my post.

And, by all means, if you're getting out on Halloween night, please be safe and keep the kiddos safe!

Hugs to you all-see you next time!

~Love you, Scootie!  Happy 8th Birthday!


  1. Hi, Suzanne!

    What a posteroo, dear friend! :) I enjoyed learning the history of The American Magazine and how it changed formats over the years. I honestly don't remember it from my youth, probably because it went out of publication when I was age six. I'd be interested in reading that 1947 article How Safe is Your Daughter by J. Edgar Hoover. I also was not aware of the Nero Wolfe Mystery Series on A & E, a series that surely would appeal to Mrs. Shady and me because we both love mysteries. We both love courtroom dramas, too, and are fans of the great TV series Perry Mason. I watched it in my youth because my mother was hooked on the show. I also loved Raymond Burr in Ironside. He was a powerful actor who took command of every scene he was in, don't you agree? I didn't know that Warren William played Perry Mason in the movies that came before the TV series. I thoroughly enjoyed the slideshow you put together and set to original theme music. Well done! It's worth noting that the instrumental themes of lawyer, cop and detective series typically use brassy big band numbers loaded with macho "swag." In addition to the theme from Perry Mason other examples that immediately come to mind are the Lee Marvin series M Squad (1957-1960):

    ... The James Stewart film Anatomy of a Murder (1959):

    ...and the Stacy Keach series The New Mike Hammer (1984-1987)

    This was a lot of fun, dear friend Suzanne. Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Hi Shady! Like you, I would be interested to see that article by J. Edgar Hoover. It's probably in the archives, SOMEWHERE! I truly love Perry Mason and Raymond Burr. I loved him in everything he did, Ironsides too! And, there were some 2 hour movies that he and Della did later on as Perry, I don't remember just when, maybe in the very late 80's. But I would watch them too! Correct you are about Burr taking command in his scenes! I had to laugh at the scuffle he had in one of the episodes on my video, breaking up a fight. You very rarely saw Perry in a fight! And, as I read about him, I found that William Talman called Mr. Burr, Ray! How fun to hear something personal about him. Anyway, this was a challenge, but, I had to do it. Making the video was fun...I haven't made one in a few years, and it's the first from this particular computer.

      Yes, I love Mike Hammer with Stacy Keach and the Anatomy of a Murder! I would probably even read some of the Mike Hammer books, lol!

      Thank you Shady, for coming by, and for the rewarding compliments! Have a great week, and a safe Halloween! ♫

  2. Hello, I always enjoyed Perry Mason show. My mother got me addicted to the old mystery tv shows and books. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen. I guess Perry Mason will continue to inspire some of us for a long time. I grew up loving mysteries too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great weekend!


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