Friday, December 16, 2011

"Dear Santa, It's Me...again!"

'me and Santa' ~ somewhere in the 1950's

Nevermind the funny about that smile?  This man can bring a smile to my face ANYDAY!!!  I'm not sure where this was used to take us to Montgomery Ward at Christmas to see Santa in the Toyland department.  This one is probably around 1957 or '58, not sure.  You can see at the bottom of the picture the lot number-'RIG14105.  Kind of sounds like a cattle auction, doesn't it?  Makes me think of Ralphie in the 'Christmas Story', sans the obnoxious elf and brutal slide ride!  Haha!  Well, I got a candy cane and a very fond memory from this.  I have one photo each, of my sister and brother too!  If I get a chance, I'll post them.  Those were the I am in my plaid wool coat and scarf, and, I'm sure, wearing a felt skirt made by mom too!  And Santa, I know you're still out there!

Us 3 Kids!
Christmas 1956
Me, Stan and Leta

That's a really cool 'put together' fireplace we're standing in front of.  I know, it's not real, be we loved it.  I couldn't wait for my parents to put it together each year.  And down behind my little brother's legs is the make-believe flame that really lit up!  Looks like my sister and I each got a doll from Santa, and, my brother got that robot he's holding, which was much more fun than the dolls!  So, here we are, in our felt skirts that mom made, and, of course, our little Christmas tree.  I'm afraid I have to laugh about that tree, but, hey-it's all in fun.  Mom said that sometimes we had more than one tree.  She's a very festive lady!  And it rubbed off on my sister and I.  We love to decorate!  Do you remember this, Santa?

Here we are again in 1950, sitting in front of our tree!  I would love this little photo even if it wasn't us 3 kids...I think this is so cute!   And, I'm sure Santa was good to us that year!

Leta, Stan and Me * December 1950

A Little About Santa
He is also known as 'St. Nicholas', 'Father Christmas', and 'Kris Kringle'.  Having lost his parents at a young age,  Nicholas dedicated his life to serving God.  He was born in the village of Patara, which is now on the southern coast of Turkey.  His parents were wealthy,  devout Christians, who succumbed to an epidemic in Nicholas' young life.  Nicholas lived his life according to Jesus' preachings to 'give to the poor', and spent his whole inheritance  assisting the needy. 

 Nicholas became well known throughout the land for his love of children, concern for the needy, and for sailors and ships.  He was made Bishop of  Myra as a young man, but was exiled and imprisoned, under the rule of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.  I had no idea our 'Santa' sacrificed so much for the better of mankind!  He was released and continued to serve God for the remainder of his life.  He passed away December 6, AD 343 in Myra and was buried in his church in Myra, where his grave is adorned with 'Manna', a sweet, honeylike substance, that, according to the Bible, was provided by God to the Israelites during their travels in the desert. 

 Manna is described as being a 'fine, flake-like thing' resembling frost on the ground.  It has the appearance of coriander seed, and if not collected before the sun came up, it would melt.  The Israelites would gather the manna and beat it into cakes that they had to eat the same day.  Any leftover manna cakes would breed worms and extract a bad odor.

This manna formed in St. Nicholas' grave, and, I think, because it is said to have healing powers, the manna has kept St. Nicholas alive to continue his unselfish journey of giving to the children, and the needy.  His story has been passed down through generations all over the world.  And, we continue to celebrate and treasure this patron and protector.

I gathered my information from:

and now...
Letters to Santa

"Please make it snow this year so i can make a snowman and have snowball fights with my dad. Also take some of my toys and give them to the children who don't have a mum and dad like i have."

"Where do you buy the nose polish for Rudolph's nose? I'd like to get some too and try it."

"My mom says you are watching me? Do you have eyes in the back of your head like she does?"

"Last year I heard your sleigh bells jingling. Grammy said you had a very nice chat over egg nog and cookies.
"I'm sorry I was naughty this year but I can't help it if I get a really bad case of the grumpies!"

"Please be sure to help the children and family's who don't have homes or peace. Please stop the wars and killing in the world too. Thank you, Your little cookie putter outer Kassy."

Weren't those letters something?  I posted them as they were written.  And, I couldn't have said most of these things any better.  We all want World Peace, and we want our children and those in need to be helped, in order that they may eventually be able to help themselves.  We also want to see that our Seniors are taken care of...good medical care, affordable medications, LOVE and RESPECT!!!  After all, they're the ones that got us this far!

Dear Santa,
I thought I saw you late one Christmas Eve nite when I was a little girl.  My family was asleep, and I thought I heard something (I still do)!  So, in the dark, I got out of my bed, in my flannel gown (of course), and crawled on hands and knees to the doorway and into our small hallway.  Still crouched down, rocking back and forth, trying NOT to lose my balance, I peeked around the doorway into the dark living room.  There was our 'pink' Christmas Tree with it's silver icecicles glistening around the pink and red ornaments, so nicely hung by my mother.  I really wasn't interested in what was under the tree, but, would I get to see you?  Alas, you must have been outside, but I swore I could see little 'Rudolph" standing under that 'pink' tree winking at me.  When I blinked my eyes, he was gone.  You know, Santa, I don't even remember what you brought me, and, it doesn't even matter...
...because I SAW RUDOLPH!
And that was good enough for me! 
Thank You for coming into our lives!
Love, Suzanne


This is the Christmas card I made this year at the KardKorner, using a photo of our Christmas Tree from last Christmas.  I converted the photo into a coloring page, and painted the red Cardinal that you see in the tree.  There is an angel in the center of the tree top, and I painted her yellow.  I also did away with some of the distractions that were in the photo. And the red ribbon at the top of the card is glue ROCKS!  This was a fun and rewarding project, since I love to make my own cards.

Here is the original photo that inspired me:
  photo by Suzanne * December 19, 2010

My Thanks goes out to:
'Santa Claus', of course!
Yahoo images
My husband Karo
My entire family

"Forever true your color...and forever true is my wish for you, my dearest readers, to enjoy this glorious Holiday Season!"  Please stop by and say Hello!

Oh sure to watch the kids around the light sockets!


  1. I loved your Christmas blog, I think the Santa pictures were taken at the Jones Store, they used to have a breakfast some times, and also train rides

  2. Hi Mom, Thanks for clarifying where the photo was taken. I know it was a lot of fun for us to get to see Santa. And, I could use a brisk train ride about now. So glad you stopped by to read...have a great weekend! xxoo

  3. nice old photos susan!!

    since my kids grew up in an ap'twhen my kids were little...we lived in los an ap't, they used to ask 'how does santa get in here...there's no chimney' because everyone knows that's how he does it...slides down the chiney while his reindeer wait up on the roof!
    i used to tell them he's magic. how else could he get everywhere in the just one night...he's pure magic!

    thanks for ALL the st nick info too!!
    LOVE your card...and the REAL bow is a nice addition!
    i bet you stay busy with your card making...this time of year!!

    have a MERRY one!! xoxo

  4. Hey Laura, and how do you explain the Easter Bunny? haha! I think the 'magical' explanation is the best. We all need to believe in some magic, I think! I'm with chimney, so, you ad-lib! And it always worked for my son! The info on St. Nick is very interesting...can you believe he went to prison?
    And, I'm glad you like my card. I do stay busy with printing things at Christmas. I make my own gift tags, and small gift cards. And, of course, thank you cards. I also made money cards one year, but they're a can get 2 for $1 at the dollar store. I made a stand up Christmas menu for our table one year, with framed place cards for everyone-that was fun!
    ...So, I'm off to eat some of Karo's meatball stew...mmmm!! Thanks for your comments, and cheery hello! May the 'magical' force be with you!!!

  5. Hi Susan. Lovely card you made there, based on that Christmas tree. I love the little tale about Rudolph, and those vintage (!) photos are just wonderful. I adore the last one of the three of you. How cute is that?! Sadly, I am an only child, so don't have any lovely little photos like that. Hope you are keeping well my friend.

  6. Oh, shucks, Susan! Neither of your blogs are showing up on my list even after repeated attempts to get them installed! I'm just now finding this post of yours and I'm right in the middle of entertaining a house full of guests. I love your childhood Christmas pictures. You were an adorable child. Apparently you and I are about the same age. I was one year and one month old in December 1950. I am delighted to have you as a new friend and I look forward to keeping our friendship growing in 2012. Have a wonderful Christmas week, dear Susan!

  7. Hi Thisisme. Hope you're enjoying your family...I'm sure there's lots of excitement. Thank you for the compliment on my Christmas card and our little photos! My favorite is the 3 of us sitting in front of the tree. We had fun sneaking around looking for Santa. And I swore I saw lots of laughs! So nice to hear from you, and thank you for that beautiful Christmas card! Stay well, my friend.

  8. Shady! Welcome! Your posts have been coming over to my side very well now...hmmm, wonder what's going on at your end? So glad you made it over. I remember reading in your Shady Dell story that you were 15 in 1965. Well, I turned 16 at the end of 1965, so that puts us close in age alright! Thank you for your comments on my photos...I enjoy looking at them. And, have a wonderful visit with your guests. Merry Christmas, my friend!


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