Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Does Fort Worth...a Sunday Afternoon Stroll!

Sundance Square ~ Fort Worth, Texas
photo by Suzanne * December 18, 2011

What were we doing downtown?  Don't get enough of it during week, everyday at work?  Actually, no!  I rarely get out of the office during the day, only once in a while.  It's better for me to stay in, and keep my mind on the work at hand.  The mirrored building behind this massive tree is my building, where I spend 5 days a week in a fast-moving environment.  It's an exciting and fun job that I've been at for the past 20+ years.  Ok, no more work...I'm off now for a few days to enjoy my family and the inevitable arrival of Santa!

We shot a few pics on our way to Razzoo's...ummm, where I enjoyed a hefty bowl of 'crawfish étouffée' with dirty rice!  An alltime favorite of mine, and Karo chooses to partake of the fried catfish, and it always looks good.  Afterwards, we strolled around Main Street into Sundance Square where Santa's headquarters are stationed in front of the Christmas tree.

Here we are on Main Street in front of Haltom's Jewelers,
 and that is their clock in front, decorated with gold ribbon.

Anyone for a carriage ride?  By the way, these are Rosemary
trees in the foreground...they smell wonderful!

Here they are again, with burgandy and white pansies.
It was a refreshingly, lovely arrangement!

Holy Moley!!!  du Chocolat!!!
Actually, that's Schakolad ~ Chocolate Factory
where some of the finest, sinful-est chocolate can be found!

I'm just calling these 'Decorative Seating Pagodas'
They were very pretty!

The streets began to get more crowded as we walked along...a lot of families, children, and strollers.  It was around 4:30pm and slightly cool, somewhere in the 50's. 


It's Santa!
Eyes lowered...
Looks to me like he might be giving a scolding, huh?  NAH!!

And this child is 'spot-on' with the eye contact!
That'll get you somewhere!!!

Once again, my dear readers, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.  I'm serious this time, taking a least for a week!  I know I have a few blog posts to catch up on.  Reading your blogs brings me relaxation and joy!  You are all so creative, everyone has something exciting and interesting to offer.  That's why I read them, for the history, music, art, great photography, and all kinds of 'how to's'!  Thank you for reading my blogs and sending such gracious comments my way!

We're expecting to have our grandson Shawn, aka 'Scooter', aka 'Sweetie', aka 'Scootie', sometime within the next few days...and Santa will make a special trip to our house when he arrives.  I will be on guard with my camera, of course! 


Thank You
My Dearest Santa Claus
Fort Worth, Texas
My Wonderful Husband Karo
Hi Mom (Merry Christmas)

"Maybe Christmas, 'he thought', doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more."
~Dr. Suess

Whoa up there, Santa!


  1. Yay! Your latest post showed up in my blog stream this morning, Susan, an early Christmas present from I appreciated these pictures of downtown Fort Worth. It appears to be a clean, modern city and I can tell that you're proud to live and work there. The horse drawn carriage adds retro charm and those decorative pagodas are especially beautiful.

    I'm so glad our paths crossed late this year. You remember many of the things that I remember and I look forward to sharing more of my music and memories with you in the coming year. Enjoy Scootie's visit and merry Christmas to you and your entire family, Susan!

  2. thanks for the downtown stroll susan!! so bright & colorful...and christmas-y...the only thing missing is S N O W!! haha

    that santa looks a little bit stern...not too jolly if you ask me!

    merry christmas...peace, love and magic...right through into 2012!!


  3. I loved visiting Fort Worth with you today Susan, and to see where you spend much of your time in your office building. Love the horse and carriages and, also, the Santa photos with the little children. I hope you and your family will have a very HaPPY Christmas, especially the times spent with your grandson. See you next year!

  4. * Shady, glad to see you today, and blogger treating you better! I love Fort Worth, and they have taken an old downtown, worked for years, and brought it back to life. There are many restaurants and shops to visit...a lot of night life. Thank you for stopping by on this, the busiest week of the year! I wish for you and your guests to have a safe and happy other words-Merry Rockin' Christmas!

    * Hi Laura, snow! We probably would have stayed home if it was snowing! You're right about Santa, and I didn't really notice his expressions until I downloaded the pics. I was trying to get him if he would've LOOKED UP! It almost looks as tho he's scolding or giving some kind of lecture to those kids!

    So, on to the end of this year, towards new and good things. Magic...we could all use! Merry Christmas my friend. xoxo

    * Thisisme, my dear,I know you're busy right now and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your daughter and family. Fort Worth has become a much lovelier city since the 1970's. They've spent some years bringing this city back to life, and what success!

    Thank you for taking the time to come by and say hello. Happy Christmas-and yes ma'am, see you next year!


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