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Elvis Rocks in the New Year...1976 Memories!

staged and photographed by suzanne
december 23, 2011
 * kollage of 8 x 10 photo kreated at the kardkorner *

New Year's Eve, 1976...Elvis Presley was about to have his last Birthday.
  That Birthday would occur on January 8, 1977, when he would turn 42 years old. 

On New Year's Eve, 1976, Elvis and many adoring fans were preparing for what would be his last concert in the city of Pittsburgh, state of Pennsylvania.

Elvis appeared on stage at about 11:35 pm before 16,000 screaming fans, who didn't seem to mind the wait through three opening acts before him.  I guess they saved up their best energy for the King!  Before Elvis jumped into his set, the crowd was up and cheering!  They didn't mind how heavy he had gotten, or that he couldn't make his gyrating moves quite the way he did in his earlier days.  This concert was reportedly the best concert performed by Elvis in Pittsburgh ever! 

In response to his warm reception, Elvis projected a warm and enthusiastic attitude towards his fans.  He even handed his microphone to a fan to wish him a Happy Birthday!  Sharon Eberson of  the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, states that Elvis kept his audience captivated for 90 minutes that fan having said, "Elvis delivered the goods that night!"

I didn't know Elvis had a 'scarfboy'!  One fan counted more than 40 scarves having been thrown out into the crowd by Elvis... she caught one!  She was 14 years old at the time, and said he threw it right at her, and, to this day, it is one of her favorite memories.

Of this concert,  another fan, a young man of 21 that year, said, "This concert was the greatest concert I have ever seen in terms of showmanship, musicality, energy, enthusiasm, and just plain old having a good time.  Elvis is in a class all by himself."

And the stroke of midnight-UP went the house lights!  Elvis led his adoring fans in "Auld Lang Syne", and a new year dawned.

Illustration by Stacy Innerst
Elvis...I'm joining millions of fans in wishing you were here to celebrate your Birthday, and the beginning of another New Year!

My favorite Elvis song * 'Heartbreak Hotel'
My favorite Elvis movie * 'King Creole'

"I don't do any vulgar movements."
~Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley
Stockard Channing in 'Grease"
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thanks to Karo for the use of his guitar in my photo
Hi Mom ~ Happy New Year!

I trust you all, or "Y'All", had a joyful Christmas and fun New Year holiday.  I did get some rest, and enjoyed some fun with my family and grandson, Shawn!  He got a new Holiday train that plays Christmas carols, and hoots and hollers almost as loud as he does.  I will post a few pics at a later date.

Thank you so much for coming my way...I treasure all visits.  If you get a chance, please say hello.  And, I'll have a new post coming up on MyTexasGardens blog soon.


I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's.
  ~Henry Moore

"Elvis, Elvis, let me be...keep that pelvis far from me!"
~ Stockard Channing singing
'Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee'
~Grease 1978~


arrangement and photo by suzanne * december 23, 2011


  1. hI sUSANNE. Love that line - "Elvis, Elvis, let me be - keep that pelvis far from me.!" Hee Hee! You've done The King proud with this post my friend. Wishing you and all your family a very happy, healthy and peaceful new year. It's been really good to meet you this past year.

  2. Hi, Susan! Happy new year to you, dear friend! As I told you in my reply to your latest comment on my site both of your blogs have mysteriously dropped off my list. Once again I have added both to my stream. Frustrating!

    This is a great anecdote about Elvis. I wasn't aware that The King turned in one of his finest late career performances that night in Pittsburgh. I think there's something magical about New Year's Eve that makes performers bump it up a notch. I will be posting Elvis songs several times this year on my own blog and will devote an entire post to him soon.

    Thank you very much for your friendship and support, dear Susan. Let's make 2012 the best ever!

  3. Thisisme, Happy day one of games all over the states. The Dallas Cowboys play tonite at 7:15, so any of the stores that may be open, will be slight of shoppers!

    I loved that song that Stockard Channing sang in Grease, and the 'Elvis' line was so good-she really belted it out. We just can't get enough of him...I guess he looks down on us with proudness, saying "Thank you very much!" Thank you for stopping by, and I'm so glad I finally had the nerve to click on your blog and have a look see last year. This is better than the pen pals I had as a kid years ago! See you soon!

  4. * Hi Shady, I was playing around with my blog yesterday, changing the background...wonder if that had anything to do with it falling off. My mother had a hard time bringing it up once, and it was during a time when, I, once again was messing around with it. Months ago, my sidebar got locked, and I can't move things around on it. So everything moves down and I have to delete something and put it back on to keep it near the top. I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it yet.

    I like to find things about Elvis that aren't always in the limelight. There is so much info about him, and it's fun to re-coup some of the concerts he did, and the reactions of his fans. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Old news is always sometimes becomes 'new' news to those of us interested. It's a fine day, my friend, see you soon!

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU, Karo...and ALL your family!!

    yay!! i made it here!! i (finally!!!!!) have a LITTLE time to MYSELF and am trying my hardest to get caught up...hopefully by the end of the weekend!!

    this is a GREAT elvis post!! he sure is one of those who's missed the most! he was a one of a kind!! you sure dug up some interesting facts...and the old pictures...and your first collage picture!! GREAT!!!!!

    have a happy day...and year susan!!


  6. * Hi Laura, I'm glad you could stop by. Looks like you've been pretty busy. Thanks for the compliment on my collage. Elvis was one of a kind...I look back at the clothes he wore in his movies, and he looked good in everything he wore! As far as looks go, I believe the only person who came close was Rick Nelson. They both had a certain look...where did they come from? Haha! Have a great week Laura xoxo


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