Friday, July 2, 2010

Born On The Fourth Of July! A Salute to My Brother!

Today I am remembering my brother Stan who was born July 4, 1950.  My sister Leta was about 3 years old, and I was probably around 18 months old.  I guess it was out of the question for us to do fireworks that nite-I imagine my dad had his hands full with two little girls on board and mom in the hospital.  Oh well, I can guarantee we made up for it in later years.  My brother was one firecracker fan!  It was always a festive day for us.  Even though it was my brother's Birthday, I kind of felt like it was mine too.  He would line up his firecrackers, bottle rockets and smoke bombs and patiently await the good word that we could shoot off some stuff before dark.  We would have picnics outside on the patio with mom's potato salad, and once my sister got up and started moving around for the day, she would help with the baking.  She made the best peanut butter cookies with crisscross designs in them.  And there would be cake too.  Sometimes my dad would make homemade ice cream-Yum!  Anyway, of course, after dark there would be fireworks.  And we could also see the neighbors fireworks too.  Sometimes afterwards then, my parents would bring some quilts out and we could all lay out on the front lawn (which, by the way, was always nicely manicured) and we would fall asleep outside under the stars.  I thought it was a fun time of year.  My brother has passed on now, 3 years ago, but I will always remember his Birthdays and the anticipation of his favorite time of year.
God Bless You Stan!  We miss you!

"It was nice growing up with someone like you-
someone to lean on, someone to count on...someone to tell on! 
 ***  ~Author Unknown ***

Some other Birthdays we will be celebrating this month:
my Mom * July 8
my husband Karo * July 21
Karo's son Chad * July 26

It's been raining cats and dogs this afternoon and this evening.  The creek is running fast-sometimes it runs over the bridge and they close our street off.  Our Zinnias are laying over.  I'll have to go out and cut the taller ones and bring them in.  The sidewalk out back was running over and Karo had to rescue our little cat (15 years old) and put her in her house.  She's blind now and stays pretty close to the porch.  We can't bring her in-she's never liked being in the house and we worry about her more now.  I think we'll have to make a serious decision soon, although she eats real good and doesn't complain.  

So, let's stand up and salute the 4th of July!!!  Be happy for our wonderful country.  Even though things sometimes aren't going well, be thankful for the good things-any kind of job we can get (heh!heh!), family and friends!  And, of course, our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren!

And don't forget to vote on my poll-COME ON!  I've only had one participant. 
 The poll closes Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 6:30 pm

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