Thursday, July 22, 2010


photo by Suzanne at KardKorner Headquarters
Fort Worth, Texas -July 2010

While visiting our tomato plants last week, we discovered that the tops of the plants looked like they had been snipped off with scissors.  Lo and behold!  These creatures that blend perfectly with the leaves were nesting on our plants.  If you look closely you can even see his eyes!  Blah!  A fly was harrassing one of them and it was writhing back and forth while hanging on to the plant as it tried to ward off the fly.  It's none other than the Tomato Hornworm, native of the United States!  Their eggs are deposited onto the leaves of the tomato plant by the "hawk" moth in late spring and hatch in six to eight days later.  They don't mess around!  Later, as the worm matures, it drops off the plant to the ground and then emerges into the moth to repeat the cycle.  But by early fall they will remain in the soil all winter and then emerge again as a moth in the spring.

A common, natural enemy of the hornworm is the wasp.  The wasp kills and feeds upon a large proportion of the larvae and they also attack cabbage looper and other garden caterpillars.  But the most recommended way of controlling the worm is to handpick them from infested plants.  Once tomato season is over, gardeners should be sure to till the soil up to prevent re-infestation.

Somewhere off to the right of the page should be a picture of the "Hawk" moth.

I gathered this information from a site featuring the Department of Entomology, Univ. of Minnesota

Well, I had the day off today and I watched The Today show this morning on TV.  They announced that today is "National Hammock Day".  I have never heard of it, but, hey-I can live with it.  This day is celebrated in the middle of the "Dog Days of Summer" (July 3 thru August 11).  It is not a day for work, and cutting the lawn is forbidden.  Well, that pretty much describes how our day went!"

And I decided to give my old standby, Mark Twain a break and leave you with some quotes from Movies on the subject of worms.

 * The Fox & The Hound (1981):  "A worm for breakfast?  Yuck!"
* Remington Steele (1983):  "The worms will be singing tonight!"
* The Great Outdoors (1988):  "These are the biggest worms I have ever encountered!"
* Wolf (1994):  "Is the worm turning Mr. Randall?" 
   "The worm has turned & it is now packing an Uzi, Mary."
* Dreamcatcher (2003):  "One worm kills the world?  Just one worm can affect the whole world?   Not just Boston?  Not Massachusetts?  Or the Northeast?"


  1. hi susan!!! i was just scrolling through your posts...thinking to really have alot of cool stuff...on here!! interesting info! i've gone 'cross country' twice in my life...and visited many states in between...but i don't think i've ever been to Kansas City...the western auto sign & bldg is really nice...i love those old signs...and the older bldgs have such character.>>the only time i was in texas was YEARS ago...on my way from FL to sister lived in houston at that time and i spent a few days with her. >>you're a mark twain fan...he has the best quotes! (well, i also like Dr Seuss...among others :) )
    anyway....i stopped this post...because my tomatoes this year were attacked by three of those caterpillars too!!! i even posted about them also...and had a VERY similar picture!! ha! they ate my 2 plants overnight!!

    anyway...have enjoyed your for always stopping by my blog too!!>> laura

  2. Hi Laura! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my posts. I love old buildings and also old Churches. It's hard to come across an old Church unless you're traveling the back roads out in the country. But the Western Auto bldg. is amazing! Yes, I like Mark Twain, and just for you, I'll post my photo of the "Cat in The Hat" pumpkin head I helped design at an office contest for decorating pumpkins a few years ago. I will have a Halloween post coming up in a couple of weeks-have been working on it for a month now. Yes, it's funny how we evolve, and not only is it self-satisfying, it is so rewarding when you can bring pleasure to others just by being YOU! Give Milo an extra big hug! And don't quit writing!


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